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REVIEW: A Silent Voice GN 3

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Shay Guy

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 1:13 pm Reply with quote
actually treats her like a person

I've never been fond of this phrase. It only seems to exist for condemnation and/or scorn (notwithstanding the other cliche "doesn't make him a bad person", which generally comes off to me as condescending), and it doesn't seem very useful besides.

I mean, obviously Shoya doesn't treat Shoko like a cat or a tree. And if we mean that he doesn't treat her like every other person is treated? Well, there's no ISO standard way for one person to treat another.

Shoya's problem is that he's afraid. He's so afraid of ever doing anything that might hurt Shoko that he's paralyzed, unable to even try things out and see how she feels, because she might feel the wrong way and he must never ever risk causing that. And let's be honest -- he comes by that fear honestly. The fact that it's leading him to make bad choices and blinding him to Shoko's feelings doesn't change that.

Miyoko's advantage is simply that she doesn't have Shoya's shame and guilt and self-loathing weighing her down. (And she's probably made more than two friends in the past six years; that helps too.)
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 6:31 pm Reply with quote
There's a looseness to the expression work that sometimes makes it seem like characters aren't quite portraying the emotion they're feeling

This is how I feel when I see Shoko smile. While it is clearly the right reaction to what has happened in the scene, I can't help but look at her eyes and see sadness, rather than joy.

While Shoya is afraid of hurting Shoko in any way, at times it feels like she has similar thoughts when it comes to giving the "correct" reaction to what Shoya has done for her. I've yet to see her smile, where I did not see a tinge of sadness in her face.

Also, I didn't really like the spoiler[confession] near the end of the volume, and I do wonder if it has more to do with my perception of Shoko giving the "correct reaction" or not.
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