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Anime Spotlight - Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double A

by Anthony Foronda,
Broadcast Begins October 6, 2015 (JST)

Key Staff

Director: Takashi Kawabata
(Magic Madoka Magica The Movie: Rebellion)
Series Composition: Fumihiko Shimo
(Infinite Stratos, Amagi Brilliant Park)
Character Design: Miwa Oshima
(Baka and Test - Summon the Beasts, GJ Club)


Tokyo Butei High School is a special academic facility that trains detectives that use martial arts skills known as "butei". In the school, there was a system called Amika where an upperclassman and an underclassman undergo one-on-one training for an extended period of time. Akari, the weakest butei and dunce of the class, grabs a gun in her small hand to score an Amika contract with her idol, the powerful butei Aria-senpai!

Butei Constitution

Article 1: Believe in comrades, rescue comrades.
Article 2: Absolutely adhere to clients' contracts.
Article 3: Stay strong. However, stay just before that.
Article 4: Butei must be independent. No need for unwanted help.
Article 5: Be swift in actions. First attack is a good thing.
Article 6: Think for oneself, act for oneself.
Article 7: Prepare pessimistically, act optimistically.
Article 8: Missions should be completed to behind its back side.
Article 9: Launch out into the world. Fight together regardless of race and nationality.
Article 10: Never give up. A butei never gives up.

Butei High School Departments

Assault: Department that trains assault-type arrests that utilize melee combat using guns, blades, and other weapons. Aria H. Kanzaki, Akari Mamiya, Raika Hino, Urara Takachiho, and Yuyu & Yoyo Aizawa are members of this department.

Snipe: Department that trains combat assistance from afar that primarily use sniper rifles.

Rezad: Department that trains spying, manipulation, and destructive activities, mainly against criminal syndicates.

Dagula: Department that handles the interrogation of criminal suspects that are arrested.

Connect: Department that backs up units via contacting and informing using communication tools.

Informa: Department that gathers and organizes information using information management tools.

Inquestor: Department that conducts investigation and analysis using detective methods and studies of sleuthing. Shino Sasaki is a member of this department.

Repia: Department that does forensic investigation of the criminal scenes and physical evidence.

Amudo: Department that performs obtaining, customization, and maintenance of equipment used for butei activities.

Roji: Department that trains operation of vehicles, ships, and airplanes used in butei activities.

Medica: Department that performs medical and rescue operations onsite for butei activities.

Ambulas: Department that trains doctors who work at butei hospitals, and performs the medical actions necessary.

S-Lab: Department that performs criminal investigations using psychic powers and superpsychology.

CVR: Department that performs criminal investigations under special circumstances. Kirin Shima is a member of this department.

Intern: Department where students of Butei High Magnet Middle School and transfers who came in using the intern system reside. Kirin Shima utilized this system.


Akari Mamiya
VA:Ayane Sakura
- Assault -
Class 1-A.
Height: 139cm
Birthday: October 25

Grades are rank E, the lowest tier.Bright personality that naturally draws comrades.

Aria H. Kanzaki
VA:Rie Kugimiya
- Assault -
Class 2-A.
Height: 142cm
Birthday: September 23

An S-rank butei, and Akari's idol figure. Great-grandchild of the great detective Sherlock Holmes.

Shino Sasaki
VA:Ai Kayano
- Inquestor -
Class 1-A.
Height: 157cm
Birthday: November 18

Born in a well-to-do family with good upbringing. A graceful girl.Loves Akari.

Raika Hino
- Assault -
Class 1-A.
Height: 165cm
Birthday: May 5

Has a tomboyish personality,but has a side of her that likes cute things as well.

Kirin Shima
VA:Aoi Yuki
- CVR -
Intern (3rd year in middle school)
Height: 135cm
Birthday: December 24

Fell in love with Raika at first sight, and looks up to her as her "older sister".

Urara Takachiho
VA: Sarah Emi Bridcutt
- Assault -
Class 1-C.
Height: 160cm
Birthday: April 8

Born to a rich family, a pompous noble girl.


Akari Mamiya
Ayane Sakura
Aria H. Kanzaki
Rie Kugimiya
Shino Sasaki
Ai Kayano
Raika Hino
Kirin Shima
Aoi Yuki
Urara Takachiho
Sarah Emi Bridcutt
Konji Toyama
Junji Majima
Shirayuki Hotogi
Mikako Takahashi
Riko Mine
Mariya Ise
Kaori Ishihara


Orignal story/Series composition assistance
Chugaku Akamatsu
("Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA" published by MF Bunko J, KADOKAWA)
Takashi Kawabata
Series Composition
Fumihiko Shimo
Fumihiko Shimo
Masashi Togawa
Original Characters
Shogako Tachibana
Character Designs
Miwa Oshima
Chief Animation Directors
Mariko Kubo
Senri Kikunaga
Sound Director
Takahiro Enomoto
Takuro Iga
Music Production
Flying Dog
Animation Production
Doga Kobo
Produced by
Project AA

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