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Anime Spotlight Summer 2014 - SHONEN HOLLYWOOD - HOLLY STAGE FOR 49

by Anthony Foronda,


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Broadcast July 2014(JST)

Key Staff

Director:Toshimasa Kuroyanagi
(Say "I love you." as Series Director and Episode Director)
Character Design: Kei Tsuchiya
(Aruvu Rezuru - Mechanized Fairies)
Art Director: Yuka Hirama
(Boogiepop Phantom, Gurren Lagann , One Piece: Episode of Chopper + Fuyu ni Saku, Kiseki no Sakura)


Macky: Since this is about ourselves, we the members of SHONEN HOLLYWOOD will perform introductions about ourselves! Kira: That is what our agency, Noel Japan Agency, teaches us. Macky: And so, formally... all: We are SHONEN HOLLYWOOD!!! Mie: This is a slapstick adolescence idol success story that SHONEN HOLLYWOOD, an idol unit that performs at their home base “Hollywood Tokyo” theater, unleashes! Kakeru: ...It would be nice if it was. Shun: Yeah, I wish they really made it out that way. Ever since we came here, nothing that has happened can be summarized in one sentence. Mie: There's a lot going on, but we have to do our best. After all, we're idols. That's right. This story apparently digs deep into what kind of existence idols are in this world. Macky: How so? Kira: Even if you're told, you wouldn't understand anyway. Macky: Huh?

Mie: Oh, I have to say something important. We're not the only ones that appear in this story. The current whereabouts of our legendary predecessors, the first generation of SHONEN HOLLYWOOD... the agency President that is an eternal mystery to us... Tessy, our manager that we are always much obliged to, and... Macky: The guardian deity of the theater, Cat the horned owl! Kira: We're all going to combine our efforts to do our best. Hey, are they going to show everyday life and the hidden faces of us idols as well? Macky: I'm pretty much single-minded and sincere. Shun: Your one mind is completely deceiving. Macky: Huh? Kakeru: You know, is this really fitting to be an introduction? Macky: If we close it with some spirit, it will be okay! Shun: That for real? Macky: All right, form a circle! all: EH? Kira: Now? Shun: That's pretty forced... Mie: Isn't it all right though? Kakeru: Yeah. Macky: And so... SHONEN HOLLYWOOD! Let's go! all: YEAH!


Kakeru Kazami –Kakeru–
VA:Ryota Osaka

Birthday: 4/17
Hollywood color: red

Your universe is my universe. My universe is your universe. In other words, I'm just crazy about you! Dashing through the dreams, Kakeru Kazami here, 11th grader and 17 years old!

He started frequenting Hollywood Tokyo as something like an extracurricular activity. Due to the calm, not-so-greedy nature, he is flexible enough to learn by experience what kind of an existence idols are in this world. In charge of Sho-Holly's “future BOX”.

Kyoichi Teshigawara, manager: He doesn't look like he's thinking about anything, but is always thinking about something. He looks like he's thinking about something but isn't thinking about anything at all? Kakeru's weapon is that he moves at his own pace. I have secret hopes that his growth will drastically change the future of SHONEN HOLLYWOODShonen Hollywood.

Ikuma Amaki –Macky–
VA: Tetsuya Kakihara

Birthday: 4/8
Hollywood color: green

My life motto is “soul with a huge margin over others”, and I hate half-hearted things. Ikuma Amaki, aka Macky, 18 years old. Nice to meet you!

He became the leader after being scouted after an unexpected turn of events since dropping out of high school. Hates anything half-hearted, and is in charge of Sho-Holly's “soul with a huge margin over others”.

Kyoichi Teshigawara, manager: The unfashionable jerseys he uses during the lessons are rather charming. He's awkward but always doing his best, and looks out for other members. Everyone finds it easy to talk to him, and I often see everyone saying their heart's content to him.

Kira Saeki –Kira–
VA: Daiki Yamashita

Hollywood color:blue

Until recently, I was in a nation of stars. Can you see these sparkles? I'm Kira Saeki, and I'd like to be your star of hope. I'm the youngest, 9th grader and 14 years old!

He was slightly popular in his childhood as a child actor in a morning drama series. He was forgotten by society after that, but restarts his career as an idol. He is in charge of Sho-Holly's “star of hope”.

Kyoichi Teshigawara, manager: It's a shame that he is just too adept at things, but my hat's off to his professionalism. His control of his physical condition is perfect, and I've never seen him not be in perfect physical shape.

Daiki Tomii –Mie–
VA:Shota Aoi

Hollywood color:yellow

The luckiest boy in the world. I want to be in charge of improving your luck. I'm Daiki Tomii, 15 years old, 10th grade. Make me your lucky charm!

He was affected in early childhood when an idol gave him a sliver of hope, and ended up being an idol himself. He is a huge fan of the original SHONEN HOLLYWOOD group. In charge of Sho-Holly's “luck improvement”.

Kyoichi Teshigawara, manager: Everyone is charmed by his smile. Plus, he's so reliable because he improves your luck! His pose for improving luck works better than any charm you can carry!

Shun Maiyama – Shun –
VA:Kensho Ono

Hollywood color:pink

With a smile, heart skips a beat. With someone who gets mad, dejected. Swearing on my double tooth, I swear that I will be the last boyfriend of your life. 15 years old in 9th grade, I'm Shun Maiyama known as Shunshun!

