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Anime Spotlight - Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

by Anthony Foronda,
Broadcast Begins January 6 (JST)

Key Staff

Director: Shinji Takamatsu
(Daily Lives of High School Boys, School Rumble, After War Gundam X)
Series Composition: Michiko Yokote
(Love Stage!!, Red Data Girl, Genshiken)
Character Design: Masakazu Ishikawa
(Campione!, Squid Girl, Kodomo no Jikan)


Binan is a city somewhere in Japan. The “Earth Defense Club” at Binan High School was a club that did absolutely nothing. When club members Atsushi Kinugawa and En Yufuin were chilling out while soaking in the hot tub at the bathhouse Kurotamayu, a pink beast (Wombat) suddenly appeared out of thin air. “I want to save this planet... can you please lend me your strength?” The two feel the mood has been ruined by Wombat who talks to them in Japanese about how he wants to save Earth with the power of love. Just then, the son of the bathhouse owner Yumoto Hakone shows up, and as soon as he sees Wombat, he chases it, screaming “Let me fluff you up!” The next day, Kinugawa and Yufuin are caught by Wombat once again at school along with the other club members Io Naruko and Ryu Zaou.. Bracelets were clasped onto the wrist of these four, along with Yumoto Hakone who bumped into them chasing after Wombat, with a command that they must save the earth. “It's about love-making!” they hear as a bright light emanating from the bracelet envelops their entire bodies, and the five transform into “Battle Lovers”, the heirs of the throne of love...


Defense Club

Yumoto Hakone
VA:Kazutomi Yamamoto

1st year at Binan High School. His family runs Kurotamayu (hot springs bathhouse). Has an older brother named Goura. It may sound insulting to say he's an idiot, but he is endlessly carefree. Loves fluffy things and furballs. Eats a lot. In a crisis, transforms into Kirameki Prince Battle Lover Scarlet! (elements: red, light)

En Yufuin
VA:Yuichiro Umehara

3rd year at Binan High School. Does everything at his own pace, and is a master of being a sloth. Kinugawa, despite having the opposite personality, is a good friend such that they call each other "Atsushi" and “Enchan”. He's a kid that can get the job done when put to the test, but the will to do something is hard to come by. In a crisis, transforms into Inspiration Prince Battle Lover Cerulean! (elements: blue, water)

Atsushi Kinugawa
VA:Kōtarō Nishiyama

3rd year at Binan High School. Very serious. Because he is so serious, he ends up taking care of Yufuin. The boy with eyeglasses.

Has good grades, second only to Kusatsu. Seems to be a spoiled boy from a rich family. Supposedly he's childhood friends with Kusatsu... In a crisis, transforms into Tsuranuki Prince Battle Lover Epinard! (elements: green, air)

Io Naruko
VA:Yusuke Shirai

2nd year at Binan High School. Despite being in high school, makes good money trading on the FX stock exchange. His life motto is “Life is all about money!” Good friends with Zao who is in his graduating class, and they call each other “Ryu” and “Io”. In a crisis, transforms into Todoroki Prince Battle Lover Sulfur! (elements: yellow, earth)

Ryu Zao
VA:Toshiki Masuda

2nd year at Binan High School. Popular with girls (though there are rumors that is only self-proclaimed...) Requests to go out on a date with him constantly pour into his smartphone. In a crisis, transforms into Heartthrob Tokimeki Prince Battle Lover Vesta! (elements: pink, fire)


A creature that came to earth from a planet far far away. It is called Wombat because it looks like a terran wombat, but it's pink. It came to earth to protect the planet from bad aliens, and to fill the Planet With love.

Conquest Club

Kinshiro Kusatsu
VA:Hiroshi Kamiya

3rd year at Binan High School. Student body president. Best grades in his graduating class. Childhood friends with Kinugawa. They used to be good friends that called each other “Atchan” and “Kusatchan”, but somewhere along the way they drifted apart. He (perhaps?) doesn't like how Kinugawa is hanging out with slovenly boys such as Yufuin. Transforms into Chevalier Orite, the gold knight that glimmers bright.

Ibushi Arima
VA:Jun Fukuyama

3rd year at Binan High School. Student body vice president. (Maybe?) understands the troubles of Kusatsu the most. Stands by Kusatsu's side as if he was the butler. Transforms into Chevalier Argent, the silver knight that is fragrant of the wind.

Akoya Gero
VA:Takuma Terashima

2nd year at Binan High School. Looks like an angel, and is noble as an angel. But, once made fun of, he turns into a snappy individual. Seems like he doesn't like Zao too much. Transforms into Chevalier Perlite, the pearl knight that is in full bloom.

VA:Hiroki Yasumoto

It has arrived at Earth from a planet far far away in order to conquer the Earth. It looks like a terran hedgehog, but is yellowish green. When it speaks, it finishes every sentence with"dar".


Defense Club

Yumoto Hakone
Kazutomi Yamamoto
En Yufuin
Yuichiro Umehara
Atsushi Kinugawa
Kōtarō Nishiyama
Io Naruko
Yusuke Shirai
Ryu Zao
Toshiki Masuda

Conquest Club

Kinshiro Kusatsu
Hiroshi Kamiya
Ibushi Arima
Jun Fukuyama
Akoya Gero
Takuma Terashima
Hiroki Yasumoto


Original story
Kurari Umatani
Shinji Takamatsu
Assistant Director/Design Concepts
Chizuru Miyawaki
Series Composition
Michiko Yokote
Character Design
Masakazu Ishikawa
Sub Character and Prop Design
Yumiko Hara
Chief Animation Directors
Masakazu Ishikawa
Yumiko Hara
Yasuyuki Noda
Art Director
Masatoshi Mutoh
Color Coordinator
Shuji Kamimura
Filming Director
Yasuyuki Itoh
Toshihiko Kojima
Music Production
Pony Canyon
Sound Effect Director
Shinji Takamatsu
Opening Theme “Zettai Muteki☆Fallin' LOVE☆”
by Earth Defense Club (Kazutomi Yamamoto
Yuichiro Umehara
Kotaro Nishiyama
Yusuke Shirai
Toshiki Masuda)
Ending Theme “I miss you no 3 meters”
by Earth Conquest Club (Hiroshi Kamiya
Jun Fukuyama
Takuma Terashima)

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