Anime Spotlight - Wish upon the Pleiades

by Anthony Foronda,

Wish upon the Pleiades

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Broadcast Begins April 2015 (JST)

Key Staff

Director: Shoji Saeki
(FLCL (OVA), Medaka Box Abnormal)
Character Design: Mai Otsuka
( Astarotte's Toy, Hanamaru Kindergarden)


Subaru is a junior high student that loves the stars. One day, after school, she meets aliens from Pleiades in outer space. The Pleiadesians said they summoned a helper from Earth to collect engine parts so that they could repair the interstellar immigrant ship that broke down in the Earth's orbit. However, for some reason they summoned one but ended up with five helpers! The five girls assigned to be "wizards" all are lacking something, and even when they try to combine their powers, they're always mismatched and failing. On top of it, a mysterious boy appears... can they manage to collect all the engine parts and repair the spaceship like this? In order to help a hapless alien, with the power of infinite possibilities due to immaturity as their weapon, Subaru and the other four fly around to gather parts while nurturing their friendship. This is a story of hope that traverses through space and time.


VA:Natsumi Takamori

Likes observing the stars from very young, and is a one-man Astronomy Club. Shows her otaku side when the topic is about the stars. Often is lost about something or a crybaby, but her feelings of believing in her friends is stronger than anyone else. Childhood friends with Aoi, but had gotten out of touch as they advanced to different junior high schools.

VA:Ayuru Ohashi

A boyish-looking girl, but actually loves cute things. She believes she hides things well, but she is the type that often shows what is on her mind on her face or in her actions, and is a terrible liar. Childhood friends with Subaru, and feels a sense of duty to protect Subaru.

VA:Kanako Tateno

Gentle and kind, the biggest conscience of the five. On the other hand, she eats a lot and is very powerful. She shies away from asserting herself for the most part, but her curiosity is greater than anyone else's.

VA:Yui Makino

The most active of the five girls, she is basically the team's mood-maker. A genius with excellent athletic skills. Also has perfect pitch. Sometimes waxes a bit philosophical, but on the inside she is a cute girl that acts her age.

VA:Saki Fujita

Has great linguistic skills, and is the only girl that can understand the language of the self-proclaimed Pleiadesian. Has knowledge of all sorts of languages and fortune-telling methods. Seemingly reticent and indeed speaks little, but is busy with the research and development for things that can be of help for everyone.

VA:Saki Fujita

Subaru and crew call it "President" as a nickname. In order to repair its broken spaceship, it called Subaru and crew to help it out. Seems like nobody other than the five girls can see it, though...

VA:Hoko Kawashima

A boy that always is there alone within the mysterious greenhouse that Subaru wandered into. Seems like he is somewhat out of this world, but is someone that pushes Subaru forward subconsciously.


Natsumi Takamori
Ayuru Ohashi
Kanako Tateno
Yui Makino
Saki Fujita
Hoko Kawashima


Original Story,Animation Production
Shoji Saeki
Character Design, Chief Animation Director
Mai Otsuka
Art Director
Hiroshi Kato
Color Coordinator
Tomoe Yoshimura
Filming Director
Seiji Ishiguro
3D CG Director
Hiroshi Shirai
Akinori Mishima
Sound Director
Satoki Iida

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