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Your Top 10 / Worst 5 things. Why? (w/ index).

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 10:55 pm Reply with quote
Well now, page 114. Never quite thought this thread would get that far. It's amazing to see how many people's tastes have changed and the shows that wind up here now. See what most of you don't know is this thread was my very first thread I ever posted in here. That was back in Aug of 2006. I've been a posting member for 7 1/2 years now. I stalked and lurked for a few years before that. Doubt almost any of you remember the original ANN. I thought I just had re-done my list but it turns out that was over 4 years ago. Man time sure flies. For anyone interested my first post here at ANN, and this thread is back on page 41, and my second post in this thread is on page 85. It's interesting to me how my lists changed just between those 2 posts. It's even more interesting how my list has changed again as time has gone on. Yet half of the titles remain on my top 10. I guess once you work your way into my heart you never quite leave lol.

Sorry to be so nostalgic but it's just so eery to think that this thread has been her so long. To think about my first post and where I was in my life, and compare it to where I am now. I just spent the last 2 hours just going back through my old posts. It's amazing to me how much I've changed as an anime fan. My personality, my tastes, what I consider a great or a worst show. Hell one of my original worst shows was Pokemon, now I'm a Pokemon game nut lol. In some ways my posts here over the last 7 1/2 years are almost a timeline of my life. I can read them remember where I was in my life. Who I was in a relationship with, the job I had, my personality, just....eery. I'm amazed at how much I've calmed down from the hot headed youth I was lol. Man I am amazed the admins and mods never booted me lol. Man....I was a fan and posting here when many of you were still just kids and didn't even know what anime was. Hell, some of you were in middle school probably. Now I feel old lol. Well enough rambling, on my with the 3rd incarnation of my top 10 list!!!!

I'm actually going to do 2 separate lists, one for movies and one for series/OVA's. The reason being I grade them differently and look for different things in a movie compared to a series. So I'll do my series here and then a second subsequent post with my movie's list. And just to be clear my top 10 does not mean they are all masterpieces in my mind. I know some are not. They are however favorites to me and shows/movies that no matter how often I watch them I always am happy. They are in no real order except the top #1 series and movie. Those are and will always be my #1 for each.

Top 10 Series

Oh My Goddess--- This title will always be my favorite and will always be special to me. This title was the one that turned me from a casual fan to a real fan where anime/manga became a true hobby. I had seen anime before the original OVA and read other manga before the OMG manga. The thing is back then I was just discovering what ANIME was. See I had watched it for years, but never knew that anime was something separate from normal cartoons. My one friend back then was the one who.....tutored me in a sense. He showed me what anime and manga were and how they were different than western material at that point in time. So for a few years I was a casual fan as I got into anime. Back in that day mind you it was hard to find any here. Everything was bootleg VHS tapes almost or imports. We're talking AOL dial up modem days here people lol.

Then I discovered Oh My Goddess. I can't fully explain why this title of all titles grabbed me so but it did. The mixture of slice of life, magical goddess elements, battles, and humor all swirled around and came together just perfectly for me. At it's heart that to me is what Oh My Goddess is about...heart. It is a character driven piece and at it's core it's about those characters, their growth as people, and the heart they all show. It's also a prime example of romance as Keiichi and Belldandy grow together as a couple and as individuals. I've re-read and re-watched the anime, OVA's, movie, and manga countless times. Every time it's like seeing an old friend. Having new adventures and reminiscing over old ones. I've been to many many cons, meet wonderful people, and had many an experience in the anime fandom. I have to wonder how much of it happened because of this title and how it grabbed me and pulled me into the fandom. So for that, and it's own merits, Oh My Goddess will always be my favorite title. And FYI look at current avatar and you'll see which Goddess is my favorite. Wink Lind at a close second.

"X" tv--- As I've said in my other 2 posts in this thread don't confuse this with the god awful movie. That movie NARROWLY misses being in my top 5 worst anime movies list. The series however is a masterpiece of drama. The show for it's day had beautiful and slick animation. Even by today's standards it's not half bad. It had a beautiful soundtrack (own all the discs). It also had characters who made you want to watch. You wanted to see which side would prevail, and who would be left standing. It had a perfect mix of action and drama to it, with just a few comedy parts sprinkled in at some points to keep the mood for being too moody. The show's strength is how the characters grow together and deal with the epic struggle they face.

Haibane Renmei---This series has no explosions. It has no car chases. No mechs. No intergalactic struggle for peace or destruction. No gunplay. What this series does have is one of the best examples of a character driven show. The show is literally about the characters and their daily lives. It's about their relations to each other and how they go about helping each other. It's a very simple show in a way, but it's simplicity is a strength. It's not flashy, it's just heartfelt and sincere with characters you can relate to.

Kurau Phantom Memory---This show is to me a perfect mix of action, drama, and comedy. There is action galore in this show with great battles and nice animation. However the real strength in Kurau is the bond between Kurau and her sister Christmas. The struggles they go through together, the trials and tribulations they face together, and how they grow together and as individuals. The whole show has them being hunted, targeted, and each episode is one struggle after another for them. Despite the constant struggle they try to stay upbeat and happy as they have each other. There is a reason that those 2 won the Best Duo tournament a long time ago. I even picked them to win it. Smile

Now and Then, Here and There--- This show is simply brutal. There is no one who is exempt from the torture, struggles, and general hell the show depicts. Everyone comes out some sort of scars, be it emotional, physical, or both. The setting is as harsh as most of the characters. As Surrender Artist said though it's not a sadistic series. It's not torture for torture's sake without any purpose behind it. It's a show that is entirely to me about struggle, and overcoming the harsh reality the characters find themselves in. It's about the worst side of humanity, but also how the characters (some) find that strength to overcome even the worst of situations. It's definitely an emotional roller coaster and not for the feint of heart. But it is definitely worth watching.

Kino's Journey---Kino's Journey is another one of those character driven pieces I am so fond of. This series is just amazingly poignant and well done. Kino herself is just an amazing character full of depth, passion, and insight. Yet unlike many characters of this ilk she does not wear her emotions on her sleeve. She is much more reserved and subtle. Yet when you watch you can see those emotions and that fire there. The show itself provides the viewer with lesson after lesson in each episode. Each one with it's own purpose, and while they may seem episodic it all comes together. I once again have to agree with Surrender Artist above me on the English Dub cast. Truly one of the best I have ever heard. The VA's behind the roles felt like they were made for that role. I also have to say the backgrounds and settings are very visually amazing. It's another drama and character driven show but another one with a very rewarding end to the journey.

