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Tokusatsu and the Encyclopedia

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Yes, yes, I'm bringing up my favorite subject again, but this time it's not just a pouty "I want" like it usually is. I understand completely the stance on things like tokusatsu, video games, etc., that they don't belong in the encyclopedia unless they have sufficient connections. As such, I will link this as our only quantifiable set of criteria for if a tokusatsu would qualify or not:
Dan42 wrote:
How about this:

4pt if adapted from anime / 2pt if adapted to anime
2pt if adapted from manga / 1pt if adapted to manga
1pt if adapted from light novel
2pt if original anime/manga/l.novel was a massive hit
2pt if made in Japan
1pt if Japanese anime/manga creator is involved
2pt if reviewed on ANN
1pt if mentioned in ANN news

...and it gets accepted if it gets 8pts or more :-D

[note: dormcat originally replied and quoted this where it was only 6 points required. Since the original post is form 2006 and was edited in 2010, I'm assuming the edit was to change it to 8 points]

The only tokusatsu I personally know very well is Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and GARO, so I'll only be addressing those.

As they're all Japanese products, all of them will start with the 2 points for "made in Japan". For recent titles, most of them have been getting mentions (often multiple per title!) in ANN news, which gives us a third point.

As these series are original, the "adapted from" points are all out, as well as the "original was a massive hit." As they are also not available legally in the US, there are no reviews on ANN.

This leaves us sitting at 3 points, with the "adapted to" and "Japanese anime/manga creator involved" points left, which can only bring us up to a total of 6, which should negate any series from being added to the encyclopedia.

All of this being said, there are specific cases I would like to bring up, for possible inclusion in the encyclopedia, because of direct relationships to entries that are in (or should be in) the Encyclopedia:

Kamen Rider Den-O
Imagin Anime
Kamen Rider Gaim

For Kamen Rider Den-O and the Imagin Anime, the Imagin Anime is actually anime (if rather crudely animated and simple), and it is a direct spin-off of the Den-O TV series. Furthermore, while Den-O only gets the 2 points for being adapted into anime (or, at least, having an anime spin-off, which is similar enough?), and having an anime/manga creator involved (Yasuko Kobayashi was the head writer), I feel that the regular voice cast* featuring a number of popular voice actors (Toshihiko Seki, Koji Yusa, Masaki Terasoma, and Kenichi Suzumura were in most episodes, with Hochu Otsuka becoming a regular cast member midway, and Shinichiro Miki having a guest role), not to mention the guest voice cast, which also has high profile seiyuu, should offer points for it as well.
*In most Kamen Rider series, the only voice actors are for the "monster of the week". Kamen Rider Den-O is one of the few to have voiced characters as a part of the regular cast.

Of course, the Imagin Anime, being anime, should be added as well.

GARO is in a similar position as Den-O, although without the voice cast. It is being adapted into an anime (also a spin-off, rather than a direct adaptation and/or sequel), and also uses writers who have also worked on anime/manga (the aforementioned Yasuko Kobayashi is head writer for the anime, and has also written episodes of the series). I feel GARO's relevance is less than Den-O, as it's position in the encyclopedia would be more to be able to link the anime as being a spin-off of it, but I feel it should be mentioned as well.

Finally, we have Kamen Rider Gaim. As with Den-O, it is being written by an anime/manga creator (in this case, Gen Urobuchi), and has major characters voiced by voice actors (villains this time, who don't show up until halfway through, although Shinichiro Miki voices some of the equipment, and Hochu Otsuka is the narrator). There is no anime/manga adaptation (although I'd love to see a manga of it made), but given Gen Urobuchi's popularity, I'd personally give the "original is a massive hit" points just for his involvement. It still wouldn't have enough points, and it's the weakest of the titles I'm arguing, but given how easy it is to compare to Madoka especially, I would like to see this one entered.

Now, on a related-but-not-adding-things subject, we have the mess that is the Kamen Rider entries already in the encyclopedia. With the exception of the original, and possibly some of the other early ones that are sequels to it, most of those don't have enough of a connection to anime/manga to qualify for entry. However, since they're there, I would like to propose an omnibus/franchise entry for all of them, so that they can at least be organized and placed in the proper order/connection to each other in a single entry.
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