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Your rate of anime viewing?

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The Rate of your Anime Viewing: Consistent or Sporadic?
Am I supposed to keep track of this kind of thing?
 6%  [ 3 ]
I may go months or more without watching anything.
 2%  [ 1 ]
Very much a binge anime-watcher. I'll marathon or watch large chunks of a series and then won't watch anything for a while.
 23%  [ 10 ]
I watch whenever I have extra time, so my rate is inconsistent but there aren't huge gaps.
 30%  [ 13 ]
Anime viewing depends on my schedule but I try to consistently get in at least an ep or two every day.
 18%  [ 8 ]
Very consistent. Unless there is something special or out-of-the-ordinary going on I watch about the same amount every day.
 18%  [ 8 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 43

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2012 2:20 pm Reply with quote
Back in 2004, when I first started seriously collecting anime on DVD I was pretty consistent about watching 4 episodes per night, 2 each of 2 different shows. However, in recent years I have become a binge watcher, so that's what I picked. I usually binge through one show a disc or two at a time, although sometimes while watching a longer show I will take a break from it to watch a movie or one-shot OVA. Then sometimes I go weeks without watching any anime. I sometimes wish I could be more consistent so I could get my backlog under control.
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Joined: 08 Nov 2010
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2012 6:51 pm Reply with quote
I went with consistent, but my anime watching is primarily on the weekends. I usually watch 3-4 episodes while I eat lunch and dinner and finish off a 12-13 ep series over one weekend.
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Village ElderVillage Elder

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:00 pm Reply with quote
I took the first option. How many episodes I view at a time depends on a lot of factors; what else is going on, how much I have to read, my mood and what is available.

I can go a couple of weeks with out watching anything. However, then I get on a kick and marathon stuff. In the last week or so I watched, the Armatige III OAV, Zokoro, Our Home's Fox Diety, 6 episodes of Anohana, and all of Baccano. I have now gotten three episodes into Panty & Stocking and bogged down. It could be days or a week before I start up again.
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Mr. Oshawott

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:14 am Reply with quote
I voted the center option. The times in which I watch anime are random, and how many episodes of an anime show that I watch every day depends on how long the show is.
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