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Your Top 10 / Worst 5 things. Why? (w/ index).

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Joined: 21 Nov 2005
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 4:31 pm Reply with quote
This is my first post.. so hopefully my answers are good enough.

I will only do favourites because animes that I don't like, I forget fast Smile

1: Legend of Galactic Heroes
- I think an anime should not only have a plot, but have a plot that really developes. I like LOGH because it talks about politics, it has real character development and real fighting strategies (except for that humans can't fight in space yet) I like the fact that you don't just "understand" why this person does such and such by watching the anime, you actually have to think about the whole picture (i.e. the politics involved, the character relationships) Also, I feel more involved because I am watching the rise and fall of the characters in the anime.

2: Junni Kokki
- Similar to my reasonings in #1, the strategies presented in this anime (both fighting and how to be a good king) are not non-sense. Junni Kokki also presents great character development. What surprises me too, is that it doesn't just focus on the main character. You can see the changes/growth in personality clearly in different characters. The other thing is that a lot animes which involve "the other world" sometimes fail to describe this "other world" in detail - i.e. how does this world function? but Junni Kokki successfully builds a "complete" world - throughout the series, you learn about its government structure and schooling systems, etc.

These are the only two that I can remember well - there are lots of anime that I liked, but I figure if I can't remember much of it, then they're probably not my favourites.
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Joined: 24 Nov 2005
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 6:16 pm Reply with quote
My ten favorites? Well that's pretty easy...

1. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu: I love the storyline, something easy to relate to. The mix of comedy, drama, and romance gives it a nice touch.

2. Mezzo: A fairly new anime to me, just recently buying it yesterday and watching the first five episodes. I like all the characters and the chick Mikura has that certain cool quality I like in anime characters.

3. DragonBall Z and GT: Well, I do like this anime but probably only because of one character in the show, Android 18. Maybe one of my very first favorite anime characters. A blonde bombshell that can kick butt? Definitely a favorite.

4. InuYasha: Ah, InuYasha, a favorite series of mine and it's finally picking up! (finally luring Naraku out! Smile ) I love the storyline, being in the olden days of Japan and destroying demons? Sweet!

5. Ghost In The Shell Series: I love this series! Some animes with futuristic settings really catches my eye and there's finally new episodes! Very Happy

6. Trigun: An old favorite anime of mine. The old western type anime interested me. There's so many unique characters! (Like Milly! Very Happy ) Plus the guns they pack!

7. Tenchi Muyo Series: Tenchi! This series is so funny! Especially when Ayeka and Ryoko fight over Tenchi! Also that little rabbit thing Ryo-Ohki. (very kawaii)

8. Full Metal Alchemist: Very cool anime series! It proves to be very entertaining and full of action and excitement!

9. Cowboy Bebop: Oh, I love this show! "Faye Faye"! Laughing All the characters are awesome and they really go into detail when talking about the main characters backgrounds. I think Faye's and Ed's stories were the most interesting to me.

10. Samurai Champloo: This show is awesome! I love samurai animes! Very Happy

5 least favorite animes

1. Sailor Moon: Eh, this anime never really interested me. I think it's more intended for girls, but it's just my opinion. No offense to the male Sailor Moon fans.

2. Paranoia Agent: The visuals are amazing, the characters are interesting, but what the hell? I never really understood what exactly was going on. Like that one episode when the old man, the tall guy with long hair, and that little girl all want to kill themselves and are happy to see that boy with the bat so he can kill them? Ok... Rolling Eyes

3. Pokemon Series: Ok, I admit I used to like this show...until everything got so repetitive that the episodes put me to sleep! For example...Team Rocket's motto! It gets annoying over time. Anime catgrin + sweatdrop

I can't think of anymore animes I don't like, lol. Anime smallmouth
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 5:59 pm Reply with quote
umm okay...

