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Anime Spotlight - BBK/BRNK: The Gentle Giants of the Galaxy

by Chih-Chieh Chang,
Broadcast Begins October 1, 2016 (JST)

Key Staff

Character Design: Yūsuke Kozaki
(Fire Emblem Awakening, NO MORE HEROES)
Music: Masaru Yokoyama
(Your Lie in April, Plastic Memories)


Can they pull it off?


Let's talk about "BBK/BRNK".

A witch, destiny of the blood, immature children and experienced adults, a terror-reigned country, and a treasure isle. What this series attempts to draw is something uncommon nowadays, a scent of straightforwardness, a blunt, ferocious story. Boys are currently trying to change the world, trying to overthrow the earth. However, can they do such a thing?

Will the powers they obtained guide them?

Heart, right arm, right leg, left arm, left leg. Bubuki that was inherited by five houses intertwine with humans to create supernatural powers. What they seek on the high ground - is it hope, or is it a disaster of destruction? That still remains unknown. More like in search of that answer, adventure and ambition, disturbance and ups/downs, and questions will all fire away. Will they be able to continue advancing straight? And what is it that lies ahead?

What does reckless courage create?

SANZIGEN, as their 10th anniversary title, is creating this title as a full CG completely new original animation. That alone is already something completely unheard of. Furthermore, Daizen Komatsuda is challenging this as his directorial debut. Character designs are by Yūsuke Kozaki, and series composition and screenplay are by Jirō Ishii and Yukinori Kitajima. This might be a job that is different from any title they have led to success to date, accepting its recklessness and shaking it off. They said they are willing to take the burden. So, once more we should ask. Can they pull it off?

Is there still hope in the world?

Past the grudge from 24 years ago, boys and girls begin their revolution. However, each and every one of them, even for the adults, and all sorts of countries all over the world are handed down their own expectations. If everyone has a path they believe in, what kind of justice should humans choose? This story will continue to ask despite that. What is correct. Moreover, does correctness even exist?

And, will you be there?

Adults would say that this is reckless, that this is foolish. That they don't understand anything. However, if this world is mistaken, there is no reason not to do this. That is why the children decided to give it their best effort. The battle has already begun. Already everyone has been roped in by them. A pressing wish is already on the line. But, we should ask a third time. Will they be able to pull it off? Will "BBK/BRNK" be able to pull it off? And will you be able to see it through to the end?

Text by Sayawaka (story critic)



A weapon with a will. Inherited from generation to generation by Bubuki masters who have made a pact. Normally stays hidden by "transparency" to avoid the human eye.


Azuma Kazuki
VA:Yūsuke Kobayashi
Age 16

Uninfluenced by other people's opinions, he thinks with his own head first and acts. He traveled the whole world with his father, but for a certain objective he came back to Japan for the first time in 10 years. Afraid of heights, so is very scared of high places.

Kogane Asabuki
VA:Ari Ozawa
Age 16

Azuma's childhood friend. Carefree and light-hearted, everyone likes her. Calls her Bubuki "right hand-chan" and cherishes it like family. Inherited the Bubuki "Raijodo" from her father Genma.

Hiiragi Nono
VA:Sōma Saitō
Age 16

Acts cool, but hot-headed boy that is determined to win. There seems to be some ulterior motive behind his actions, but sees Azuma as his rival and always wants to take some form of leadership. Inherited the Bubuki "Iwatooshi" from his father Yoshiki.

Kinoa Ougi
VA:Shizuka Ishigami
Age 16

A delinquent who goes to a school for well-to-do girls. Rough in speech and quick to fight, but has quite the skill to cook and to play kendo. Always together with Shizuru. Inherited the two Bubukis "Hoemaru" and "Himekiri" from her mother Tomoe.

Shizuru Taneomi
VA:Mikako Komatsu
Age 16

With many mysterious words and actions, she is slightly airheaded in that nobody else can predict what she will do 5 seconds in the future but herself. Her fine art skills are ingenious. Calls her favorite vegetables "grass" and wants to eat them. Inherited the Bubuki "Tsurarai" from her mother Momoka.


Azuma Kazuki
Yūsuke Kobayashi
Kogane Asabuki
Ari Ozawa
Hiiragi Nono
Sōma Saitō
Kinoa Ougi
Shizuka Ishigami
Shizuru Taneomi
Mikako Komatsu


Original Story
Daizen Komatsuda
Character Design
Yūsuke Kozaki
Buranki Design
Tatsuya Yoshikawa
Bubuki Design
Series Composition/Screenplay
Jirō Ishii
Yukinori Kitajima
Mechanical Design
Takeshi Takakura
Prop Design
Yoshinori Iwanaga
Sub Character Design
Tomomi Ozaki
Visual Design
Tomoyuki Arima
Takuya Sejima
CG Supervisor
Daisuke Suzuki
Modeling Director
Hiroshi Adachi
Technical Director
Takehisa Kaneda
Riko Kojima
Animation Directors
Masanori Uetaka
Shinpei Ishikawa
Atsushi Mimura
Motoki Nakamura
Art Director/Settings
Yūji Kaneko
Color Coordinator
Yukiko Kakita
Director of Photography
Shinsuke Ikeda
Kiyoshi Hirose
Sound Director
Jin Aketagawa
Masaru Yokoyama
Music Production
Produced by
BBKBRNK Partners

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