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Anime Spotlight - Myriad Colors Phantom World

by Anthony Foronda,
Broadcast Begins January 2016! (JST)

Key Staff

Director: Tatsuya Ishihara
(The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Clannad After Story)
Series Composition: Fumihiko Shimo
(Aria the Scarlett Ammo Double A, Air)
Character Design: Kazumi Ikeda
(Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! , Clannad)


What is the world?


"Phantom" - including ghosts, monsters, and UMAs, they are existences that humans kept believing were mere "illusions". To combat those phantoms, the academy set up a "Brain function error countermeasure room". Haruhiko Ichijo, a member of that room, was struggling day to day along with his senpai, Mai Kawakami eliminating phantoms. Another request comes flying into their office again today... A school superpower fantasy of charm, temptation, and fascination. KA Esma Bunko "Musaigen no Phantom World" finally is turning into anime!!


Haruhiko Ichijo
VA:Hiro Shimono
Hosea Academy High School Division
Class 1-1
age 15

Having read an immense amount of books, he has a reliable side where he overcomes all sorts of difficult situations from his ample knowledge. On the other hand, he often speaks passionately of useless trivia. People around him call him "Unfortunate Knowledge". Hobby is to draw art, and always hides a sketch book in his bag. Seals away phantoms by drawing them as art, and fights by summoning phantoms that he draws. The bag that he always carries is a gift from his mother that went missing.

Mai Kawakami
VA:Sumire Uesaka
Hosea Academy High School Division
Class 2-1
age 16

A blonde quarter-blood beautiful girl with big breasts, active life, and a ponytail. The beauty marks under both eyes are charming. Aggressive type that finds her body moving before she thinks. Due to the personality, nobody forms a team with her, so Haruhiko is her only teammate. Fights phantoms with special martial arts that combine "Five Elements of Chi" with all forms of combative sports including Chinese boxing styles that her father taught her. She doesn't care that she's wearing a skirt.

Reina Izumi
VA:Saori Hayami
Hosea Academy High School Division
Class 1-2
age 15

A transfer student that arrived at Hosea Academy in April. Long, shiny black hair waves in the wind as she always speaks politely. A well-to-do girl from the noble class. As with any well-to-do girl, her actions are elegant, and she also practices in aikido. Not used to dealing with members of the opposite gender, and sometimes pins Haruhiko down with her aikido skills. Loves to eat, and even sucks in and eats phantoms, which gives her the nickname "Phantom Eater". However, she doesn't want to eat things she doesn't like to eat.

Koito Minase
VA:Maaya Uchida
Hosea Academy High School Division
Class 1-3
age 16

A cool beauty whose trademarks are her red hair and her headphones. Not a member of the "Brain function error countermeasure room" that Haruhiko and the others are part of, but her high skills are appreciated. A lonely warrior that defeats phantoms by herself. Hobby is music, and that lovely "singing voice" creates chains to tie opponents down before they are burned down by flames. Believes phantoms should be "disposed" instead of sealed away. The cute starry hairpin is her style.

VA:Azusa Tadokoro
A hand-held sized fairy phantom.

A mischievous, carefree, stupid phantom that is always together with Haruhiko. Gets away with not being defeated as she does no bad deeds. Lives freely and highly psyched, so each time Haruhiko and company face problems, she shows interest and butts in. Everything is fine if it is amusing. She may be small, but her contours are that of an adult.

Kurumi Kumamakura
VA: Misaki Kuno
Hosea Academy Elementary Division
Class 1-B
age 10

A shy, timid grade-school girl with unusual pigtails that point out like antennae. Always totes along a plush bear named Albrecht, and sometimes talks to it. Simply loves bears. Anything is fine as long as it's a bear. A "dollmaster" who fights by giving Albrecht commands to move about, and just watches from the side.


Haruhiko Ichijo
Hiro Shimono
Mai Kawakami
Sumire Uesaka
Reina Izumi
Saori Hayami
Koito Minase
Maaya Uchida
Azusa Tadokoro
Kurumi Kumamakura
Misaki Kuno
Arisu Himeno
Kikuko Inoue


Original Story
Sōichirō Hatano (KA Esma Bunko / Kyoto Animation)
Tatsuya Ishihara
Series Composition
Fumihiko Shimo
Character Design/Chief Animation Director
Kazumi Ikeda
Art Director
Mikiko Watanabe
Color Coordination
Kana Miyata
Prop Design
Yo Karata
Phantom Design
Shinpei Sawa
Director of Photography
Ryūta Nakagami
Sound Director
Yota Tsuruoka
Animation Production
Kyoto Animation
Produced by
Musaigen Production Committee

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