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Anime Spotlight - The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance

by Chih-Chieh Chang,
On air starting July 3, 2016


The King's caliber is being tested.

The long peace within the great nation of Pars supported by trade and fertile land was jeopardized in one evening due to the invasion of Lusitania, the nation of heathens. The boy Arslan experienced a devastating loss as his first campaign within the battle between Pars and Lusitania, and he became the prince of a ruined nation who has been deprived of a land to return to. He sets foot on a journey to regain the plundered Royal Capital of Ecbatana alone with Daryun, the most powerful knight nicknamed the “the warrior of warriors (Mardān of Mardāns)”.

To such a pair, Narsus, Elam, Gieve, Farangis, Alfarīd, Jaswant - many reassuring allies join one after another as they fight their way through merciless battles. Also, Arslan himself matures from a unreliable boy who is merely protected into a stalwart figure who can protect and guide those around him by gaining all sorts of experience.

However, the capital is still far. After managing to get past the battles concerning the royal successor for Sindhura, Arslan and company made their triumphal return to Pars to find Hilmes the brave general with the silver mask standing in their way. And by the time they somehow get Hilmes to stand down and they can be on their way to thee capital once again, an even larger threat was fast approaching the land of Pars.

Now, the curtain rises on a new history. What will the boy see in the battlefield where dust dances wildly..!?


Arslan's Camp


The successor to the throne of the nation of Pars, who walks in strides with trustworthy comrades in order to regain the capital plundered during the invasion by enemy nation Lusitania. Unlike his valiant father Andragoras III, he used to be a boy with frail lines and a kind heart; but after going through many tough battles, he is on his way to maturing into a stalwart warrior. His birth has a deep secret behind it......


A ferocious, daring, powerful knight nicknamed “the warrior of warriors (Mardān of Mardāns)”. Has top-notch skills in swordsmanship as well as horse-riding, and his personality is quite straightforward. Had sworn absolute loyalty to Arslan to begin with, but during the journey to regain the capital, he is also drawn to the boy's natural disposition as the king. The strategist Narsus is a close friend.


The ingenious strategist that Arslan's group prides in. He had lived a life quite that of a hermit, but under his good friend Daryun's guidance he met Arslan, and ends up lending a hand in the battle to regain the capital. For Arslan who often worries about how to act as the king, he is a good advisor. Also, he loves art over everything else, but his talents in that field are.....


Narsus' loyal servant. Supports his master who excels at resourcefulness but has amazingly low life skills. Steadfast, he excels at all household chores. His archery skills are quite good too. Being basically the same age as Arslan, he grows ties with the king as a "friend" over the course of the journey. Alfarīd is his nemesis, with Narsus stuck in the middle.


A wandering bard who joined Arslan's group after his heart was taken by Farangis' beauty. Loves beautiful women and valuable items, and normal speech patterns are frivolous. However, contrary to his aloof appearance, he secretly has detailed calculations going on in the background. Adept at dealing with weapons and horses as well. Currently has gone separate ways from the entourage and is on a journey to find the treasured sword Rukhnabad.


A priestess who serrves in the Temple of Mithra. In the battle of Atropatene, she was sent to aid Arslan, and stayed to join the entourage seeking to regain the capital. One with overwhelming beauty to the point where even Gieve, normally flamboyant in his romances, falls head over heels in love with her. Excels in combat skills as well, especially that of archery is something to look out for. She can also listen to the voices of the spirits.


The daughter of the Zot clan, saved by Narsus when Lusitanian militia were about to kill her. Ever since, she declares herself to be his "wife" and accosts him, and adds herself to Arslan's entourage. Butts heads one way or another with Elam, Narsus' servant. Excels at swordsmanship, horse-riding, and archery. Also quick-witted. Above everything, she is strong-willed.


A warrior from Sindhura. Originally joined Arslan's entourage as a spy when they got roped into Sindhura's commotion over the royal successor. However, deeply touched by Arslan's virtuous self, he joined the entourage aiming for the retaking of Pars' capital as soon as the battles in his own country came to an end. Quite the straight-edged personality.


Andragoras III

The 18th king of the powerful nation of Pars, taking pride in his always stern face and perpetually well-trained body. Though known to be a courageous knight with many feats of arms, he was defeated by Lusitania in the battle of Atropatene and becomes captive. The previous king Osroes V was his older brother by blood, but how he came to power has a few grim rumors around it.


A beautiful woman rumored to “give misfortune to any man who ever comes across her”. Originally the queen of the principality of Badakhshan, a country at war with Pars, but weds Andragoras III as a result of the merger between the two nations. Birth mother of Arslan, but always acts coldly towards him for some reason.


