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NEWS: Hokkaido TV's On-chan Mascot Gets TV Anime in January

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 8:48 pm Reply with quote
Oh god, somethings wrong with it's eye... Twisted Evil
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Siegel Clyne

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2007 7:22 am Reply with quote
The HTB (Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) web page for the Yumemiru, Anime "on-chan" animated television series emphasizes that Rie Tanaka, the voice actor (seiyuu) for on-chan, was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

It is unusual these days for Rie Tanaka to play characters with high voices, such as her Hibird has (and an extremely high one at that) in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and her on-chan presumably will have. Her older high voiced characters - e.g., Chii in Chobits; Ran in Angel Tales; Lacus Clyne and Meer Campbell in Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny; Hikari Kujou/Shiny Luminous in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart; Simca in Air Gear - seem to be mostly a memory.

According to what she has herself has said, since Tomoe Marguerite in My-Otome from late 2005, Rie Tanaka has been landing a lot of teenage and adult female roles with low, mature, womanly voices in anime, games, drama CDs, and whatnot: Hiroko Matsukata in Hataraki Man (anime, DIP employment agency television commercial); Bianchi in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (anime, games); Lula in Red Garden (anime, drama CD, radio); Leandra Cheviat in Nishi no Yoki Majo (The Good Witch of the West) -Astraea Testament- (anime, drama CD); Fila in The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye (anime); Riyoko Ikeuchi in Moonlight Mile (anime); Maria in Hayate no Gotoku! (Hayate the Combat Butler); Nomura/Takagi in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai; Mitsuru Kirijou in Persona 3 (game, drama CDs); Sainome in Blood Alone (drama CDs); Tsukiumi in Sekirei (drama CD); and so on.

Queen Sophia (Sofia Joou) in Luminous Arc 2 Will, the upcoming strategy RPG for Nintendo DS, looks to be another Rie Tanaka role with a low, mature, womanly voice.

Bianchi, who still may be a teenager, and 15-year-old(?) Leandra have among the deepest voices I have heard Rie Tanaka do.

Around the same time Rie Tanaka can be heard voicing Hokkaido TV's heartwarmingly cheerful, positive, and curious little mascot on-chan, who sorta reminds me of the Nintendo game and anime character Kirby, she can also be heard voicing a very different type of character (think Suigintou in Rozen Maiden and Morganna in .hack//SIGN), one she has become famous for among anime fans in Japan and elsewhere: the dark, sinister, evil, villainous Sayara Yamanobe in the sexy, hardboiled SF action anime Mnemosyne - Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi -.

According to her character introduction, Sayara Yamanobe is the head of Aoyama Pharmaceuticals Sayama Laboratory, where experiments using illegal technology are performed. She is an arrogant sadist. Rie Tanaka describes Sayara as a very sadistic and scary woman.

Mnemosyne - Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi - anime images (NSFW) from goo confirm descriptions of the evil scientist Sayara Yamanobe as a sadist.
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