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NEWS: Justin Chatwin: Dragonball Film Sequel Already Written

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 1:51 am Reply with quote
GATSU wrote:
I'm guessing that fight was more of a joke than something serious like what I assume they're going for in the film.

That is a matter of perspective from the characters' view points that is presented to us. Chichi was out to get Goku because he had supposedly dissed. Goku decided not to take her lightly until she insisted that he fight her full force. Still, it had an interesting ending to it.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 1:59 am Reply with quote
From the clips I've seen, this should have been a direct-to-video movie.

Though it's funny that IMDBer said there was no chemistry between Goku and Chi-Chi, because there never was any.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:23 am Reply with quote
Anyway, say what you will about Watchmen's "accuracy", but there is simply no reason they could not pull off those kinds of FX in DB. That "we have to appeal to general audiences" bs doesn't fly, since there are plenty of people in target demos who are watching Watchmen this weekend.

Same trailer, German dub, plus a Japanese tv spot where Shen Long is shiny, and another one where they paid two Japanese guys to like it. And some making-of.
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 08, 2009 2:47 am Reply with quote
Thoughts from some Korean-based IMDB'er who saw a sneak:

The story was okay but there were lot of plot holes and mistakes spoiler[and they changed lot of stuff like goku seeing visions from dragonball. Picollo telling goku that he is saiyan and his name is kakorott. Not sure why he knew all that. Also, they didn't explain who was the oozaru that came 2000 years ago.

The acting is okay but very childish by all. It felt more of a comedy movie than action movie. Goku acting in some places was good and in others mediocreacting was fine. Chow yun fat acting was fine too. Joon Park was fine too.

Picollo doesn't has much screentime. Maybe 15 minutes of total screen time and he hardly does anything interesting. Most of the time he just sitting or standing and doing stuff which looks cool but I was hopig for him to be more awesome and want him to fight goku atleast twice.

The action scenes are very mixed. Only two action scenes are good with the goku vs. picollo being best. I think the last action scene is around 7-8 minutes. This includes flying car, oozaru, goku becoming buffed, flying a bit in air and fighting, lots of explosions and walls breaking. Volcano action scene was good.

If you have any questions ask me.

I think I was overall dissapointed. Only the last action scene is truly awesome and other stuff is okay or mediocre....

...In Volcano scene you see Mai steals comes out of nowhere and steals the DB so bulma and yamcha try to catch her while goku and roshi try to fight the weird monsters. There were lots of ki blasts though not as big as end final scene. Goku kept throwing all monsters in volcano so that he can get the DB which is in the volcano. It is cool scene.

what do you mean by trunk sword? I didn't see any sword in that scene. The monsters use some type of long sword though.

But you see Nyoibo and it extends which was cool. ]

Now some HK-based person:

Verdict: Actually, not that bad 3/5. runtime: 96 mins (89 if you count film only)

There is no denying that the plot deviates from the cartoon, in some places quite alot. spoiler[The whole idea of Piccolo knowing Kakkarots alter-ego is non-existent in the anime, however it fills in quite a big plot hole for non-dragonball fans. There are other deviated points in the film, eg Goku being 18(rather than 6 as he was in the anime), Goku seing visions from dragonball and also the surnames of major characters. All that aside however and the movie is very faithful to the anime and manages to keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Justin has got alot of flak for being cast as Goku, however he does pretty well, in particular he pulls off Gokus trademark cheekiness(this requires some pretty cheesy acting and lines), the big appetite is also there. In some places though it seems like he needs a few drama lessons(the bully scene shows this).

Action: Pretty Good, in particular the Oozaru and Shenron. The final battle between Goku and Piccolo(who seems to only come into the story in the last half hour)is mind blowing, the true highlight of the movie is however the whole battle scene including the oozaru,some fight and flight,walls being broken and many explosions.

Some of the other fight scenes are also pretty good, however the Roshi Goku face off is dissapointing, in paticular the fast hand fighting, im sorry i know this was a staple of the anime however on the big screen it just looks cheesy and unwanted.

Bulma is pretty good in this, however dont let the to be released soundtrack fool you as there is no chemistry between Yamcha and Bulma. In fact come to think of it, there isnt much between Goku and Chi Chi other than a kiss.

On the whole, the movie is pretty good, i would ask Dragonball fanboys to give the film a chance. I admit, im no fanboy. But as part of my review for newspaper, I had to watch quite a few episodes, it seemed like a pretty good adaption which has the right doses of action and comedy. ]

Oh, and some clips in the 3/6 update.

From the Phillipine Entertainment Portal via and IMDB is a Marsters interview.

If this IMDB thread is accurate, the "sequel" is tentatively titled Dragon Ball Reborn, and spoiler[Piccolo joins Goku against Raditz]. Rolling Eyes

[EDIT: GATSU, don't make three consecutive posts within an hour of each other or quote long chunks of something that you've already linked to. You should know better. - Key]

Coverage of the Thai promotion.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 1:18 am Reply with quote
So, assuming this trilogy was written, is it safe to assume it got cancelled due to the bad reviews the first got? Or could we see... Dragon Ball Xtreme or whatever it'd be titled some time in the next decade?
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