Anime Spotlight - JOKER GAME

by Anthony Foronda,

Broadcast Begins April 5th 2016(JST)


Deceive everything and survive.

Fall of 1937, when the seeds of world war were smoldering. For Lieutenant Colonel Yuki in the Imperial Army secretly creates "Institution D", a subdivision to train spies. Against the trends of the army that value career militia, those that were chosen to enter the institution were young adults that graduated from general universities such as Tokyo and Kyoto and easily passed the superhuman selection examination. Under Lieutenant Colonel Yuki who has a wizard's worth of resources on him, they learn all sorts of techniques needed for espionage activity such as how to use explosives and radio, how to pilot cars and airplanes, and even how to pickpocket or break open safes, before they head off to their posted locations. "Do not die, do not kill" - Institution D says the worst choices for a spy aspiring to not stand out are suicide and murder, though the central core of the army furiously disagree with them. Even then, they deceive their comrades, go against what the enemies think, and secretly act all over the world. Tokyo, Shanghai, London... An intelligence mystery held all over the world.


Lieutenant Colonel Yuki
VA:Kenyu Horiuchi

Master spy of the Imperial Army and founder of the spy training program "Institution D". Has the nickname "Demon Lord", he has a brain that knows no limits. Used to work as a very efficient spy himself. The trademark white gloves and cane are rumored to be a result of being captured while in an enemy country because of an ally's betrayal and then tortured, but the details are unknown. Friend or foe, many try to find out his true nature, but every attempt to do so has always ended up in failure.

Lieutenant Sakuma
VA:Tomokazu Seki

Lieutenant of the Imperial Japanese Army. Under orders of his superior Colonel Muto, he heads to Institution D that was secretly set up within the army. Acts as liaison between them and the staff headquarters. While surveying the members of Institution D, he is amazed at their abilities that go beyond common sense. Like a militia, he has a sincere personality, and often is angered at the lack of modesty in statements from Miyoshi and company.

VA:Hiro Shimono

Narcissist who always treats others with a sneering attitude and looks down on them. Has the habit of putting on an air, such as taking very gallant poses. Sometimes offers to manage the institution members along with Kaminaga.

VA:Ryohei Kimura

A mischievous playboy that seems frivolous, but actually is full of pride, and always makes sure to accomplish anything he says. Like Miyoshi, sometimes offers to manage the institution members.

VA:Yoshimasa Hosoya

An Institution D member that stands out as he went to the Army's elementary school and military academy and was appointed as second lieutenant in the past. Reticent, and almost never laughs. There is some other secret on top of his past different from others, and harbors a wall of some sort between himself and the other members.

Oldest among the institution members along with Kaminaga. Sociable personality and good at taking care of others, he is the big brotherly figure of the institution. Has the disposition of a freeman, and doesn't care much about details. Used to handling women.

VA:Yuki Kaji

Smallest member of Institution D. Charming but full of pride. Has a cheeky personality. Agile master of martial arts.

VA:Jun Fukuyama

Unpretentious, and often worried about Sakuma who lived together with Institution D members after he was sent in from staff headquarters. Androgynous and usually gentle, but shows a sadistic coldness on occasion against enemies.

VA:Kazuya Nakai

Tallest of the Institution D members. Slightly airheaded, sometimes can be found spacing out. Reticent, doesn't show much emotion. Seems to get along with silent Odagiri. Likes to cook, and sometimes cooks for the institution members.

VA:Takahiro Sakurai

Gentle-mannered, pleasant young man with an intelligent aura. Often seen as older than his actual age as he always is calm. Has the habit of performing magic unconsciously with items near him when he is in thought.

Often worries about appearance, but the personality of this pleasant young man is down-to-earth and is very faithful to his missions. His skills at chess are as good as a professional player.

VA:Tesshō Genda

Colonel of the Imperial Japanese Army. Has unpleasant feelings towards Institution D led by Lieutenant Colonel Yuki.


Lieutenant Colonel Yuki
Kenyu Horiuchi
Hiro Shimono
Ryohei Kimura
Yoshimasa Hosoya
Toshiyuki Morikawa
Yuki Kaji
Jun Fukuyama
Kazuya Nakai
Takahiro Sakurai
Jiro Gamo
Kenjiro Tsuda
Lieutenant Sakuma
Tomokazu Seki


Original Story
Koji Yanagi ("Joker Game" series, published by Kadokawa Bunko / KADOKAWA)

Kazuya Nomura
Series Composition/Screenplay
Taku Kishimoto
Original Character Designs
Shirow Miwa
Character Designs/Chief Animation Director
Toshiyuki Yahagi
Chief Researcher
Seiichi Shirato
Art Director
Yoshio Tanioka
Art Settings
Iho Narita
Color Coordinator
Sayoko Noda
Special Effects
Masahiro Murakami
Director of Photography
Koji Tanaka
Junichi Uematsu
Kenji Kawai
Sound Director
Yoshikazu Iwanami
Animation Production
Production I.G

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