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PostPosted: Thu Feb 05, 2004 4:07 pm Reply with quote
Note that the rules have been updated to reflect the addition of the Retail forum.

Specifically (for now) Rule #9 has been split into 9a and 9b.

9a pertains to the forums outside of the Retail forum.
9b pertains to the Retail forum only.

Note that we do not permit individuals to sell goods here. This forum is for commercial links to and discussions about commercial retailers only. Personal sales can be made, by subscribers, here.

Note that we do not permit linking to auctions. We cannot guarantee that auctions are legitimate, nor can we guarantee that these auctions are from companies rather than individuals.

Note that we do not permit linking to bootlegs. If you (as a retailer or as a user) posts a link that we believe sells bootleg products, your URL will be replaced with a message like this:
[This URL is a Known Bootlegging website]

That means we have visited the website in question, and found it selling products from known bootleg companies. Dodging this censor by any means may result in a banned account. Retailers wishing to discuss why their URL was banned may contact us at [email protected].

We have also created a rule #12 explaining the above bootlegging site policy.

[Note: please do not contact Cookie for questions regarding the retail forum, he is no longer an active member of ANN's staff.]

Teh Rules wrote:
  1. No Commerce is allowed outside of either the Retail or Subscriber Personal Sales Forum! ANN's forums are not to be used to sell, buy or transfer goods or services. Users may not post their own commercial endeavors or link to commercial websites unless specifically requested by another poster. Personal websites may be linked as necessary, provided that it is requested or relevant to the discussion. Users who have been hired to advertise for specific items will be banned.
  2. Subscribers may use the Subscriber Personal Sales Forum to sell their personal property (see rules here),
  3. Commerce is allowed in the Retail Forum! However, in the regular Retail Forum commerce is limited to commercial websites only. Individuals seeking to sell DVDs in the regular retail forum are not permitted. Links to online auctions are not permitted in the regular retail forum. Websites that sell items in violation of Rule #10 will be removed and their URLs banned (see Rule #12).
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