Anime Spotlight - Kumamiko - Girl meets Bear

by Anthony Foronda,

Broadcast Begins April 3rd 2016(JST)

Key Staff

Director: Kiyoshi Matsuda
(Macross Frontier (TV) (Episode Director (5 episodes))


Deep in the mountains somewhere in the Tohoku region, Machi is a middle school student that works as the shrine maiden for a shrine that worships bears. One day, Machi makes a request to her guardian Natsu the bear that she "wants to go to an urban school". Machi is ignorant of the world and is impatient though motivated, so a worrisome Natsu gives her all sorts of trials necessary to survive in an urban area...


Machi Amayadori
VA:Natsumi Hioka
"I want to go to an urban high school after all!"

A middle school student working as the shrine maiden for Kumade Shrine. Longs for the urban life, but from years of living in the village, she feels her rural life as an inferiority complex. Terribly bad with machines.

Natsu Kumai
VA:Hiroki Yasumoto
"There are people who can go to an urban area... and there are people that shouldn't go."

A brown bear that can hold conversations with humans. Can understand writing as well, but has bad handwriting. Grew up together with Machi from a young age. Has detailed knowledge of the newest home appliances.

Yoshio Amayadori
VA:Kazuyuki Okitsu
"I'm Yoshio Amayadori in charge of liveliness at the Kumade Village Office Health Division."

Machi's cousin. Works at the village office of Kumade Village. As a contrast to Machi, is very sociable and a positive thinker.

Hibiki Sakata
VA:Eri Kitamura
"Hey, let's have a friendly chat... with Big Sister..."

Childhood friend of Yoshio. A delinquent that rides a motorcycle. Often misunderstood in all sorts of ways.


Machi Amayadori
Natsumi Hioka
Natsu Kumai
Hiroki Yasumoto
Yoshio Amayadori
Kazuyuki Okitsu
Hibiki Sakata
Eri Kitamura


Original story
Masume Yoshimoto (serialized in Monthly Comic Flapper, KADOKAWA)
Kiyoshi Matsuda
Pierre Sugiura
Masao Iketani
Character Designs/Chief Animation Director
Hiroyuki Saita
Art Director
Atsushi Morikawa
Color Coordinator
Chie Yoshimura
Director of Photography
Mayo Suzuki (T2studio)
Gō Sadamatsu (SATELIGHT)
Sound Director
Kazuya Tanaka
Akiyuki Tateyama
Music Production
Animation Production
EMT Squared
Produced by

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