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Anime Spotlight - Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

by Anthony Foronda,
Broadcast Begins January 2016 (JST)


Mechanical Dragons - ancient weapons unearthed from the ruins. Lux, the prince of the ruined country, somehow ends up entering an all-girls school for nurturing Dragoknights...?

Surrounded by noble girls at the Royal Office Academy, the "strongest" school fantasy battle begins!


Lux Arcadia
VA:Mutsumi Tamura

The former prince of the old Arcadia Empire that fell to ruin from a coup d'etat. In the new kingdom of Atismata, he works day to day as a criminal, under a contract that he accepts all chores from the citizens. Has the power to control Mechanical Dragons, and in the tournament at the kingdom's capital, he is the Dragoknight with the strange nickname "Weakest Undefeated".

Lisesharte Atismata

The princess of the new kingdom of Atismata, and called by her nickname Lisha. Wielder of the crimson divine Mechanical Dragon "Tiamat", and one of the strongest Dragoknights who is undefeated in the academy. Also has ingenious skills as a technician.

Krulcifer Einfolk
VA:Yukiyo Fujii

An student studying abroad, originally from the great religious kingdom of Yumiru to the north. Wielder of the divine Mechanical Dragon "Fafnir". Everyone pays respect to the high talent and beauty that takes the breath away. Also the potential as a Dragoknight is through the roof.

Celistia Ralgris
VA:Risa Taneda

A third year that keeps the Order together as its leader. Said to be the most powerful Dragoknight in the academy, and wielder of the divine Mechanical Dragon "Lindwurm". Heir to the one of the four great noble houses Ralgris, and famous for hating men. Nickname is Celis.

Philuffy Aingram
VA:Yurika Kubo

The second girl of the Aingram Combine, and childhood friends with Lux. Relly, the chairman of the academy, is her older sister. Wielder of the divine Mechanical Dragon "Typhon". Very elusive in nature, and is usually seems spaced out. Calls Lux "Lu-chan", and makes him call her "Phi-chan".

Airi Arcadia
VA:Ari Ozawa

A survivor of the royal family of the now ruined old empire of Arcadia, and Lux's younger sister by blood. A criminal just like Lux, she signed a pact that she will live under the watchful eye of the new kingdom. Often says harsh things against Lux, but they are all because she cherishes her older brother.


Lux Arcadia
Mutsumi Tamura
Lisesharte Atismata
Krulcifer Einfolk
Yukiyo Fujii
Philuffy Aingram
Yurika Kubo
Celistia Ralgris
Risa Taneda
Airi Arcadia
Ari Ozawa


Original Story
Chisato Meigetsu (published by SB Creative / GA Bunko)
Original Character Designs
Ayumu Kasuga
Masaomi Andō
Series Composition
Yuuko Kakihara
Character Design
Keiko Kurosawa
Chief Animation Directors
Keiko Kurosawa
Mayuka Ito
Prop Design
Tomohito Hirose
Animation production
project No.9
Art Settings
Iho Narita (Kusanagi)
Art Director
Kuniaki Nemoto (Kusanagi)
Color Coordinator
Mio Takekawa
Director of Photography
Naoki Serizawa
Morita Editing Room
Sound Director
Jin Aketagawa
Sound Effects
Kyosei Oyama
Sound Production
Magic Capsule
Akito Matsuda
Music Production
Animation Production
Produced by
Undefeated Bahamut Partners
Opening Theme Artist
Ending Theme Artist

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