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Anime Spotlight - The Silver Guardian 2

by ANN Staff,

The Silver Guardian 2

Official Website: http://ginno-guardian.jp/

Premiere Date: January 13, 2018 (JST)

Streaming available at: Crunchyroll

Key Staff

Director: Ken Ando
("Neon Genesis Evangelion"(TV) as Episode Director, "Aria - The Natural"(TV) as Episode Director)
Character Design / Animation Director: Yoshiaki Tsubata
("Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~"(TV) as Character Design, "Blade of the Immortal"(TV) as Animation Director)


Secretly in love with Riku Rei, the most popular girl of his school, Riku Suigin is forced to dive into "Grave Buster," the new virtual game in which Riku Rei has been kept captive. To save her, he will have the support of the beautiful Twin Star, and in addition to that, he has inherited a device charged with ten billion yen from his grandfather Ruki Yuuki. Suigin will have to become the last Guardian who protects the Tomb from the Raiders in order to save Riku Rei and solve the mysteries of Grave Buster.

Character Names & Descriptions & Seiyuu

Riku Suigin

Voice: Jun Fukuyama

A game-loving high school student. His powers of observation and perception make him a gaming genius. He decides to become the last Guardian within Grave Buster in order to save Rei.

Riku Rei

Voice: Yuka Saito

A beautiful and smart young lady who attends the same school as Suigin. She meets him within the game. Rei is the adopted daughter of Sugin's grandfather, who is also the creator of the game.

Twin Star

Voice: Ami Koshimizu

Twin Star is a Tomb Beast, a type of monster within Grave Buster. She serves as Suigin's guide. As twin beasts, her names are Shin and Wei. When both beasts combine to appear as a human, they go under the same names. As a human, the beasts take the form of an adorable, devilish girl with jade-colored eyes.


Voice: Kana Asumi

A member of the Totems, a group located within Hood Village. She's an emotionless, mysterious girl who wears an eyepatch printed with the number 18. She uses a Steal (stolen object) called the "Evil Mirror."


Voice: Soichiro Hoshi

The leader of "Precious," he holds nearly the same amount of assets as Billion, the leader of the "Silver Spine Bandits."

Riku Yuuki

Voice: Takayuki Sugo

A world-wide famous game designer, and the adopted fater of Rei. In truth, he is really the descendant of the Guardians, a line of people with special powers. He holds a strong connection to Riku Suigin.


Riku Suigin
Jun Fukuyama
Riku Rei
Yuka Saito
Atsuki Tani
Twin Star
Ami Koshimizu
Nozomi Nishida
Riku Yuuki
Takayuki Sugo
Kana Asumi
Soichiro Hoshi


Original Works
"Gin no Guardian" by Ling Meng and Ming Xung published by Tencent Animation & Comics
Li Haolin
Ken Ando
Character Design / Animation Director
Yoshiaki Tsubata
Color Setting
Kunio Tsujita
Art Director
Tomoya Asami
Art Setting
Seiji Nishimoto
Director of Photography
Tatsuo Noguchi
Tomoki Murakami
Keiko Onodera
Minako Seki
Production Assistant
Michiko Arai
Ending Theme Song
"Kimi, Kimi, Kimi" by Classmate

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