Black Lagoon---While I do love my dramatic character driven pieces I do also enjoy and love a good ole fashioned action fest to clear the mind lol. Black Lagoon is the epitome of fast, heavy, gasoline pumping action. It's action, action, and yet more action. The characters are rude, crude, and make no apologies. And the cast of characters is as colorful as the action. Behind the non-stop action and bits of comedy though there is a sense of seriousness. There is a underlying connection that keeps the main characters engaging beyond the action. Yet anytime you think the show might get too serious no worries, there's 50 more explosions coming lol. This show is just FUN for me, and that joy and craziness is as rewarding at times as a good character driven piece.

Getbackers---This show is just a guilty pleasure I found years ago. It's nothing fancy. Nothing amazing. Not a masterpiece or even that remarkable in all honesty compared to other titles. Yet every time I watch it I grin like a fool and laugh along with the hijinks. For me it's got a good mix of comedy, action, and just enough seriousness to give it depth. The real heart of the show is the relationship thought between Ban and Ginji. The comradery they show to each other. The support and belief they show and strength they gain from each other. Which they need given the hijinks they find themselves in often. To me this is another show that while on the exterior may not be anything amazing on the inside it has heart. It has spirit. And it has crazy hijinks, a guy with scalpels in his skins, a woman who is immune to toxins, and a full-bosomed bombshell who orders them around lol. it's like that favorite toy you had growing up. Sure there were newer and better ones but that was your toy so you loved it more. The interesting fact is this show was one I got on a completely random blind buy I did one day. I wanted a new show and just randomly looked at the aisles at the store and picked the first season of Getbackers up.

Ai Yori Aoshi---This series is much like Oh My Goddess where the heart of the show is the struggle of the 2 main characters to be together. While Oh My Goddess is a bit...lighter often when dealing with the relationship aspects I think Ai Yori Aoshi is a bit more serious. Now don't get me wrong, there is a lot of harem comedy in this show. The main character is pursued by several ladies. However, unlike most harem comedies to me Ai Yori Aoshi is not centered in the comedy and craziness. Rather, it's centered in the serious relationship struggles the characters find themselves in. The comedy serves to help push the relationships forward, not the other way around. And at times when dealing with the relationship between Aoi and Kaoru the shows becomes serious. The first few episodes are actually rather serious with no much comedy at first. The show does work into that part. Much like Oh My Goddess though the main couple face trials and struggles to be together. And throughout the show Kaoru and Aoi grow as people and as a couple. They learn to not give up and fight for the happiness they want. Now the second season of the tv show is just fanservice fluf and distant from the more serious first season. The manga however takes the first season and continues it to an actual REAL CONCLUSION. If you watch the anime and then finish the manga there is an actual ending. A very sweet and emotional one that serves to culminate the series beautifully.

Aria---Aria is here for much the same reason Black Lagoon is. Sometimes you just need to unwind. However Aria is a far cry removed from Black Lagoon. There is no real action per se in any of the seasons of Aria. What Aria is though is quite simply a show to relax to. A slice of life show that you can just sit back, watch, and relax and unwind to. The characters are funny, inspiring, and very likeable. The series has just enough seriousness to give the episodes some depth while not taking anything away from the relaxing nature of the show. It's like a nice soft gentle breeze on a warm spring day. Everything is just peaceful. That's how I feel every time I watch it anyways. Plus I happen to have a slight crush on Alicia lol.

Picking the top 10 this time around was much harder actually. As time has gone by I have come to love some shows even more. I've gone back to them more times and re-watched them and re-visited those worlds and characters. With that in mind I have to list a few honorable mentions who NARROWLY did not make the top 10 by mere millimeters. Honestly I consider them just as much a favorite as the ones that did make it. So honorable mentions go to The Twelve Kingdoms, Patlabor tv series and OVA's, Hellsing Ultimate, Record of Lodoss War, and Texhnolyze.

Worst 5 Series

And now the top worst Anime series. There are some truly HORRIBLE ones out there. However these 5 simply made me cringe and want to poke my brain with a q-tip to make the pain stop.

Gundam Seed Destiny---This is here because this damn show has more emo angst than Twilight mixed with a Hot Topic kid. Sweet merciful God after 3 episodes I felt like slitting my own wrists. Sure the show had slick animation but the amount of made Shinji from Evangelion look like the happiest person on Earth in comparison. And the plot itself was also weaker then a limp linguine noodle.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo---I just cannot watch this show. I just can't. I don't mind ridiculous and mindless drivel, I watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Robot Chicken after all. This show though....the nose It's beyond ridiculous to me with a horrible dub track, both languages, to boot. It's as if in many ways they took Fist of The North Star and then made it ridiculous and just suck. I mean hearing the voices of hair...just no.

New Fist of the North Star---This set of OVA's is a crime against humanity. They took a macho cult classic epic show and turned it into a bigger pile of steaming crap than what comes out of Rush Limbaugh's mouth. The plot...the dub..and dear god the lines in this thing.....sweet god save me. Sanga is one of the worst characters I have ever seen I think. While I think there are worse shows out there this one gets a place here because of how it tarnishes the original material, and how far away from the greatness of it this show is.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited---This show is just an epic failure on all possible levels. The characters are bland and boring. The story is confusing and just not handled in any sort of constructive manner. it's pacing is horrible. The animation isn't even really that good. I've got many movies and shows that are a good 10 years+ older I'd sa had better animation than this show. Worst of all is the name. It's like the people behind it expected having the name Final Fantasy in the title to make the show work. As if they didn't have to put almost any work behind it and could just slap the FF tag on it and it would sell. The show just screams laziness and mediocrity.