A Marzbān of Pars nicknamed “Twin-Blade General (Tahir)” from how he swings two swords at once. Has gotten to know Arslan well for a while thanks to his hawk Azrael.


One of the prized Marzbān of the Pars Cavalry Brigade. His left eye has become useless after a single slash across it. Broadminded and cheerful in personality, his nickname is "Braggart Kubard".



The mysterious general of the Lusitanian army, covering his face with a silver mask. His true identity is the son of Osroes V, the 17th king of Pars. He firmly believes that he is the rightful heir to Pars' throne, and despises Andragoras and his son Arslan for usurping the throne through scheming.


One of the Marzbān. Adept at defending, he was in charge of defending the fortress during the battle of Atropatene. Swore loyalty to and acts together with Hilmes after finding out his true identity.


The son of Marzbān Kharlan, who betrayed Andragoras III and sided with Hilmes. Swears loyalty to Hilmes and actively works as his advisor. For better or for worse, his personality is very straightforward, and he is adept at using maces.


The younger brother of Lusitanian king Innocentis VII. A world-wise man who deals with all of the internal affairs of Lusitania in place of his incompetent elder brother. One of those that can claim merit for guiding the battle in Pars to victory by coming up with the plans. He looks like his senseless brother is tossing him around, but also has a wily side that vigilantly seeks the king's throne.


A squire participating in the Lusitanian army. When he was a child he was held captive by Pars, but unfolded a Great Escape by taking Arslan as a hostage. Strong-willed and passionate faithful of the Yaldabaoth faith. Used to show strong despise for heathens, but he shows a change of heart after his encounter with Arslan.

New Characters


The young general that leads the massive army of the nation of Turān, who invaded Peshawar Fortress in the chaos unfolding in the nation of Pars. An ambitious man with violent mood swings, how he fights in battle is that of a berserker. His men call him by the nickname "Prince (Xinon)".


The 14th king of Turān who seized power after a long political battle. In order to fortify his fragile foundation of power, he decided to invade Pars. He personally led a large army into battle at the battle of Peshawar Fortress......


A general of Turān whose face looks younger than his actual age. His physique is a bit small, and he prides on agile movements. His personality is brave. Adept at swordsmanship, but is even better at controlling a blow-dart. The battle of Peshawar Fortress leads his destiny in an unexpected way.


A warrior who is a master archer with good vision, as well as a good swordsman. A survivor from the Zot clan. While protecting Irina the princess of a lost nation, he searches for his younger sister Alfarīd who had been named the next head of the clan.


The imperial princess of the nation of Maryan that was annihilated by Lusitania. Lost her vision from an illness, and is frail physically as well, but her composure is full of grace and pride.


A great merchant in Gilan, a port town in southern Pars. An old friend of Narsus who studied together with the strategist in the same school. He looks even more aristocratic than Narsus, and his intelligence and swordsmanship are nothing to laugh at.


The captain of the merchant ship "Pielzie (victory)". A valiant militia, and seafaring merchant with high business talent. The ideal "man of the seas". Has a fateful rendezvous with Arslan's entourage in the port city of Gilan.


Yūsuke Kobayashi
Yoshimasa Hosoya
Daisuke Namikawa
Natsuki Hanae
Maaya Sakamoto
Manami Numakura
Wataru Hatano
Yumi Uchiyama
Yūki Kaji
Tetsu Inada
Tesshō Genda
Sōma Saitō
Satoshi Hino
Ai Kayano
Takahiro Sakurai
Kenjiro Tsuda


Original Comic
Hiromu Arakawa (serialized in “Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine”, Kodansha)
Original Novel
Yoshiki Tanaka (published by Kobunsha Kappa Novels)
Noriyuki Abe
Series Structure
Makoto Uezu
Chief Character Design
Shingo Kogiso
Character Design
Ushio Tazawa, Kazuo Watanabe
Action Director
Satoshi Kimura
Concept Design
Daisuke Niizuma
Art Director
Tadashi Kudo
Background Art
Studio Pinewood
Color Key
Aiko Shinohara
CGI Director
Kanae Yamashita
Modeling Director
Tatsuya Shimano
Felix Film
Director of Photography
Yukihiro Masumoto
Mai Hasegawa
Sound Effect Director
Jin Aketagawa
Sound Effects
Yasumasa Koyama
Sound Production
Taro Iwashiro
Animation Production
Opening Theme
"Tsubasa" by Eir Aoi (SME Records)
Ending Theme
"blaze" by Kalafina (SME Records)

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