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book-keeping structure for error reports filed by Devil Doll

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Devil Doll

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, 2010 3:46 am Reply with quote
Cleanup anime:
(the anime has lots of wrong entries, usually wrong persons; the wrong data has been flagged as error, the correct one has been added, now the wrong entries should be hidden)
  • Green Green (TV) (credits with "no source", 4 duplicate persons)
  • [done by <unknown>] Aquarian Age (TV) (credits from U.S. DVD source, 12 duplicate persons + 1 duplicate company)
  • Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru (6 duplicate persons due to wrong romanization based on a good kanji source)
  • Dash! Yonkuro (TV) (many persons in wrong name order and "romanized" by Google Translate)
  • [done by Shiroi Hane] Tank Knights Portriss (TV) (many persons in wrong name order and "romanized" by Google Translate)
  • Haibane Renmei (credits from U.S. DVD source, 18 wrong persons)
  • Kyuuketsuki Miyu TV (credits from U.S. DVD source, 21 wrong/duplicate persons)
  • Silent Möbius TV (credits from U.S. DVD source, various errors such as 6 duplicate persons, 8 wrong seiyuu assignments, 2 wrong role names, 5 wrong role priorities)
Hide obstructive kanji name of person:
(the kanji names of a person entry A at ANN are identical to those of another person B who is considered "the correct one" with sufficient evidence; the kanji names of A thus cause an unnecessary kanji name collision during contribution of kanji data and should be hidden; more explanation)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hide wrong kanji name of person:
(the kanji names of a person entry at ANN are wrong and prevent the correct kanji to be set and be usable for further contribution; the wrong kanji should be hidden)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Purge person:
(all attributes of a person entry A at ANN belong to another person B, have been flagged as errors for A & added to B so that all entries at A should be hidden)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Merge persons:
(several person entries at ANN belong to the same person but all of their names are valid, such as birth names, alias names/pseudonyms etc., which is backed up by sufficient evidence; these other persons should be merged into "the correct one"; these reports would have gone into the Duplicate Persons thread but were posted separately to make their handling easier to observe as suggested by Dan42)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Split person:
(a person entry at ANN contains credits for more than one person and needs to be split into several ones with disambiguated names; rules by Dan42)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Complex cases (mostly "work in progress"):
(these are cases where additional information or discussion is necessary to decide what to do with the situation; it may end up as one of the previous cases of a combination of these)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This is meant to be a mere link list (and may later be split into one posting per request type in order to give each of them a link URL); please don't post into this thread. (If you find broken links etc. then please PM me about them.)
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