Daphne in the Brilliant Blue---I like my T&A and fanservice shows. I make no illusions that most are simply fair in plot and about the fanservice. This show This show is just pathetically horrible. The plot....what plot lol? The characters are annoying to a point. Worst of all...those simply horrible outfits. I mean sweet baby Jesus they are just pathetic. They are simply crotch pieces and nipple covers. The thing is, what truly makes this show so horrible, is the fact they want you to try and take the ladies seriously. They slap crotch pieces on them but yet expect you to try and take the show seriously? That's like going to a strip club and the stripper expecting you to do advanced biochemistry with her. Hell, the stripper might even be wearing more than the ladies in this show. Throw a piss poor dub track, cheesy music, and subpar animation and you have yourself one steaming pile not even Golum would touch.

I have to throw a dishonorable mention out to Tenchi Muyo GXP. This abomination barely missed out on the worst 5 list. The show has ONE SINGLE character I like and that is all that kept it from being in there. Instead of making the worst list it instead has the honor of being the towel boy to carry the soiled jockstraps of the losers. Congrats!

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Psycho 101

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Top 10 Movies

Now it's time for my top 10 and worst 5 movies. As I said above I felt I had to do them separately this time as I expect different things from a movie compared to a series. So I felt it was only fair to give each their own list. So here we go!

Oh My Goddess---As I said in the series list this title is just special to me. The rest of my list, like the series, holds no real significance in terms of the order they are in. Except of course for the top movie here. There's not much I can say here I did not say above in my series post for Oh My Goddess. What I can add though that is unique to the movie is the struggle Keiichi and Bell go through. Sure there is the main plot of Celestine and his goal but the true plot I think is the depth of Keiichi and Bell's relationship. Throughout the entire movie their love is put to the test. She loses her memory. He has another suitor try and woo him. Celestine questions the strength of their bong. And at the end they face an ultimate test. Won't spoil that. While the movie is not canon to the manga/tv series it is important as it really does show the strength behind the bond Keiichi and Bell have. You find yourself routing for them through the entire movie despite all the road blocks and challenges that pop up. And man are there plenty in the movie. Every 10 minutes it seems there's another hurdle for them.

I also have to add that i think the movie VA cast is the best of the series. I love the tv series dub cast. I even enjoy the OVA dub cast. The movie cast overall s my favorite though. Bridget Hoffman IS Belldandy and will always be my favorite VA to voice her. Eileen Stevens does a great job in the tv series but Hoffman just is a bit better to me. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn is also my favorite VA for Urd as well, with Shannon Conley at a close second. Interestingly enough the original Belldandy VA Juliet Cesario winds up playing Peorth in the tv series and actually I think fits that role much better. Overall though if you like the manga/tv series you need to watch the movie. While it's not canon material it is totally worth the journey and really showcases the strength of the bond between Keiichi and Belldandy.

Tokyo Godfathers---The funny thing is at first when I heard the synopsis for this movie I dismissed it. I love Satoshi Kon but I figured everyone has a dud. This sounded like his one to me. Man I am glad I gave it a try because I was very wrong. This movie is all about heart and as they say now hits you in the feels. I don't think you'll ever encountered a more unique and different group of main characters as you will here with Miyuki, Gin, and Hana. The 3 however come together to form one of the most memorable and heartfelt casts of characters I've ever seen. Kon manages to put so much emotion into these characters you can't help but imagine them as real people. The setting itself varies from lonely, empty, and destitute streets and back alleys to bright and warm settings. To me the true core of the movie is not so much returning the lost child to it's parents but the main characters all overcoming the different senses of longing they each have inside. The ending to this movie is also one of the most heartfelt endings you will see. It's almost like an anime Christmas miracle story. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll shout, and in the end you'll feel a sense of contentment as if you just read an epic book series.

Wolf children---Much like with Tokyo Godfathers Wolf Children is an emotional roller coaster ride of a movie. I was lucky enough to see the world dub premiere this past summer at Otakon. Seeing this movie on a giant screen like that was worth it. It was easily one of the highlights of the entire weekend for me. This movie is all about how a mother raises her 2 half wolf half human children and deals with her own life and providing one for them. There are more then a handful of epic hit you in the feels moments. Despite her children being half wolf you can easily relate to the struggles she goes through with them. The ideas of acceptance and finding your own path. The plot can seem perhaps a bit...simple in comparison to other movies out there. However it takes a simple idea and puts an amazing amount of emotion and heart behind it. It's also good for adults and children so this is one you can watch as a family or with younger siblings/family members. My gf bought a copy as soon as it came out and showed it to her young (7-8 I think) niece over the holidays. if you don't get choked up some over the ending then I say you are a very lonely sad person who needs a hug lol.

Fatal Fury---This is a guilty pleasure and just makes me smile. It's a rare example also of a video game adaptation that WORKS. Now the first 2 OVA's are loosely based on the Fatal Fury fighting games while the movie here is an original piece. The movie though is just amazingly fun. You've got your action, your drama, your over the top fights and your T&A. It's just a fun summer action movie in essence. It actually, for it's time, has very nice animation as well. This is no oscar worthy movie here. This is just a fun popcorn flick but it's done really well. yes it's over the top and cheesy at times but that's just part of it's charm. It embodies the late 80's and early 90's heh. Plus I grew up loving Fatal Fury games and at one point wanted to be Terry Bogard. True story.

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust---The original Vampire Hunter D movie was one of the first anime movies I ever saw. It opened my eyes to a world outside normal western animated movies. It was dark, visceral, and just a spooky fun good time. It was 15 years between it and Bloodlust here. Everything that made the original great Bloodlust did and improved upon. It's spooky, creepy, and fun. it has a plethora of well done fight scenes with animation that for it's time, 2000, was really nice. Much like Fatal Fury the movie. If you've read the novels the movie does D justice bringing his character and personality out. The movie also has fantastic, in a creepy and dark sort of way, backgrounds in it. When I want to watch a fun creepy movie I always reach for Bloodlust. I just wish they would make more movies as there are plenty of the light novels to choose from. Then again it was 15 years between the first two and it's getting close to that again now. Who knows right?

