Anime Spotlight - Rail Wars!

by Anthony Foronda,

Broadcast Begins July, 2014

Key Staff

General Director:Yoshifumi Sueda
(Episode Director Knights of Sidonia, Pocket Monster XY, Un-Go (Eps. 2) )
Series Supervisor : Masashi Suzuki
(Hayate the Combat Butler! Cuties, The Ambition of Oda Nobuna, Beyblade: Metal Masters)
Character Design: Makoto Uno
(The Qwaser of Stigmata, Dragonaut - The Resonance, Witchblade)


All aboard - the charming characters and the stories of adolescence they weave within Sohgeisha Clear Novels' light-novel series “RAIL WARS! - Japanese National Railways Public Safety Squad” finally turns into anime!


Naoto Takayama, a high school student that dreams of becoming a driver now that he got his dream job with the national railroad, was placed in his on-the-job training into Tokyo Central Railway Public Safety Bureau's Fourth Patrol Brigade, known as Patrol Four. With the other members, such as Aoi Sakurai who is a strong-minded woman with superior shooting and combat skills, Haruka Koumi who is a girl with photographic memory born into a high-class family, and Shou Iwaizumi who is a passionate muscle-brain, the cases that Naoto faces after somehow becoming the acting brigade chief range from finding lost children to dismantling bombs!? Can the four from Patrol Four solve the many incidents that happen one after another? All aboard, the adolescence railroad action woven by four high school students is about to depart!


Naoto Takayama
VA: Jun Fukuyama

Aspiring a job associated with trains that he's always loved, he seeks employment with the national railroad in hopes of becoming a driver and then set for life. But, during his student OJT (an internship system while still in school) puts him in the railroad public safety division instead of the driver division. He has no particular skills that stand out, and tries to get past his internship without any hitches, but he gets tossed around every which way by the members of Patrol Four (the Tokyo Central Railway Public Safety Bureau's Fourth Patrol Brigade) and becomes involved in various incidents.

Aoi Sakurai
VA: Manami Numakura

A huge hater of men, she has a very extreme and spirited personality that boasts, “Anyone who molests people on trains should be shot and killed right there!” Anytime an incident happens, she pokes her head in faster than anyone else, and is often the troublemaker for Patrol Four. An exceeding lover of guns due to the effects of having a police officer as a father, and her shooting skills as well as her martial arts skills are top-notch.

Haruka Koumi
VA:Maaya Uchida

A beautiful and intelligent girl born in a high-class family who is very mild-mannered. She doesn't have any motor skills nor stamina, so she tends to drag the Patrol Four team down, but she is a genius of memorization and can even memorize the entire train schedule of Tokyo station. Her grandfather apparently was on the board of directors for the national railroad, but it is a mystery as to why she chose the public safety division.


Shou Iwaizumi
VA: Satoshi Hino

A typical muscle-brain that trumps everyone at physical tests, but is terrible at any written exams. His trademark attire, despite not being official uniform, is the knife-proof vest and special billy club. He may be a simple man, but is very reliable once an incident happens, as he will risk his life to face the criminals head-first.

Mari Sasshou
VA:Hiromi Igarashi

Naoto's classmate and second year student at Kiryu Railroad High School. What you would call a lover of railroad sounds, she travels all over the country for the sounds of various trains. Good friends with Naoto through their love of trains, and understand each other very well. She desires to be assigned to dining car attendants for her student OJT.


Naoto Takayama
Jun Fukuyama
Shou Iwaizumi
Satoshi Hino
Aoi Sakurai
Manami Numakura
Haruka Koumi
Maaya Uchida
Mari Sasshou
Hiromi Igarashi


Original story
Takumi Toyoda's “RAIL WARS!- Japanese National Railways Public Safety Squad” (published under Sohgeisha Clear Novels)
Original story illustrations
Yoshifumi Sueda
Series supervisor
Masashi Suzuki
Character design/Chief animation director
Makoto Uno
Sub character design/Chief animation director/dt>
Sayaka Koiso
Color coordinator
Hitomi Sano
Art coordinator
Hiroki Matsumoto
Art director
Yukihiro Watanabe
CG director
Yuji Eda (ORANGE)
Yoshiaki Fujisawa
Animation production

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