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by ANN Staff,

Premiering on October 12, 2017

Streaming available at: Amazon Prime Video

Key Staff

Original Story: Hiroya Oku
Executive Director: Keiichi Satō
("Tiger & Bunny", "Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul")
Director: Shūhei Yabuta
("Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress", "Attack on Titan")
Series Composition/Screenplay: Hiroshi Seko
("Ajin", "Terror in Resonance")
Character Designer: Naoyuki Onda
("Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul", "GANTZ")
Animation: MAPPA
(“In This Corner of the World”, "Yuri!!! on Ice")


Ichiro Inuyashiki, a dull-looking elderly employee approaching retirement who lives an alienated life from his uncaring family and distant coworkers, is put in total despair when he is diagnosed as having terminal cancer.

On his way back home from the hospital, he is suddenly struck by a UFO falling from the sky, and he is reborn with a mechanical body which gives him super powers that by far transcend limitations of those of a human. Meanwhile, Hiro Shishigami, a high-school student who also encountered the same phenomenon as Inuyashiki, starts to use his super powers compulsively.

Shishigami goes on attacking people with his powers while Inuyashiki keeps on saving the people injured by Shishigami. Is the human nature fundamentally good or evil? Two individuals, who went through the same phenomenon and obtained a body with extraordinary powers, will now choose their own paths.


Ichiro Inuyashiki

Voice: Fumiyo Kohinata

A 58-year-old businessman with an aged face and so many gray hairs that he doesn't even look his age. His body was reborn into a mechanical one after he was caught up in the crash of a UFO while taking a walk with his dog Hanako. After losing his human body, he starts using his newfound powers to save others in order to feel alive.

Hiro Shishigami

Voice: Nijirō Murakami

This young man cares more about his childhood friend Ando and his mother more than anyone, but is completely indifferent to anyone else. Just like Inuyashiki, Shishigami got a mechanical body after being involved in the same UFO accident, but unlike Inuyashiki, he uses his powers to commit crimes in order to feel alive.

Naoyuki Ando

Voice: Kanata Hongō

Shishigami's childhood friend and the only person outside of his family he can open up to. His nickname is Chokkō. He had become a shut-in due to his classmates bullying him because of his pushover personality, but teams up with Inuyashiki to stop Shishigami when he goes on a crime spree after obtaining a mechanical body.


Ichiro Inuyashiki
Fumiyo Kohinata
Hiro Shishigami
Nijirō Murakami
Naoyuki Ando
Kanata Hongō


Original Story
“Inuyashiki” by Hiroya Oku (originally serialized in the bi-weekly EVENING magazine published by Kodansha Ltd.)
Executive Director
Keiichi Satō
Shūhei Yabuta
Series Composition/Screenplay
Hiroshi Seko
Character Designer
Naoyuki Onda

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