Ninja Scroll---Another classic anime movie I always come back to. The tv series later on fails in comparison to the movie just to be clear. The movie here is full of awesome ninja action, bloody fight scenes, and Jubei is just a macho ass kicking badass. I think this movie has stood the test of time rather well because it does have such good action and a nice dark moody atmosphere. The animation is fast, slick, fluid, is wonderfully done. Keep in mind it's from 1994 and watch how the individual leaves rustle and how you can see all the individual attacks from Jubei and the other characters. Some of the best animation of it's time up there with other great movies such as Akira. Personally I think it was well ahead of it's time. If you want a fun, fast paced, bloody, and slick looking movie to immerse into get out your popcorn. I've watched this movie countless times and I am never disappointed.

Paprika---This movie is just a visual treat. The animation and visual pieces in this movie are just mesmerizing. The various settings and backgrounds are just so vibrant and awe inspiring. When paprika goes from one reality to the next in certain sequences the visuals just grab you. You don't want to blink for fear you'll miss some of the visual treat. Then you have the characters. Kon I think outdoes himself in Paprika in terms of rich and vibrant characters. They are complex, multi-dimensional, and they all feel very real. As if they could be real people you know. All of that and I haven't even gotten to the plot itself lol. I love how the movie switches from reality to the dream worlds and how Paprika herself, Dr Atsuko in real life, is such a tale of two people. Atsuko normally is such an ice queen lol. Then in the dream worlds as Paprika it's a complete 180. I love her character and I love the depth to the "dream worlds" within the movie. This movie is about imagination and being yourself to me and just is one of the most visually amazing movies I have ever seen.

Princess Mononoke---While there have been more critically acclaimed Ghibli/Miyazaki movies to come out since Mononoke this movie remains a treasured favorite. It was actually the first Miyazaki movie I saw. I went back after it and watched all of his movies I could find. To me despite all the quality works he's done ebfore and after Mononoke remains my favorite of his. I love the characters. I love the message within the movie and the setting. The visuals are impressive as well. Very beautifully done backgrounds and an epic soundtrack as well. What does it for me though at it's core are the characters of San and Ashitaka. I simply love them and watching them develop. it almost feels like a more magical/fanatsy version of Romeo and Juliet. It's heartwarming to watch how San comes to care for Ashitaka after hating humanity, and how Ashitaka himself comes to have a bigger understanding of the world around him. Guess I'm a sucker for a good romance lol. Their relationship and how they grow as individuals and come to care for each other really is the best element, of many good elements, to the movie.

Akira---This was another of the first anime movies I saw as a kid that opened my eyes. I remember watching Vampire Hunter D, Akira, and Project A-Ko and being mesmerized. When I first saw Akira I was blown away by it. I think part of what makes Akira so awesome is just the gritty and visceral feel it brings. This movie is just oozing gritty and visceral cyberpunk angst. It was miles away from anything I had seen up til I saw this for the first time. It has a deep cast of characters that really add depth and life to the movie. It's got amazing visuals for it's time. This movie and Ninja Scroll to me arguably has some of, if not the, slickest and most amazing animation and visuals for their time. The story is also deep and brooding and complex. The VA's for the movie also added a lot of depth with very solid performances full of emotion. Much like many of my favorite movies on the list this movie's VA cast really helped add a layer of depth to the movie for me. Just all around this movie was a visual feast for me at that young age and still is for me now. I don't always agree with what's considered a "classic" but this movie deserves that title.

5 CM Per Second---This movie is my favorite of Makoto Shinkai's works past and present. I think Shinkai's works overall use the same core theme in them. That being a sense of longing, and wanting connection. Now while 5CM may not show much variety in that aspect from his other works in terms of core theme (as in reusing it) I think it is his best work. As the saying goes if it ain't broke don't fix it. The theme may be similar to his other works but Shinkai does it very well. This movie is full of amazing visuals as you'd expect. As the movie progressed in the 3 parts I found myself feeling more connection to Takaki and Akari and I was very satisfied with the ending. I think Takaki and Akari are his 2 best characters so far. I thoroughly enjoy all his works but 5CM is just my favorite. I think because personally I could relate to Takaki. Granted I do need to see Garden of Words still. have the BluRay now thanks to a sale but have yet to watch it. So how knows, maybe the next time I do this list it'll replace 5CM on here heh.

Much like the tv series/OVA's I had a few which just narrowly missed the list that I feel I need to give honorable mentions to. Perhaps on another day with a different mood they might have made the list and one above been here instead. Honorable mentions go to Perfect Blue, Patlabor 1, Patlabor 2, Grave of the Fireflies, Sword of the Stranger, and Redline.

Worst 5 Movies

Now that the good are done it's on to the crap. Honestly the list of crappy movies for me far outdoes in terms of bad quality and quantity the list for bad series. With the series I had to debate more on what really was one of the "worst" series I had seen. For the movies was an issue of whittling down the epic list of shit to just 5 lol. I went with the movies that made my stomach wretch the most and simply made me want to go drink myself into a coma rather than see them again. If my choices were to see any of the movies below or get a colostomy with a piece of PVC pipe I'd take a shot of whiskey and bend over for the probing.

M.D. GEIST---This movie is just an abomination to the world. The horrid stench this movie gives off could be smelled from Pluto. There is not enough time nor words to accurately describe the utter filth that is MD Geist. The only thing worse than this piece of excrement is the sequel. I refuse however to give the sequel it's own spot. These movies are so bad they only get one spot out of pure spite on my part. The plot is simply ridiculous. The characters are just awful. And the dub work by both Japanese and American VA's......just make them stop. Geist himself is just a horrible person and just makes you want to hate him. The animation and visuals look like they were barfed up by someone's dog and then pissed on for good measure before being used. I simply cannot fathom how anyone can enjoy this movie or it's sequel. I swear to God this movie is so atrocious even Helen Keller would scream in pain as she puked just by being in the same room as it plays.

Angel Cop---First off I know this is not a movie per se but I just felt it needed to be here. So here it is. I don't mind cheesy and ridiculous over the top craziness provided there are redeeming qualities to the movie. None here. Just a horrible attempt at a bloody cyber punk cop movie. The sheer ridiculousness in this movie is akin to New Fist of the North Star. Just an overabundance of pointless gore, macho man morons, and just horrible acting. The animation itself is choppy and just lazy. I feel like the creators were drunk when they made this because being drunk is the only way to enjoy this movie. Even then you need to be REALLY drunk. I'm talking tequila shots drunk, not light beer drunk. Waking up naked to some random buck toothed inbred woman that is really Honey Boo Boo's mother drunk. This movie actually made me long for movies such as Cobra and Tango & Cash to watch instead. Ponder that for a moment.

