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Anime Spotlight - The Magnificent KOTOBUKI

by ANN Staff,
Premieres on January 13, 2019


In a vast, desolated land, people live while helping each other and trading and distributing goods.

The mercenary bodyguard unit "Team KOTOBUKI" is made up of a variety of unique characters: a beautiful but harsh female president, an unreliable commander, and a maintenance head with the head of a merchant on her shoulders. Together, they are ready to fight against sky pirates!

Today, once again, the Team KOTOBUKI turns on their humming engines and flies to the great sky above...

Character Names & Descriptions


Voice: Sayumi Suzushiro

A pilot who is skilled at both flying and calculating distance and depth perception. She can bring out the full power of her plane. She has a habit of being hot-headed, and often acts before she thinks. Her favorite food is pancakes.


Voice: Eri Yukimura

A girl who speaks very politely, but with a very sharp tongue. She is childhood friends with Kylie. She has tremendous discernment and observation skills. and is able to pick up on enemy pilots' habits and flight patterns. Once she finds an opponent she sees as a target, she will chase them to the ends of the earth.


Voice: Sayaka Nakaya

A genius pilot who is able to pull off difficult flight maneuvers with ease and take down her enemies with mechanical precision. Of course, her techniques are far too difficult for the average pilot. She lives on reason and logic, and is usually very quiet, not allowing her emotions to show. Even when speaking with her allies, she's very frank and matter-of-fact.


Voice: Asami Seto

A calm and down-to-earth pilot with plenty of experience and the reliable captain of the Team KOTOBUKI. She has the longest career as a pilot, and as such has gained the trust of her subordinates. She has a diligent way of fighting, and always plans two steps ahead to expect multiple scenarios when flying.


Voice: Hibiku Yamamura

The vice-captain of the Team KOTOBUKI who loves alcohol. She's the big sister figure of the group who watches over them from afar. During combat, she has a wide range of vision, and uses it to get a grasp on the situation at hand and give orders to the others. She and Reona make a great team, and it's no wonder why—the two have been friends forever.


Voice: Miyu Tomita

The super-energetic, youngest member of the Team KOTOBUKI. She often acts before thinking, and gets the enemy with her unexpected attacks. She's a stubborn and proud girl, often leading her into childish spats with Kylie. In turn, the two end up being chided by Reona.


Sayumi Suzushiro
Eri Yukimura
Sayaka Nakaya
Asami Seto
Hibiku Yamamura
Miyu Tomita
Madame Lulu
Akiko Yajima
Keiji Fujiwara
Rumi Okubo
Yōji Ueda
Nao Tōyama


Tsutomu Mizushima
Series Composition
Michiko Yokote
Original Character Design
Character Design
Shou Sugai
Military Supervisor
Shigeyuki Ninomiya
Military Setting
Tetsuya Nakano, Hideyuki Kikuchi, Jirō Tokihama
Setting Cooperation
Seiichi Shirato
Associate Director
Hiroyuki Kanbe
3D Director
Hisashi Egawa
Technical Director
Keita Mizuhashi
Asset Director
Kentarō Kogusuri
Unit Director
Yusaku Saotome
Chief Animation Director
Tōko Nakamura
Animation Director
Shouta Ueno
Art Director
Kazuo Ogura
Assistant Art Director
Daiki Kuribayashi
Art Setting
Nobuhito Sue, Shiori Shiwa, Sakura Ogawa
Color Design
Aiko Yamagami
Director of Photography
Kentaro Kashiwagi, Takamasa Hatakeyama
Masato Yoshitake
Shiroh Hamaguchi
Sound Director
Tsutomu Mizushima
Sound Effects
Yasumasa Koyama
Sound Mixing
Takayuki Yamaguchi
Digital Frontier
Animation Production
Key Animation
Wao World
Opening Theme Song:
"Soranone" (Sound of the Sky) performed by ZAQ
Ending Theme Song:
"Tsubasa wo Motsumonotachi" (Those With Wings)
Written and composed by ZAQ
Perofmed by Kotobuki Hikoutai
<Kylie (voice: Sayumi Suzushiro), Emma (Voice: Eri Yukimura), Kate (Voice: Sayaka Nakaya), Reona (Voice:Asami Seto), Zara (Voice: Hibiku Yamamura), Chika (Voice: Miyu Tomita)>

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