10 favourite
10) Rayearth Okay, I've only watched this a couple of times, but I'm a bit of a sucker for magical girl shows, and the characters were really something. Yay.
9) Sailor Moon This must have been one of the first anime I watched, though I didn't know it at the time. I loved it then and I still love it now.
8) Gravion Yes, seriously. It's so funny. I think it's great. If you look past the fan service, there's a great story, and it's worth finding.
7) R.O.D OVA This was just fantastic. It was like nothing else I've ever seen (the whole paper thing), and that made it so compelling.
6) Azumanga Daioh Very, very funny. Especially the karaoke episode. My poor eardrums Anime dazed
5) RahXephon I haven't finished this yet but I love it already. The character relationships are very intriguing (although episode 12 did creep me out a bit...)
4) Gundam Wing This is the show that really got me into anime and, frankly, I love mecha shows.
3) Neon Genesis Evangelion I just love this. It was so confusing! The last couple of episodes seriously messed with my head, but aside from that, I found that I was asking myself questions throughout the whole series and I'm still asking them now.
2) Princess Nine The character realtionships really drew me in. It was very suspenseful. And it actually made me interested about baseball. Wow...
1) Noir There are so many reasons I love this shows. Characters, plot, music (yay), animation...all of it. Particularly the realtionship between Mireille and Kirika. Watching it develop was a very fulfilling experience. And it made me cry seven times. Which is shocking if you know me.

5 Least Favourite
5) Escaflowne Just could not get into this. The concept did not settle right within my head, and I couldn't sympathise with the characters.
4) Pokemon I'm afraid it just drives me nuts (Ash is very very annoying.) I may have liked it when I was nine, but it's just not really my thing anymore. And trying to keep track of that many pokemon is just confusing.
3) DBZ All the screaming...dear God. The characters drove me crazy, and the fact that all my friends kept trying to get me to like it probably made it worse.
2) Vampire Hunter D I couldn't get into this one either. I'm not a very big fan of things with lots of vampires in it. My friend loves it, but me...
1) Akira This is probably the biggest piece of garbage I've ever seen. The story was way too farfetched for me, and all I really saw was lots of violence and nudity...

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Ryo Jintai

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 9:22 pm Reply with quote
Top 10, er, 7

Initial D
I love cars. I love auto racing. Almost anything that has to do with cars I'm into (with the exception of NASCAR and the *puke* IndyCar Series.) Which is why I love Initial D so much. The Tokyopop edits are irritating but overlookable - this series will turn you into a total car nut in a hurry. I'm willing to make a case that Takumi Fujiwara needs a drive in Formula 1 but he's merely fictional. Damn.

Outlaw Star
I saw this when it first aired on Toonami and missed only one or two episodes. I was that hooked on it. A great mix of awesome characters, a well-developed story and blazing action. If only more people these days knew. By the way, in an unrelated note, does anyone know where I could perhaps find OLS Uncut on DVD? Anyone?

"OMG THE STORYS SO LONG AND REPETITIVE" "THIS SERIES IS A RIPOFF OF (insert series here)" Blah Blah Blah. IDGAF. Yes, it is dragging on a bit. And it's not my absolute favourite series. But hey, there's some good parts. The fight scenes, assuming they meet a climax, are some of the best in anime. I can relate to a few of the characters (Inu and Kohaku especially). Despite the story being long, it's actually very well put together. All that's needed is a proper ending to finish it off.

Mobile Fighter G-Gundam
The majority of Gundam series involve two things: One, a crap-load of mech fights. Two, some military organization raises hell and breaks off of Earth, starting a one-year war. G-Gundam takes all the mechanized brutality of the other series and turns it into sport. No UN-esque diplomacy and certainly no Relena Peacecraft-alikes. And they manged to have a legitimate story along with it. And besides, how can you not like a Gundam named after hard liquor?

Neon Genesis Evangelion
I've only seen two episodes. That's really all I need at the moment. I even got obsessed with it before seeing it. Yes, there are some ways the series falls flat. And there's also that problem of a certain commander's son *COUGH* but it lives up to the hype 90-95 percent of the time. Great music, dub voiceovers that are actually NOT terrible, intriguing, deep characters, and...oh I can't think of it all! What was I missing the past decade?!?!

This. Series. Owns. Yes it's lengthy like InuYasha but there are some advantages. The characters are slightly deeper and you can relate with any one of them. (Even Chouji!) Animation quality is some of the best around right now. Story builds on itself quite well. Like IY, if you're complaining that the story goes too slow and list it as the #1 reason you hate it, might I suggest some ADHD pills? Or a slap to the head?

Cowboy Bebop
It might be considered a lame cop-out to say "Need I say more" but what hasn't been said about it that's great? Spike is perhaps the coolest character in anime, while I simply love Ed for her 1337-haxing skillz and almost limitless energy that offsets the somewhat mellowed-out rest of the cast. Out of every series I've liked this one has the best animation quality of all of them, perhaps the best characters and is probably the reason I really watch anime as much as I do. Only one flaw, IMHO, Vicious isn't the world's greatest villain.