Tekken---In an age where video game adaptations are at an all time high for anime and live action one movie still reigns supreme. Supremely freaking horrible. If you can watch the anime Tekken movie and not want to go punch something or stab your brain with a q-tip then I bow before you. It's like Street Fighter Alpha but with half the budget and an even stupider plot. Yes I am serious. The characters are just mere shadows of what they should be. The plot is just ridiculous. And for a movie based on a fighting game there is not nearly as much fighting as you'd expect. The only redeeming quality to this movie was the english dub was actually pretty decent. Which is rather odd considering what a crap fest the movie actually is. Now I don't expect a lot from video game based movies anime or live action. This one though just stank up the place. I mean good god they have Kazuya killing raptors, yes the dinosaur, that can cloak basically.

Battle Arena Toshinden---To think this was one of the first anime dvd's in America makes my heart ache. So if you're not familiar with the title think of Toshinden as a generic store brand version of Street Fighter. Instead of getting the name brand honey Nut Cheerios you got the store brand honey nut o's. The main characters are Eiji and Kayin who are easily Ryu and Ken clones but more stereotypical and lacking in depth. The plot is basically an evil groups makes cyborgs that copy the moves of the world's best fighters to make an army. Seem a bit familiar? Not like that idea has been done a million times over. The characters aren't fleshed out at all, the animation is decent but choppy. There are at least a plethora of super powered fights so it does have that or Tekken at least. Granted even by video game standards the Toshinden games had weak plots but the movie makes no attempt to rise above that. They even toss in a pointless nude shower scene to keep you watching. Sound familiar again? All in all this movie is just a prime example of mediocrity at it's best. You don't go into a video game movie, especially a fighting game movie, expecting a great oscar worthy plot. I do however expect something palatable that I can stomach watching.

Psychic Wars---Here is the actual synopsis for this..."Psychic Wars revolves around Ukyo Retso, a premier doctor whose surgical removal of a mysterious growth on a woman inadvertently lands him in the middle of a battle that has been waging for thousands of years. Transported back in time to one of the most ancient cities in Japan, Ukyo must join in the fight against a powerful race of demons who, if successful, would eradicate mankind altogether." If you're thinking this already sounds bad you have no idea just how bad it gets.

Ukyo goes back in time and winds up receiving mystical psychic powers that lets him fight the demons and monsters. He just knows how to use them and hulks out when he does. Makes perfect sense. Oh and he's buff like a body builder and would make Arnold bow down before him. Makes perfect sense again. So the weird random mystical old women give him his powers and now he can hulk out and punch super hard and goes about killing demons. I trust this all is starting to sound as utterly ridiculous and horrible as it feels to type it. Beyond the sheer awful ridiculous plot the pacing is just horrible. There is zero character development. The animation is barely passable. This is an actual line btw; "He KO'd me in the first round. He punched hard." Don't even get me started on the sex scene. The only merit to this piece of trash is that if you watch it in the aforementioned Honey Booboo's mother level of drunkenness you will laugh your ass off at the utter ridiculousness of this. That or puke all over yourself and cry in a corner for the pain to stop.

Honorable mentions to a few other pieces of utter garbage that nearly made the list but will again have to settle for jockstrap duty are Ninja Resurrection, Highlander Vengeance, Baoh The Visitor, Demon City Shinjuku, X-1999, and Blue Gender the movie. The last 2 get put on the list not because they in themselves alone are that horrible, but because they are so bad in comparison to the series that are so much better.
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Top Five Anime Movies

No particular order. I'm not 100% sure where they fit, but they're all top tier imo.

Kara no Kyoukai - Mujun Rasen: Great direction, visuals, and an interesting narrative that never confused its audience (and if you were confused, too bad that's your fault Razz ). Perhaps it's because it was longer than the other movies, but this one had a much better story and had some more sophisticated ideas blended in.

Colorful: Underrated gem that apparently not a lot of people have watched. A great drama about redemption and learning to appreciate what you have. Features one of the world's best bros, a very fitting soundtrack, and a heartwarming mother/son dynamic that I really could appreciate.

5 Cm/Second: Gorgeous scenery porn and direction. Characters are meh, but analyzing their relationship was the integral part of the film and that was done with a lot of detail and care. Makoto Shinkai has yet to make anything remotely close to this.

End of Evangelion: I don't really know what to say about this other than it was amazing. I already liked NGE by itself already, but EoE was basically icing on the cake. It was a fantastic resolution to an already good series, riding the thematic feel of the end of NGE and going further. It's a controversial piece, to be fair, but I think it's probably one of the most best anime movies ever directed. Everything from pacing, screenplay, and direction was done very well and is a step up above most other anime movies.

Evangelion 2.0: Am I cheating here? Oh well. Evangelion 2.0 was super good. *.* Mari was a pretty good addition to the cast, and there was a lot of great moments I won't forget. The thing about Eva is that it doesn't really have as much emotional resonance with me than other films, but that's really irrelevant when the movie is just put together so masterfully as to immerse you in the world of Evangelion and make you excited to watch it. I was gripped to my seat, unlike other movies where I occasionally look away or put a hand to my cheek, hoping for a certain part to end.
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ScumbagYoshi wrote:
Makoto Shinkai has yet to make anything remotely close to this.

What about The Garden of Words? (Makoto Shinkai himself said that it's his best movie)
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Ignatz wrote:
ScumbagYoshi wrote:
Makoto Shinkai has yet to make anything remotely close to this.

What about The Garden of Words? (Makoto Shinkai himself said that it's his best movie)

I loved Garden of Words, in my opinion it's slightly better than 5cm Per Second but I rated them both as Masterpieces.
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Ignatz wrote:
ScumbagYoshi wrote:
Makoto Shinkai has yet to make anything remotely close to this.

