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NEWS: Free! Anime's Predecessor High Speed! Gets Manga, Nobunaga Shimazaki in Cast

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Stuart Smith

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 5:32 am Reply with quote
HeeroTX wrote:
I've GOT to ask, since we've had numerous examples of the other option (show about cute middle school girls, targeted to guys) and they're often derided as "creeper" material. Do we not have "oogie" vibes about taking a show clearly targeted to women and now "de-aging" the characters down to middle school? Especially considering that we're talking about a show where the guys all prance around in speedos?

I'm not a fan of "Free", but I can understand the appreciation it received especially in light of the ratio of it compared to say the "K-On"s of the world. But K-On (in the manga) actually followed the girls into college rather than making a prequel back in middle school. Are we happy hypocrites? Or are we all fine with using underage characters to fan-pander as long as it's available to both sexes?

I've noticed a bit of hypocrisy in the west. The internet generally shuns males expressing their sexual desires more than females expressing their sexual desires. In terms of loli and shota, expressing interest in those kinds of things is much less critical for females than it is for men. There's a number of "shota" shows that women have flocked to over the years and I rarely see criticism aimed at them for fawning over little boys having sex like I do, say, the men who like the girls from Pretty Cure.

-Stuart Smith
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