Bottom 3

**SPOILERS!!!*** Are intentionally not labeled to save you the misery of watching these suck-fests if you haven't already. If you have, the eye wash is down the hall on your right.

Remember how Pokemon got so much success among gullible little 8-year-olds despite being utter garbage? Hey, let's do the same thing again! And surely enough, they suckered in a new cast of really gullible third-graders with an anime that has probably the cheesiest plot ever (Pokemon's was better, even) and absolutely nothing intriguing. And then they bring in the card game, which has now ruined my Saturday afternoons at the bookstore. Because I 'love' reading Naruto and being asked out of nowhere by some eight year-old trailer trash "Hey, you wanna trade cards?" a thousand times.

Reign: The Conqueror
The story of Alexander the Great, told in pseudo-anime. It works in theory, but when it materialized thanks to Aeon Flux creator Peter Cheung, it turned out even worse than that Alexander movie that came out a year or two ago. If the weak, confusing story didn't set you off, maybe the combination of Cheung's characters that look like person-shaped bubblegum wads and every male character in a thong will. Well, at least one thing worked, eh Peter?

Android Kikaider
Everything about anime you can possibly dislike or hate is perfectly meshed together in this series. Boring story, weak characters, uninteresting villain and of course, a wonderful, climactic ending where everyone dies abruptly in a lame-ass fianl battle. I'm gonna run over to that eye-wash I mentioned earlier.
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2005 1:44 am Reply with quote
ano... this is my first post... hmm... i don't really have the confidence to write as long as the guys in front did... my english stinks... actually... but... yosh!

10 favourite animes...

ah, this one... it's the second anime i watch actually... before this i hate CLAMP. how could they draw rubber-man characters? they have long limbs and... (sorry this is out of the topic...|||(-__-)' ) okay... chobits is definately cute... undoubtedly... Chii and Hiromu Shinbo is driving me crazy... banging the table, shouting kawaii etc... chotto kowai sometimes... |||(o.0) The storyline is just... nice. smooth... confusing sometimes... but it's okay with me...

i had to admit, i like smooth and nice love stories... and i like cute things too... == Futakoi is really cute... Nozomu Futami and the 6 pairs or twins... Horie Yui is in the cast too... i'd been coming through many negative comments towards the artwork... but i can't see ANYTHING wrong... can somebody tell me...? (o.0)

3.Onegai Teacher
Now, gundam seed disappointed me with their really ugly characters but i still like houshi souichirou's voice. i bought this series just because houshi souichirou is in the cast... so as kikuko inoue... but it really impressed me... it is still a love story...|||(-__-)' Onegai Teacher will definately make you burst into tears(tor it's only me that will cry when watching anime......) characters are cute... setting too. \(^O^)/

4.Fruits Basket
Furuba... making human-being transform into animals... this is definately not a good idea... it's quite troublesome actually... the female and male character can't hug...==' but Takaya Natsuki sensei expressed the story quite well... The anime is also very nice...tohru always make me cry... damn it... how could she be THAT NICE...(+__+) p/s: Seki Tomokazu(my fav.) is in the cast...*__*

5.Full Metal Alchemist
Oh yeah... this is not a love story...^^ not smooth either... full metal alchemist has a really impressing storyline... artwork's nice... Paku Romi in cast...=='

6.Love Hina
I LOVE THE MANGA. in fact, i LOVE AKAMATSU sensei... keitaro is still useless *LOL* but he's cute... so as narusegawa... the seiyuu for this character is Horie Yui... I don't really think that the storyline is good...but it's a very nice anime... quite enjoyable while watching

well... this one... it's nice... I love the seiyuus... and then the story is also quite cute... Very nice... ==' worth watching...
Irino Miyu and tha Ishida Akira... 555

8.Rozen Maiden
What can be said? there are no male seiyuus as main character i guess... i'm watching Rozen Maiden traumend... it's cute... i like the video clip of the OP... ALI PROJECT Rocks...Anime hyper
the storyline is cute... PeachPit's story what... *^^*

9.Ai Mai Mii Strawberry Egg
yaya... this one is nice... Hibiki sensei and fuuka... i like the character Fukai actually... but oah... never mind... the storyline's really cute... *__*

10.School Rumble
This one... it's really FUNNY... having a main character as a Kappa... ==' this one is really FUNNY... really...