What about The Garden of Words? (Makoto Shinkai himself said that it's his best movie)

Wasn't impressed. :/

Was looking forward to it, and I just didn't really like it.
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I don't know about the top 5 worst anime I've watched, since a lot of bad anime I've watched I just skip over after the first episode (And I want to list anime I've watched all the way through), but I can definitely list a top 10 best anime list, descending to my favourite (This also includes movies).:

10. xxxHolic
This is one of the more episodic anime this list, but god is it entertaining. It's similar to Mushishi in the way (Despite me not watching it unfortunately) that the main character (or deuteroganist Yuko) helps with the problems of other people being badgered by spirits. It's a lot more light-hearted I would say, but the humour isn't always at its peak, as well as the main character Watanuki being annoying at times, but it's still an all around good series.

9. Humanity Has Declined
This is a fairly recent series, and also has an episodic nature, but it's a short 12 episode series with plots told out of chronological order and mostly in 2 episodes, but it has a much more stronger hold on its humour than the aforementioned xxxHolic, it manages to be both cute and subversive at the same time with its black comedy, and is overall stronger in terms of humour and story, aside from a middling plot in episodes 7 and 8.

8. Interstella 5555
It's a collaboration between Leiji Matsumoto and Daft Punk, nuff' said.

7. (Can I put down a manga for this entry?) Not Simple
Not Simple by Natsume Ono is a one shot manga about a young man with a passion for running called Ian, who throughout the (out of chronologically ordered) story travels through three countries, Australia, England and America in the search for a purpose in life as well as finding his sister, as told through the eyes of a reporter, Jim who recalls his life events.
The art style is pretty unique for manga (Unfortunately, the library tags have tarnished the front cover), and the story is absolutely heart wrenching to the very end.

6. Flowers of Evil
This is a somewhat controversial entry, in terms of its challenging storyline and its infamous art style (Rotoscoping), but this has also been one of the more memorable ones in the past year (Aside from Attack on Titan). It does a great job in deconstructing its characters, has one of the more compelling plots as well as having one of the most memorable anime moments of all time (IMO), and when the art style is fantastic, it is truly a sight to behold. I can also admit this series has a few faults, such as the rotoscoped art style at its worst being laughable (Who hasn't remembered the unibrow of nirvana?), the pacing being sometimes painfully slow, and the ending just leading up to a sequel hook. Overall, it's truly an underrated series, at least the anime is anyway.

5. Baccano
This is one of the most enjoyable series I've ever watched, with a semi non chronological order (It's becoming a theme in this list, isn't it). It has a great and broad cast of characters, it balances both an essence of fun and sheer insanity, and has an absolutely wonderful art style and soundtrack as well.

4. Wolf Children
This is personally my favourite Mamoru Hasoda movie out of his feature length trilogy. It does a good job in deconstructing the fantasy aspect, shows both sides of the characters race and what their future will be, the animation is as standard with his works breathtaking, and has some genuinely warm and heart breaking moments. Unfortunately, it also has its share of melodramatic moments, killing some of the enjoyment.

3. Paranoia Agent
This is unfortunately Satoshi Kon's only TV series to date, and boy is it as strong as his movies. The story is this good study of Japan's kawaiisa aesthetic and how different people deal with stress, the animation and dubbing is absolutely top notch, and is also extremely terrifying, even with the dog mascot of the main character. Unfortunately, during the climax, it shatters reality to keep with its meaning, which defies all interpretations of the story from before.

2. Azumanga Daioh
I have a more personal attachment with this show than any other, with it being my first anime purchase and first anime watched front to back, and by god does it still hold up today. The humour is irreverent, rapid fire and always hit, the soundtrack is pretty peaceful, the characters are enjoyable as well as being sometimes relatable (Unless you count the ephebophilic literature teacher) , and by the end, it shines as a sentimental representation of high school.

1. Serial Experiments Lain
The amount of love I have for this show is beyond words (Maybe its a bit of an overstatement if you don't like the show, and just found it pretentious). The animation and design is an imaginative blend of different styles (at times), the soundtrack is ambient as well as memorable (Duvet by Boa, anyone?), the amount of research done in this anime is astounding, and the plot, while confusing, is very well done, doesn't waste any time with its 13 episodes, even when it's shouting exposition, and is profound as well as being very creepy at the same time.

I don't feel obligated to list 5 worst anime on here, but...

Another (Seen all the way through)
The background behind this anime was interesting, as well as having a good attention to detail in the animation, but overall, I though it was very underwhelming, manipulative with its exposition, and its characters were bland as a whole.

Bobobo-Bo-Bo-Bobo (Haven't seen all the way through)
One episode was enough to tell me how random and silly the humour is.

Dog and Scissors (Haven't seen all the way through)
This is probably the most out of taste comedy I've seen in a long time.
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Mami Melody

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These lists don't include movies.


1. Death Note
This one's kind of a duh. Brilliant, thought-out, and intelligent. Excellent.

2. Kanon (2006)
Deep, well-though-out, great mystery, amazing, lovable characters, and sobering. Each story arc was fascinating enough on its own.

3. The Haruhi Suzumiya series, especially the movie: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
Fan service and innuendo, and was disappointed with the lack of romance progression, but those are the only negatives. It was wonderfully animated, extremely deep, and so incredibly original.

4. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Except for Madoka becoming too godlike, which made me a bit squeamish, this was a fantastic, original show! I loved the dark, philisophical quality about it, the depth, and Madoka's amazingly selfless personality! She takes the cake for best, most loving, most selfless anime character ever.

5. Lovely Complex
Really sucks you in with the Risa's feelings

6. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
Original, cute, and creative.

7. Clannad (Season 1)
Cute, and Nagisa and Okazaki are lovable. Only negative comment is too many girls to keep track of in the beginning, and plot could be deeper.

8. Steins;Gate
Too much language in the dubbed version and a little intensely violent, but too brilliant not to really like.

9. Hyouka
Good, well-thought out, and original. It's just that the romance was very unsatisfying. Tease, tease, tease, and then nothing.

10. Eve No Jikan
Interesting, thought-provoking, and refreshing.

WORST FIVE ANIME: (That I actually finished. I didn't put ones I couldn't even get through.)

1. Marmalade Boy
SO irritating! Should be called Miscommunication Boy! The main characters are nincompoops who NEVER TALK. If they did, this show would be FIVE episodes long, not 76!

