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Anime Spotlight - Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto.

by Chih-Chieh Chang,

Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto.

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On Air starting April 7, 2016 (in Japan)

Key Staff

Director: Shinji Takamatsu
(Gintama (TV), Mobile Suit Gundam X, School Rumble, Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!)
Character Design: Kana Ishida
Atsuko Nakajima (Trinity Blood, Getbackers, You're Under Arrest, Ranma ½, Hakuōki)


The cool, cooler, coolest high school student is here!

This story is that of the school life of a certain cool, no coolest, high school student, Sakamoto.

As soon as he enrolled to school, he can't stop gathering the attention of the entire class, no, the entire school.

His name is Sakamoto.

With him, merely jumping from side to side turns into the secret technique "Repetition Side Step", and errands from upperclassmen undergoes a transformation into hospitality.

You can't keep your eyes off of each and every action he does.


Sakamoto (VA: Hikaru Midorikawa)

Class 1-2 in Prefectural Gakubun High School. A high school student whose every action taken is cool and stylish. His actions enchant not only the female students, but parents and even the senior citizens as well. His first name, birthday, and family orientation are all unknown.

"I'll... be fine here..."

Yoshinobu Kubota (VA: Akira Ishida)

A classmate in class 1-2. Target of bullies, but gradually changes after meeting Sakamoto. He has an unusually strong preference in his hairstyle.

"T-That has nothing to do with you."

Atchan (VA: Tomokazu Sugita)

A classmate in class 1-2, and one of the delinquent trios. His trademark is a red hat. Along with KENKEN and Mario, he targets Sakamoto for bullying, but gets rebutted each and every time.

"This is nothing more than play."

Aina Kuronuma (VA: Yui Horie)

A classmate in class 1-2. Popular among boys with the nickname "Ainyan", but her target is Sakamoto.

"Aina is scared!"

Yuya Sera (VA: Shotaro Morikubo)

A classmate in class 1-2. Has a job as an amateur model.
Frivolous and confident in his fashion. Sees Sakamoto who gathers everyone's attention as his rival. Can already see signs of metabolic syndrome around his belly.

"You wanna see 7 days' worth of Sera's fashion cordinations?"

Mario (VA: Ken Takeuchi)

A classmate in class 1-2, and one of the delinquent trios. His trademark is the old Japanese topknot hairstyle. The calmest and most intelligent of the three.

"Can you keep up with my afterimage?"

KENKEN (VA: Nobuyuki Hiyama)

A classmate in class 1-2, and one of the delinquent trios. His trademark is his blond hair. Has confidence in his athletic skills.

"I don't want ya to take my fleetfoot lightly!"

Kana-chan (VA: Yukari Tamura)

A classmate in class 1-2. A girl with brown hair in pigtails. An energetic girl that chases after Sakamoto.

"Extra! Extra!"

Megumi Fujita (VA: Mai Nakahara)

A classmate in class 1-2. A weak-willed class representative.
Photography is her hobby, and always takes pictures of how her class is doing.

"I-I'm sorry about that weird question."

Yagi-san (VA: Hitomi Nabatame)

A classmate in class 1-2. Shows passionate rivalry against Aina who makes passes at Sakamoto.

"In the end, your feelings only go that far?"

Miichan (VA: Kana Ueda)

A classmate in class 1-2. A girl who gets along well with the class representative. Gives out opinions frankly in place of the weak-willed class rep.

"You idiot."

Erika (VA: Mikako Takahashi)

A classmate in class 1-2. A girl that is sensitive to new trends.

"There's a new one out."

Tanaka-san (VA: Saki Fujita)

A classmate in class 1-2. Like Yagi, she harbors a sense of rivalry against Aina.

"You're a very understanding god."

Maruyama-senpai (VA: Toru Inada)

A member of the second-year delinquent group.
Second after Hayabusa.
Makes first-years run errands for him and take care of him in general.

"That'd make the inside of my mouth all dried out!"

Hayabusa(8823)-senpai (VA: Koji Yusa)

The leader of the second-year delinquent group. A very masculine personality, he is a charismatic delinquent that rounds up all the outlaws up. Someone who Atchan looks up to.

"Show your face over here for a bit."

Shigemi Kubota (VA: Kujira)

Kubota's mother. Because he looks like her favorite Korean star actor, she falls in love with Sakamoto.

"You're more naïve than expected."

Fukase (VA: Mitsuo Iwata)

A third-year that even the delinquents fear.
Various rumors such as "He's repeated the same class" "He's over 30" "He's got 2 divorces under his belt" fly around, but his true nature including his real age cannot be grasped.

Morita (VA: Tomoaki Maeno)

A classmate in class 1-2.
With Yasuda, Miichan calls the pair "The Idiots".

"You're suddenly going flashy?"

Yasuda (VA: Tatsuhisa Suzuki)

A classmate in class 1-2.
A boy with shaven head that always acts together with Morita. One of "The Idiots'.

"Ah, I see."

Shigeru Kobayashi (VA: Masafumi Yabe)

The homeroom teacher for class 1-2. Guides his students using his life experiences where he has overcome many dangerous situations.

"Take off your uniforms right now!"

Kakuta-sensei (VA: Joji Nakata)

Male gym teacher. In the name of student guidance, he is on the lookout every day for students who break the school rules.

"Why don't you sharpen up!"


Hikaru Midorikawa
Yoshinobu Kubota
Akira Ishida
Nobuyuki Hiyama
Aina Kuronuma
Yui Horie
Yukari Tamura
Hitomi Nabatame
Mikako Takahashi
Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Joji Nakata
Toru Inada
Mitsuo Iwata
Tomokazu Sugita
Ken Takeuchi
Yuya Sera
Shotaro Morikubo
Megumi Fujita
Mai Nakahara
Kana Ueda
Saki Fujita
Tomoaki Maeno
Shigeru Kobayashi
Masafumi Yabe
Shigemi Kubota
Koji Yusa


Original Story
Nami Sano "Sakamoto Desuga?" (Published by KADOKAWA)
Shinji Takamatsu
Character Design
Atsuko Nakajima
Director of Photography
Junko Sakai
Color Coordinator
Hitomi Sano
Art Director
Masatoshi Muto
Rie Matsubara
Yasuhiko Fukuda
Music Production
King Records
Sound Production
DAX Production
Animation Production
Studio DEEN

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