5 least fav. anime

This one definately sucks... it's dragging and confusing... i hate it... can't comment much about this

2.Kannaduki no Miko
i just can't stand two girls kissing... ==' (no offence to lesbianes)... it's YURI... and i still can't figure out why himeko rejected oogawa-kun...

3.Magister Negi Magi
I said i'm a great fan of akamatsu-ken sensei... but THIS ANIME's ARTWORK SUCKSSSSS you know... the manga is so cute... ==' and then they gave me this version of mahou sensei negima... lousy artwork, and the colours... undescriable...=='

This anime... the story is dragging... i still can't understand who and what ELLE is... what on earth... it's really irritating...

I wonder why everybody likes this anime... to me it's like rubbish... the storyline is soso... and then naruto is being useless...... well... this is what i think...

hmm... i said my english sucks... so do ignore my grammer and spelling mistakes... Anime hyper
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2005 6:58 am Reply with quote
PaperFeather: Wow, you do a lot of ... in your writing. Um, do you mind me asking where you're from, I'm really curious.
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2005 6:46 pm Reply with quote
My Top

1. .hack//SIGN. Who cares if it has a lot of talking. When does sensles violence make anything that worthwhile to watch? It has a unique and intresting story, to it. Great Animation, and music as well. It's diffrent, it's fresh, it's not popular by word of mouth. Fun varitey of chracters

2. MADLAX. Again like SIGN it's a very diffrent type of show. It has a lot of intresting out looks on war, and violence. Again fantastic music. Fun and intresting characters

3. Digimon. A fun adventrue to enjoy. It has really more comming of age feel to it, as opposed to Pokemon. Emphasizes Team Work, and freindship, loyalty, and bond. Not so repetative, fresh diffrent and unique season to season.

4. Kenshin. Sorry if it's spelled wrong. It's a tircky word. Rich in historical detail, and art. A little Romance (I'm very fond of the Shoujo Genere) Nice action, and the sense of wanting redemption, and feeling remorse for your sins of killing so many people. His desire for that makes you feel for him deeply.

5. MEW MEW (Nutrality title) It is very Shoujo-Grily, but I like it. It's funny, it's not over the top with violence and creature combat. It's nice to just have an Anime you can kick back with, and not have to worry so much about objectional stuff. Nice broad age range.

(Bah how could I forget about the Anime with the amzing plot I brag about so much)

6. Chrono Crusade (a.k.a. Chrno Crusade in Japan) I like this show because it does kind of hit close to home. Well other than the fact it takes place in the U.S.A. but it's religous themes. I follow religion of course both actviley and socially-studying. And I like it's fabled turn on religion. It's fun it's exciting, and it's well researched. Not to mention the incrediable roller coaster trick pulled on Episoded 7 when Aion Appears. spoiler[ Man that Episode was SCARY! I was on the edge of my seat during that, and bighting my nails. It was the greatest Anime plot twist I've ever seen out of nowhere. The way it just went from really light and chomical to frightfully dark. ]
And it's greatly dubbed. I love Jessica Boone, she makes Azmaria so cute! Hilary Hagg does fantastic, as well as Greg Ayrers, Mandy Clark, Jason Dougalas and all the rest of them.

For my Bottoms

1. Pokemon: I used to like it, but now it's just the same thing over and over again.

2. Sonic X. I would like this better if 1. The story was better and more faithful to the Sonic Universe, and two if the Voice Acting was Better.

3. Naruto. I think it's a good show, but I think it's way too long and drawn out. It does have some nice comming of age feel to it, and some fine action, but it does get on the gory side. OVER 200 EPISODES AND COUNTING, I can't keep up. And seeing as everyone has to hate U.S. Dubs (Even though it wasn't as bad as it would thought to be) I can't keep up with the series either way. And I am completly opposed to Piracy so, I don't download.

4. Zatch Bell. They look like ventrilliquest dummies. Not to mention the Dub has Jimmy Nutorns voice in it, and it makes me cring. I don't really think it's anything special, it's really just like a lot of shounen Anime.

5. Kare Kano. It was really exhausting to watch. The Millions of annecdotes to keep track of, following the greatly rushed story, and so on. And it was so pathetic on how much vainty the main character has, really I've never seen anyone so full of themeselves. (Although nicley voiced I think by Veronica Taylor)

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2005 9:55 pm Reply with quote
mchief0 wrote:
1. Bleach (TV) - The only one I probably need to explain.