2. Air
Made very little sense. The change of plot to the characters hundreds of years ago was obnoxious. I couldn't care less about them and their mysticism was confusing and pointless. The ending was heartbreaking and seemingly pointless as well. Really confusing, overly dramatic, and not well-written.

3. Last Exile
Bloody. Too bloody. And the creepy man-woman guy.

4. Mars Daybreak
A boy's show. Kind of boring.

5. Sword Art Online (second half)
The first half was very interesting. It was well-done and fun. Some of the realism of them being in a video game was lost - little things that irked me - but I would have given it a 7.
HOWEVER, part 2 was like a different show. Totally different in every way. The whole incestual cousin love was stupid. I couldn't care less about Kirito's cousin. Also, Asuna's sexual harassment and nudity at the end was repulsive and highly disturbing. It was even a bit too violent. It's really sad that the second half was even made. Totally unnecessary.
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Psycho 101 wrote:
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue---[/b]I like my T&A and fanservice shows. I make no illusions that most are simply fair in plot and about the fanservice. This show This show is just pathetically horrible. The plot....what plot lol? The characters are annoying to a point. Worst of all...those simply horrible outfits. I mean sweet baby Jesus they are just pathetic. They are simply crotch pieces and nipple covers. The thing is, what truly makes this show so horrible, is the fact they want you to try and take the ladies seriously. They slap crotch pieces on them but yet expect you to try and take the show seriously? That's like going to a strip club and the stripper expecting you to do advanced biochemistry with her. Hell, the stripper might even be wearing more than the ladies in this show. Throw a piss poor dub track, cheesy music, and subpar animation and you have yourself one steaming pile not even Golum would touch.

It's funny. I generally don't like fanservice shows, but I did like Daphne. I personally thought the comedy of one reasonable and calm person ending up working in a group of nuts was hilarious. Her reactions to their ridiculous and bizarre behavior I just found to be really funny. I thought the story was pretty engaging, too.

I also actually thought the music was really good, as was the dub. There was also some really good background animation.

As for taking them seriously when dressed like that, well, why not? It's unusual, but why can't a stripper know biology? There's no real reason that people dressed scantily have to be stupid and not serious.

Anyway, I just thought our differences in opinion about it and the reasons for them are interesting.
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Edited my top 10 after adding some extra to Nagi as the series hadn't finished when it entered my top 10 and Steins:Gate has been added after I have just finished the series.

8. Nagi No Asukara – Although this series has not yet completed airing it has already made its way into my top 10. If a show can make me laugh, smile, cry and hate it deserves to be in my top 10 and Nagi No Asukara has already done this! The love triangle… mess doesn’t over whelm the story but instead develops the characters and shows their growth. For me Hikari is quite possibly my favourite character from any anime (up with Chizuru, Tajima, Masaki, Souma, Miria and a few others… I digress) his character improvement from a loudmouth self-centered brat to a selfless respectful adolescent could have had him progress fairly far if not win the most improved character tournament earlier this year (2013). Although the series seemed to loose its way a little throughout the second half the development in the first half and the emotive final few episodes have kept the series within my top 10.

I bought Steins;Gate due to the amount of praise which it received. Steins;Gate is a true masterpiece; it manages to tackle a very difficult and potentially complex storyline with ease. It is surprisingly easy to follow but doesn’t dumb itself down to do so but instead it explains itself in a clear and non-condescending way. The story doesn’t lose its way and get caught up in itself which could have easily have happened. The Characters are funny and believable they were all relevant and were given time for their own development. For me Okabe is one of the best characters I have seen in a series - he is the perfect balance of crazy and rational and his nicknames for the other members had me in stitches, his care for his fellow members was heart-warming and his interactions with Kurisu aka Christina, The Zombie (my personal favorite) and Celeb Seventeen are beautiful and hilarious. Steins;Gate had me always wondering what was going to happen next and was very thought provoking – I am now convinced that Déjà vu is caused by the Alpha and Beta lines crossing over for a split second Laughing.
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10. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure-As an avid fan of the manga, I was really happy to see an anime adaptation that covered the first two arcs of the story, and boy did it not disappoint whatsoever. It managed to provide the awesome story of the manga in a very unique art-style, with the kind of hilarious script that knowingly parodies itself without losing touch with the story or characters. It's one of the few anime that I've sat through for hours on end without stopping. It hearkens back to Fist of the North Star and plays on that nostalgia so well.

9. Neon Genesis Evangelion- My dad actually introduced this anime to me in the sixth grade. I'd grown up on a steady diet of shounen and I guess my dad figured it was time to make me a man. Even years after seeing it the first time, it still sticks with me. Not much I can really say here.

8. Toradora!- The best romantic comedy ever made. It has a likeable male protagonist, a well developed tsundere love-interest, and enough great supporting characters to keep me invested and excited for more. It does follow conventional plotting and scenarios but for some reason it never bothered me because I loved the characters so much. It's too bad Golden Time wasn't able to capture what made Toradora so great.

7. Shiki- One of the most underrated anime I've ever encountered. The story, characters, setting, pacing, development, sound...everything about this anime (aside from the strange animation style) is damn near perfect. Very few anime have ever left me sitting on the edge of my seat nor given me that feeling of nail-biting suspense that comes from an excellent mystery or horror movie. On top of that, it creates its own type of vampires, has some of the most disturbing scenes I've ever seen in anything, and ties itself up really nicely. It's so freaking good.

6. Madoka Magica- Madoka is one of those anime that I shouldn't like but I really really do like. It's pacing is off, the characters are all mediocre aside from Homura. But there's so much heart and soul in the final episodes and the product itself is so emotionally riveting. I sat through the recap movies fully expecting them to bore me since I knew who would die and how but I found that even after a second viewing, it could still tug on your heartstrings. You could delve deeper into the tragedy of these characters the second time and that made it even more emotional. Homura's character makes the series for me and it's a shame that the third movie decided to screw up everything. It's not a bad movie, but it's just badly constructed and makes no sense and shouldn't probably exist.

5. Clannad- Another anime that I was so emotionally invested in that it hurt. Both seasons are exceptional in my eyes. I've always liked Key anime because they know how to create likeable casts and build characters, even the ones that don't really matter much. Clannad was an excellent drama series through and through. It was full of silliness and the end of season two was forced, but it still kept me engaged and made me feel for cartoon characters. Which is something that only an excellent anime could do.

