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Korekurai de Utau (Sing In My Own Way)--an indie anime music video

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:48 pm Reply with quote
(Note: I have zero clue if this should be placed in the Music section or the Anime section, but since Music is more for soundtracks when I'm talking more about the video, I feel like it goes here. Mods, please move this if you think otherwise).

So, a while ago, I discovered this Japanese song, with an AMAZING animation (not that the song itself isn't really cool too!) for its music video. It's called Korekurai de Utau ("Sing In My Own Way") and I thought it was really cool because you don't see a whole lot of indie animation in Japan, we mostly see the actual anime that air.

The video is here. The sheer amount of complexity and detail to everything is stunning--you really have to watch it multiple times to catch everything. To keep it short...I'll say it's about the choices one makes over a single day.

The guy who made this has a bunch of other cool animations as well--he seems to love having minor things in the background turn out to be really important in the end. This is my personal favorite besides Sing In My Own Way.

So yeah. I just wanted to share these

>inb4 everyone else has seen these before and I look like an idiot
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