Full of pride, he feels slight embarrassment about being an idol. His dream is to be a musical artist that can be successful on a global level. In charge of Sho-Holly's “spring breeze voice”.

Kyoichi Teshigawara, manager: He loves to sing, and concerning music he is a stoic fanatic. I am looking forward to his skills improving as an idol as well!

Kyoichi Teshigawara
VA:Masashi Nitta

The manager for SHONEN HOLLYWOOD. He is an indispensable person who has worked together with the “Hollywood Tokyo” theater from even before the formation of the original group. Under the President, he's never bent his will, and he is always at full power no matter what he does. His painstakingly high motivation is also shown by the fact that his appearance has not changed at all compared to the past. The members call him Tessy, and is relied on and toyed with, but has a heart big enough to accept everything for what it is.

VA:Daisuke Namikawa

The president of Noel Japan Agency, the talent agency that SHONEN HOLLYWOODworks for. One rule of SHONEN HOLLYWOODis that “anything Shacho says is absolute”. At their activity headquarters, the “Hollywood Tokyo” theater, Shacho's instruction based on his philosophy of what idols are is done on a daily basis at levels you could say are asking for the impossible. His private life is filled with mystery, and the members don't even know what his e-mail address.


The horned owl that is the guardian deity of the theater. Goes to the theater together with Teshigawara, and goes home together with Teshigawara. Very sociable, and freely moves around within the theater.

Ran Kazehara –Ran–
VA:Shintaro Asanuma

Hollywood color:Red

A wind that stirs up your heart! I'm Ran Kazehara, the leader, 18 years old. My favorite food is strawberry crepes. Gotta be strawberry crepes. I'm not kidding when I say strawberry crepes!

He originally joined to receive free dance lessons. The first member in the history of SHONEN HOLLYWOODShonen Hollywood, and the leader that pulls everyone behind him. He loves sweets, especially Japanese sweets like youkan (sweet red bean agar), but President is forbidding him to be public with that information.

Daichi Hirosawa –Daichi–
VA:Soichiro Hoshi

Hollywood color:green

Daichi Hirosawa, 18 years old

Despite having a catch-phrase of his own, “The vast lands of Daichi will envelop you,” he lacks self-awareness in a good way. Because of a certain turn of events, he changed jobs from a scaffolding worker to that of an idol.

Kou Oosaki –Kou–
VA:Yuto Suzuki

Hollywood color:pink

I can't keep promises, because the one thing I need to keep the most is you! A proudly blooming flower, Kou Oosaki, 16 years old.

The secret behind the words “I love girls” is the motivation behind singing that he loves so much. He has a younger sister that he is fraternal twins with, and he is troubled by the fact that she is tremendously violent.Presidential secretary of B-DASH, the agency Ryoma Ichijo works for.

Shima Hayamizu –Shima–
VA:Kousuke Toriumi

Hollywood color:blue

The ocean where the possibilites grow, Shima Hayamizu. I'm the youngest at 15 years old.

He joined after winning the Plum Boy Grand Prix. His parents were delinquents, but he himself is trustworthy. Despite being the youngest, he understands the true nature of idols the most. Incidentally, this really is his name.

Minoru Tomii –Tommy–
VA:Daisuke Sakaguchi

Hollywood color:Yellow

Fortune bears fruit, thst's how to spell Minoru Tomii! 17-year-old Tommy's in charge of improving your luck!

The power of improving one's luck that he possesses after getting past all sorts of things with a smile is the strongest unfounded weapon.

Tsuyoto Hiiragi –God–

Hollywood color:white

Please let the holy tree of Hollywood Tokyo grow with the bright light of the sun. I can keep living if I have dreams and sparkles. I'm Tsuyoto Hiiragi, 17 years old.

Dubbed the god that descended upon SHONEN HOLLYWOOD. An absolute central member of the group that shone one ray of light upon Hollywood Tokyo.

Ryunosuke Date –Ryu–
VA:Daisuke Kishio

Hollywood color:purple


Added to SHONEN HOLLYWOOD several days after God as a “spice”. Due to complicated family circumstances, he became more and more bilingual within the Japanese language and speaks in his own dialect with a heavy accent. He is usually making very caustic comments for the most part, but due to his accent it's most often the case that the other members don't notice what he is actually saying.


Kakeru Kazami
Ryota Osaka
Ikuma Amaki
Tetsuya Kakihara
Kira Saeki
Daiki Yamashita
Daiki Tomii/dt>
Shota Aoi
Shun Maiyama
Kensho Ono
Kyoichi Teshigawara
Masashi Nitta
Daisuke Namikawa
Ran Kazehara
Shintaro Asanuma
Daichi Hirosawa
Soichiro Hoshi
Kou Osaki
Yuto Suzuki
Seama Hayamizu
Kousuke Toriumi
Minoru Tomii
Daisuke Sakaguchi
Tsuyoto Hiiragi
Ryunosuke Date
Daisuke Kishio


Original story/Series supervisor/Screenplay
Ikuyo Hashiguchi
Toshimasa Kuroyanagi
Character design
Kei Tsuchiya
Art director
Yuka Hirama
Art specifications
Mamio Ogawa
Color coordinator
Naoko Sato
3D director
Atsushi Sato
Filming director
Takahiro Hondai
Daisuke Hiraki
Sound director
Ryo Tanaka
Sound production
Tetsuji Hayashi
Music production
Starchild Records
Production assistance
Animation production
Noel Japan Agency

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