4. Black Lagoon- This one's easy to explain. Amazing gunfights, adult dark humor, badass female characters, and surprisingly deep character development for a show that could have just been an explosion-heavy action anime. The series has some slip-ups through its run (the final arc was overlong especially) the reason I rate it so high is that it appeals to my interests as a fan of action movies that are senselessly violent and darkly funny. Commando and The Raid and Stallone movies. Black Lagoon understands how to be ridiculously funny and also how to get us inside the minds of psychopaths, especially Revy. The way Rock and Revy play off each other and Revy's mellowing out as Rock slowly finds himself pulling strings in a world he was scared of not a year before is masterful. When Revy gets pissed at Rock in Roberta's Blood Trail because of how he's been manipulating things, it's a complete juxtaposition of her character at the beginning where he was the one telling her to stop. I just think that Rock and Revy are two of the best developed characters I've ever encountered and Black Lagoon is awesome for being what it is yet managing such a well-developed cast.

3. Ghost in the Shell- GiTS is one of my biggest inspirations in my fictional writing. It got me into cyberpunk. It's pretty much perfect. It has weak characters but that doesn't matter because the plot is intense and smart, and the backdrop is well developed. The script is awesome. The only two detractors to the show are the annoying-ass Tachikomas and the episodic pacing. Otherwise, it's nearly perfect.

2. Steins;Gate- Steins;Gate is such a great character show. It's hilarious, clever, and entertaining while also being smart and moving. Okabe and Makise are well-developed through the course of the series. Once again, near perfect for me. The only detractor of this one is that the animation is either too light or too dark.

1. Outlaw Star- I'm currently watching the spiritual successor to Outlaw Star, Angel Links, and it's freaking garbage. It doesn't even come close to emulating the fun or excitement of Outlaw Star. It's full of memorable characters, memorable designs, great action. It's an anime that, for me, is nonstop fun from beginning to end. It's got that feel of adventure that you want from a show about space pirates and it captures that perfectly. It even throws in magic and Chinese mythology for good measure. It's one of those shows that you can nitpick to death, but none of that matters, because if I'm watching anime, I either want to be challenged, engaged, or have a crapton of fun. And Outlaw Star is the most fun I've ever had with anime.

5. Plastic Little- I even had a friend watch it with me. The only part I even remember was the Darth Vader villain with the too large shoulder pads and the scene were the girls are naked in a pool inside the ship. It was well animated for its time but it is one steaming pile of crap.

4. Jormungand- Sexist, stupid, with terrible action and even worse characters, Jormungand is trying to be Black Lagoon but failing miserably. I've never gotten so mad at an anime for being sexist, but this anime made every female character out to be a lesbian, a ditz, or dependent on a man. It was painful.

3. School Days
- School Days is the funniest pile of garbage I've ever watched. It's really really really bad, but at the same time I found it hilarious. The characters make no sense, the actions make no sense, the finale makes no sense and comes out of nowhere. I'd suggest watching it with a friend. It's great to riff.

2. B Gata H Kei- My mom and her boyfriend wanted to understand me better so decided to go to Netflix to pick an anime to see if they'd maybe like it. They picked this freaking garbage. It's unfunny, exploitative, disgusting, and quite possibly one of the worst anime ever made. Now my mom thinks I watch cartoons about whores...

1. Chaos; Head
- Good God. What a mess of an anime. It had some potential but everything about it is unexplained, weird, stupid, and the fact the anime doesn't even try to explain what is going on is ridiculous. I've never watch an anime that left my head completely in a jumble trying to piece together what the hell I was watching. Chaos; Head is awful. And to think Steins;Gate is part of that universe.
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He started itHe started it

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you need to explain why you like and dislike these shows, or else your post will be deleted
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I do not like Shingeki no Kyojin anymore because the mangaka had a great concept and completely spoiled it on a Naruto type scale with trivial babbling and plot stagnation. It's been converted into an obese cash cow drooling on the head of intelligence. All the characters should be ants instead, that would better represent the lack of character development and indistinguishable goop they are.

I still love Hunter x Hunter as a manga but boy does 2011 and its new fanbase aggravate me to no end. The original adaptation captured the smaller intangibles that make HxH a gem while taking the time to do so. The series was coated in a paint of darkness, realism, strategy, and maturity comparable with Cowboy Bebop. Poof, gone. No, a few scenes of drama in 2011 do not make up for it at all. Yes, Killua has a more annoying and cheerful baseline personality now. The pacing and action of 2011 mirrors sword art online in its entirety, and Tokyo Ghoul and alllllllllll these new anime with a few exceptions. Anyone who started with older more gritty anime know exactly what I mean and pick up on that difference easily.
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I've changed up my top 10 slightly. I've moved Senyu and You and Me behind Big Windup and I have removed Nagi No Asukara from 8th to make way for Eureka Seven which is now second - I don't know why it wasn't there to begin with?!

Anyways here's the write up Smile

2. Eureka Seven - I guess 90% of anime fans have watched E7, its kind of a given like Gurren Lagann, so there is no need for me to go into a quick overview of the show itself. E7 is one of those series that splits most viewers down the middle: those who love it and those who don't due to (mainly) Renton. I obviously am one of the many that loved it. Renton, he causes the many disagreements in the world of anime fandom but he is my favourite character from any series - its a bold statement, I know - I love everything about him. His realism is what hooks me the most as he has highs and lows with the cards he's dealt with; he cries and moans a lot but what adolescent doesn't in a high stress environment but he does have a hell of a lot of guts and determination especially towards Eureka. I love watching their relationship blossom and how they both cause each other to grow. Eureka and Renton's spoiler[time away from each other] is both heart breaking and heart warming. E7 took me through highs and lows, Renton's time with spoiler[Charles and Rey] made me feel much joy as he had found spoiler[a family unit who cared for him] but for that to be spoiler[taken away] had me in tears. I could carry on but I think you get the point Very Happy I will add that I have seen E7 twice now, a year and a bit in-between and the second viewing was more enjoyable, which surprised me, and I don't know why I didn't have this in my top 10 when compiling my first write up.
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