Anime Spotlight - Overlord

by Anthony Foronda,
Broadcast Begins July 2015 (JST)


"Overlord" is a popular web novel that has more than 10 million page views, and soon as it was printed by KADOKAWA it was a smash hit. In the transition from a web novel to a published novel, drastic revisions were made so that the readers of the web novel could enjoy the new plot twists.

The key point on "Overlord" that artfully utilizes the settings of the main character, a great wizard with the guise of a skeleton, is the overwhelming sense of scale fit for the most ominous of dark fantasies. Such a rich world view and story from "Overlord" that was said to be impossible to bring to a visual medium is being drawn out as TV animation by MADHOUSE, one of the most skilled animation studios in Japan. Naoyuki Ito, renowned across many titles as a skilled animator, is the director. Yukie Sugawara, who wrote the screenplay for series such as Sword Art Online and The irregular at magic high school, will be the screenwriter and series composer. And Takahiro Yoshimatsu, a veteran animator who worked on many famous titles including HUNTERxHUNTER, will be the character designer. Skilled creators are gathering up! In summer of 2015, the legend of Momomga, the strongest wizard with the guise of a skeleton, will finally be unveiled!


Time is now 2138. The virtual reality sensation online game "Yggdrasil" that caused one big social boom was about to end its service. Momomga, as a player, was quietly awaiting the end alongside his friends as members of a prestigious guild. However, even past the shutdown time, the game didn't log them out. Suddenly, the NPCs started to have a will of their own, and outside the guild, a never-seen-before strange world unfolded.

A lonely, uninteresting young man who loves games in real life turns into the strongest wizard with the guise of a skeleton!

The ruler of death that holds the world in his hands has landed!!


VA: Satoru Hino

The strongest wielder of magic that looks like a skeleton
race: Overlord, etc
"You shall use my name. I am Ains Ul Goun."

Leader of the guild Ains Ul Goun, and the ruler of the Nazarik underground cemetery.

The moment when the DMMO-RPG "Yggdrasil" ended its service, he gets transferred into another world still in his skeletal avatar.

VA: Yumi Hara

A merciful snow white demon
race: Imp, etc
"For certain, this world will belong to thee."

One of the NPCs who served the Supreme 41. Master of the guardians of the Nazarik underground cemetery, and stands atop all NPCs. Was beautiful enough to be crowned an exquisite beauty, but as a part of her settings were altered by Momomga, she ends up having a very unfortunate side to her...

Shalltear Bloodfallen
VA: Sumire Uesaka

Valkyrie of fresh blood
race: True vampire, etc.
"I am a cruel, heartless, tyrannical... and lovely monster."

One of the NPCs serving the Supreme 41, and the guardian of levels 1-3 of the Nazarik underground cemetery. What you call a vampire, and despite her looks similar to a young girl, she is the strongest in one-on-one combat among all the level guardians. Has a very strange hobby, and loves Momomga from the bottom of her heart.

Aura Bella Fiora
VA: Emiri Katō

Great trainer full of competitive spirit
race: dark elf
"I wanted it a little bit, but I have no choice if it's Lord Ains' orders."

One of the NPCs serving the Supreme 41, and the guardian of level 6 of Nazarik underground cemetery. Girl with characteristic eyes that differ in color that is forced to wear men's clothing due to the player that created her fooling around. Always cheerful and bright. Mare is her twin brother.

Mare Bello Fiore
VA: Yumi Uchiyama

Undependable messenger of the great wild
race: dark elf
"U-Um, I remembered I had something I had to do..."

One of the NPCs serving the Supreme 41, and the guardian of level 6 of Nazarik underground cemetery. An odd-eyed boy just like Aura, but thanks to the player creating him fooling around, he is forced to wear women's clothing. Weak-willed and always timid, he cannot fight back against his older sister. Aura is his twin sister.

VA: Masayuki Katō

Creator of fiery hell
race: Archdevil, etc.
"If you wish, I will take all forces of Nazarik to acquire this jewelry box."

One of the NPCs serving the Supreme 41, and the guardian of level 7 of Nazarik underground cemetery. Unparalleled in intelligence, he is involved in various operations and plans concerning Nazarik. Swears absolute servitude to Momomga, and shows no mercy who stand in his master's way, even if they are relatives.

VA: Kenta Miyake

Ruler of the frozen river
race: Vermin Lord, etc.
"In other words, you have responded to our devotion?"

One of the NPCs serving the Supreme 41, and the guardian of level 5 of Nazarik underground cemetery. A strangely figured guardian with a massive body. Its guise reminds you of an insect walking on two legs. Speech and behavior are fit to call him a warrior, and no matter how underwhelming his opponent is, he shows respect to those that have the spirit of a fighter.

Sebas Tian
VA: Shigeru Chiba

Butler of steel
race: unknown
"To stand by the side of my master and obey orders... that is the reason for me to exist, as I was born a butler."

One of the NPCs serving the Supreme 41, and the butler of Nazarik underground cemetery. Has authority over the battle maid squad Pleiades. His managerial position puts him as an equal to the level guardians, and his combat skills are on par with them. A very noble man as well, and considers it just to save the weak.


Satoru Hino
Yumi Hara
Shalltear Bloodfallen
Sumire Uesaka
Aura Bella Fiora
Emiri Katō
Mare Bello Fiore
Yumi Uchiyama
Masayuki Katō
Kenta Miyake
Sebas Tian
Shigeru Chiba
Nerveral Gamma
Manami Numakura
Hiroshi Shirokuma
Takehito Koyasu


Original Story
Kugane Maruyama ("Overlord" published by KADOKAWA)
Original characters
Naoyuki Ito
Series Composition / Screenplay
Yukie Sugawara (Light Works)
Character Design / Chief Animation Director
Takahiro Yoshimatsu
Sub Character Design / Monster Design/Prop Design
Shigeki Izumo
Momoko Maehara
Art Directors
Shigemi Ikeda
Yukiko Maruyama (Atelier Musa)
Art Settings
Shigemi Ikeda
Shuichi Okubo
Kayoko Tomono (Atelier Musa)
Color Coordinator
Yukie Noguchi
3D Director
Shuhei Yabuta
Filming Director
Yuki Kawashita
Kashiko Kimura
Sound Director
Yuki Gobun
Sound Production
Shūji Katayama (Team-MAX)
Music Production
Animation Production
Produced by
Overlord Production Committee

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