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Your Top 10 / Worst 5 things. Why? (w/ index).

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It's been a while. Time for an updated list. Top 10 favorite anime from each decade! There are too many anime for me to possibly choose between all 700+ without leaving some out. As such, I'll have to set some limitations. First, for the list itself.

1. TV anime only. I will not be including any OVAs, specials, or films.
2. I need to have seen the entire thing. If it is not done or I am currently watching it, I will not include it here. As such, try not to be too sad if I fail to include, say, Magical Girl Raising Project, Kado the Right Answer, Made in Abyss, My Hero Academia, or Cardcaptor Sakura. If, however, the anime has a completed season such as One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Re:Zero, or Konosuba, it's fair game.
3. This is in terms of personal favoritism, not objective quality. Things that I've fallen out of love with but are genuinely great anime, such as Wolf's Rain, Space Dandy, Samurai Champloo, Eureka 7, or Neon Genesis Evangelion will be taking a back seat.

With regard to splitting this by decade, I'll be splitting each list into the following groups...

Pre-1990, 90's, 2000's, 2010's, Long runners/Ongoing Series, Movies, and OVAs.

As for how I plan to separate these by decade, an anime will be placed into the decade when the last episode aired. If an anime started in 2009 but finished in 2011, it's a 2010's show. Also, any show that is 60+ episodes long will go into the category of a Long-runner.

Pre-1990's top 5. For this decade, I'll allow OVAs simply because they were the main source of good anime.

5. Lupin the 3rd - This one might be better suited under Long-Runners, but I feel like the tone stays primarily the same. Whether you watch one episode or the entire thing, you won't gain or lose much. That sounds like a negative statement, but Lupin the 3rd is one of the best anime from the 70's. It has a memorable cast, gags that are at least amusing and at most hilarious, and even if you don't find any of it funny, the relationships are incredibly interesting. Especially the one between Lupin and Zenigata. The fact that the Jack Sparrow-type rogue plays around with Zenigata in the same childish manner as a mischievous child teases a grumpy relative while Zenigata treats Lupin as a serious challenge is always endearing to me. Neither of them would ever kill the other (or anyone else for that matter), and in my opinion, the best episode in the entire series is the one where Zenigata actually captures Lupin and fears that Lupin might ACTUALLY not escape execution. It's the kind of dynamic that I liked in Tom and Jerry. At least, in the cartoons where they're actually friends deep down.

4. Space Pirate Captain Harlock - The main character is epic, inspiring, and just cool as hell. The other characters all play their roles fine, but really, the show is carried by Harlock alone.

3. Mobile Suit Gundam: 0079 - In particular, I think the movie trilogy is great, but the show is alright too. Char and Amuro's rivalry is still one of the strongest rivalries in anime to me. Plus it portrays all its themes and messages about war and child soldiers very well.

2. Gunbuster - I think the ending and the first scene with the titular mech's use both elevate this to a favorite. Not to mention how well it sets the groundwork for Gainax's future projects.

1. Dragonball - Far better than Z in my opinion. The sense of adventure always shined through here. Goku is a great protagonist despite how simple his characterization is. The supporting characters are all great, especially Tien and Master Roshi, and when people die in this show, it feels like a big deal. Despite having the solution in mind when seeing these deaths, every single one (in this original series) has the weight of most great anime tragedies. This wasn't my first anime, but it was the first one I bought on DVD, and the one that solidified my love of anime.

1990's Coming next Post.
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