No, you...pretty much have to explain all of them. That's the rule.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2005 6:48 am Reply with quote
it's just my way of writting...|||(-___-)
i said my english sucks...
btw, sorry for the grammer and spelling mistakes done...
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2005 1:18 pm Reply with quote
PaperFeather wrote:
it's just my way of writting...|||(-___-)
i said my english sucks...
btw, sorry for the grammer and spelling mistakes done...

So I guess that's a "no" in telling me where you're from. That's ok, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 4:04 am Reply with quote
Boomer wrote:
I will refrain from giving my reasons until I am challenged on any of the items.

Then let me I challenge you on this item: THE FORUM RULES.

You break them, your post goes bye-bye. No mindless listing, simple as that, and your not so special as to be above that.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 5:06 am Reply with quote
oh, thanks you for being nice...
i just think that it's unnecesary to do so...
i'm a malaysian... a chinese.
err... i had to say, not all malaysian-chinese speak broken english... it's only my problem
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 10:01 am Reply with quote
Hello all, this is my first post. Smile And here are my 10 favorites and while I'm listing them, I'll try and rack my brain for ones I don't like.

1. Ah (Oh) My Goddess (Aa Megami-sama): The very first anime that I ever saw. I will always hold it dear to my heart. I mostly like it because of how closely to Norse Mythos it is. And how Belldandy is from heaven and the concepts of Heaven being computerized and connected to Ydrassil, that was just brilliant on the writers behalf!

2. Fruits Basket (Furuba): Not the next anime I saw, but one that a good friend introduced me to. I started reading it as a manga and bought a box set that had a couple ova's in it and I was hooked. Mainly because the characters are so much fun to read about and it reminded me a lot of Love Hina.....which brings me to...

3. Love Hina: Ken Akamatsu is brilliant!!! I belive a friend of mine down at MIT, and I were having a heated discussion about whether or not Naru and Belldandy were the same person. (he found a pin-up of Naru and was trying to tell me it was Belldandy (see 1.)) I did a search and found Love Hina. Started reading about it and then downloaded the ova's and watched them all in one nights sitting! Come on, a mysterious girl who's 12 but turns 17 over the passing of a cloud, and girls trying to kill the rounin! And a girl who's a child prodigy of a fighting clan? What's NOT to love?! Very Happy

4. Chobits: I think I fell in love with a picture before I actually saw any of it. I found a chobits picture while I was online looking for something and there she was. Chii... I saw the name of it was chobits and at the time I was in between anime... I needed a new one. And then 2 days later, I was at a local music and movie store and ran accross disc 6 for 5$. I had to buy it! I know. Laugh and snort all you want, I went home, tried watching it, and had to call up my g/f and find out if she had any of it, and she loaned me the first 5 discs. Much better. Smile

5. Petite Princess Yucie (Platnum Princess): Okay, laugh again. Yes this is one of my favorites and i rank it in the top 5. You'll laugh at the next one too.. I promise. Wink I was surfing on my tv for something to watch and since we have cable and On Demand Anime Network, I thought I'd try out something I hadn't seen. There was Princess Yucie. I read the description and thought, well, I'm stuck in bed for the next week, I might as well watch it... I did. And it's up to episode 20 and I'm still watching! I really like the idea behind it. 5 girls are competing to be the platnum princess. one girl from each realm; fairy, earth, heaven, hell and spirit. They're all around 17 years old and 4 of them are princesses already. Except Yucie who was found on a battle field by her father. There's wild antics as they're competing and going to school together. However there's a great twist. They're all 17-ish, yet they're stuck in a 12 y/o's body. It's great.

6. Princess Tutu: Same thing as with the first one. Same day even. Though it was on episode 2 and I had to wait until the first episode repeated itself. What drew me in, is that I'm a dancer. And I love just about anything that's about dance. I'm also a child at heart so the German Storytelling aspect really appeals to me as well! I found it to be very Nutcracker-esque (the theme song has Tchicovsky's Nutcracker Waltz right in it) The whole anime serries is about this story teller who is about to die. But instead of dying he just vanishes and the last story he was working on comes to life. A little duck is transformed into a girl who must help the prince relocate the shards of his heart that were scattered about. And in order to do that she transforms into the form of Princess Tutu. Behind all that, Duck, Muto, and the rest of the cast go to school at a prestigious dancing school, where you also get to watch the antics that go on there.

