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Love Live! School idol project (TV).

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:04 pm Reply with quote
I was going to reply here, but then I realized I was going into far too much detail for a simple tangental in the anime's thread. So I made one for the game!
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I am sure there is the review page of the movie I could post on, no one else really posted here about the movie. And if it is not implied, I only just watched the 2015, after a second series happened, and I think its second season is about to start. It is not a case of not caring, I have actually owned the movie for some time, I bought the limited edition BD with a box which allowed me to fit in my limited editions of the first two seasons. The reason it took me this long to watch the movie is part of this weird habit where I can be afraid of being disappointed, that I felt it ended really well, yet also I think part of it had not quite ended yet until I saw the movie, so I could also say it had not ended, but with the upcoming season 2 of Sunshine, and not really anything to do today, I told myself that I had to finally sit down and watch the movie.

And I quite enjoyed it, the New York adventure was pretty fun, good seeing these characters all again. Not to put it down to just a comparison, but it was like K-ON's journey to London, good to have something again after you thought it was over. But just as much the movie was also on that Muse was ending, and as much as it was sad to let down the people that got attached to them, they had to be true to itself to end. Yet with the added send off, where the characters in movie did a last ditch tribute to the idea of school idols, no doubt it was a sort of meta thing of inviting Sunshine to take after it, that Muse is not the end. Was a little confused at one part with the movie, where there was some random street performer woman who showed up, but got really spoiler[shocked and a duh moment when realising that she was something like Honoka from the future].

For a rating, I am going with Very good (8/10), that it is rather silly that I let myself take this long to actually watch it and had nothing to worry about. Especially as fans of Love Live it is something that one should not miss. Something very true to the series, and can add to my enjoyment of it. I can truly say now that I finished Love Live as far as Muse is concerned, and that I can probably put down my hang ups for going into the second half of Sunshine, where I was hoping it would really come into its own.
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