7. Rayearth Magic Knights: not the ova's but the the 3 part movie-ish videos. I've seen the ova's and where I like them, I'm not that big of a fan of them. However, this movie version of it. I really love. It was beautifully done and I think it rates right up there with Miazaka's work. Rayearth comes to Tokyo. Fuu, Umi and Hikaru are the only ones left from earth and have to keep Rayearth from materializing on Earth itself.

8. Final Fantasy 7; Advent Children: I'm not sure if this counts, but wow. I'm most definately a video game rpg fan. Especially of Final Fantasy. The movie, was very well done and though there was a few parts that were a bit much....I enjoyed every second of it.

9. Unico and the Island of Magic: I lied, now that i think about it, this was my very first anime. But as a child. My gram reccorded an episode of this and I fell in love with it. A unicorn that has the power to make ANYONE happy. The west wind brings him to this place to hide from the gods and he ends up meeting up with this girl who takes him in and this marionette wizard is turning people into these weird puppet things to build his castle and unico and the girl have to stop him.

10. Jubei and the Lovely Eye Patch: I discovered this when I first met my best friend. She and I were having an akward first visit and she said: wanna watch some anime? I said sure and she popped this in. A girl and her father move to a new town where she is accosted by this samurai trainee who has been searching for her for years because she is the reincarnate of his master. The reincarnation is only realised though, when she puts on "the lovely eye patch" . When on, she transforms into one of the most fierce samurai warriors and people come from all over to challenge her. yet she doesn't know why or have any memory of what's going on when she's in samurai form.

there's my top 10. Oh there's plenty more! who can onlly choose 10?

As for the 5 dislikes?

1. Akira: I found it very boring and hard to sit through. I didn't like what plot there was and though i enjoy motor bikes myself... that's all there was at the beginning. Maybe I didn't watch enough of it allt he way through.

2. Ceres the Celestial Maiden: Yu Watase is a wonderful creator and a wonderful wonderful artist. And Ceres is one of my favorite mangas by far... However, I found that I couldn't follow the Anime. It'd go by too fast and I couldn't catch it all.

3. Arjuna: This was on either Adult Swim on demand or Anime Network on demand. It reminded me WAY too much of an earth day after school special. Girl dies and then gets sent back to become one with natureand save the planet from the evil toxins. It sounds okay. but could've been done a lot better. Though i REALLY liked the artwork.

4. Pretear: Corny... way too corny... "Preete with me! Preete with me!" Rolling Eyes Just... oy.

5. Dragon Ball(z) and the rest: my number one complaint; does it ever end?! I mean it drags out. Every episode is almost the same thing. Each episode goes dialogue, argument, battle, battle some more, flashy lights and kameameah! An anime should have a little more meat than muscle.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 10:06 pm Reply with quote
PaperFeather wrote:
oh, thanks you for being nice...
i just think that it's unnecesary to do so...
i'm a malaysian... a chinese.
err... i had to say, not all malaysian-chinese speak broken english... it's only my problem

No, you're English isn't that bad. Think of it this way, there are people who's native language is English on these forums and they have much worse grammar and spelling than you. So, ya, thanks for telling me your native language Smile .
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2005 4:18 pm Reply with quote
Easy! In no particular order, my top 10 anime faves Very Happy

1. Gits:SAC

This series gives a good insight in what possibly to expect in the future. Coupled with the action, good animation, a good musical score by the always amazing Yoko Kanno, the cool political storyline and the cool characters this is really good series!

2. Wolf's Rain

Beautiful, tough and gripping. But how xould they finish the series like they did. Luckily, they produced three more episodes for a more satisfactory ending (dvd only though).

3. Naruto

Plain cool, cool story, cool characters and cool enemies.

4. Beck

The road to becoming a succesful musician, loved it!

5. Paranoia agent

Amazing! Must see!

6. Samurai Champloo

Ronins dancing to the hiphop beat, i don't care for rap and hiphop but this is an amazing combination. Funny, dramatic and cool. Awesome!

7. Honey and clover

Touching and recognizable (students entering the real world)

8. Genshiken

Funny! Compulsory for every animefan!

9. Gankutsuou

The count of Monte Christo in a futuristic setting, can't go wrong.

10. Full metal Panic (1st series)

Solid Snake in your own classroom! Bots, action and everything else

The 5 worst Rolling Eyes :

Dragonball Z

The same pace as the Bold and the Beautiful (and that's sLow!)
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