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INTEREST: Square Enix Holds The Word Ends With You Vocal Audition

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:37 pm Reply with quote
Regannator wrote:
No no, you're sane. I was referring to these people:

They just want more more more more, thinking that "more" equals "even better than before." If Nomura took a giant s**t, and carved a logo on the deuce with a toothpick calling it Kingdom Hearts III, these people would collect in droves to obtain it.

That said, even for liking the PSP game, you just can't NOT admit (...unless you're one of those insane people) that the story has gotten so out-of-hand and so godamn convoluted that it's practically unintelligeble. Whatever the hell happened to that kid going on Disney adventures and looking for his friends? Now it's all about Xehanort, his million and one incarnations and reincarnations, versus Sora and his thousand and one clones. The biggest point plots in the story - the ones that took 4 handheld spinoffs to make - was that this guy was actually that guy all along, or at least some part of him. Or this kid looks like that kid, From The Future!©, because of this and this reason...because Nomura says so, in supplemental material because he couldn't explain it to save his life in the f**king game itself. It's just stupid as f**k.

I too will admit that Birth by Sleep was a lot of play. It's got the best battle system in the game to date. But that's really all it has going for it.

If a game stinks, it stinks. If it doesn't stink, it doesn't stink. That's mostly personally relative, but I still don't see the logic in criticizing something before it's released. It's not like anyone in the public has played it yet.

And yes, Kingdom Hearts has gotten pretty crazy. Plot twists, tragedy, and tons of new characters, world-set-ups, and things that the first game would've never been able to include. But while complicating a story does make it harder to follow... I've yet to see any real plot holes or things missing from the story IN THE GAME that make it incomprehensible (meaning, impossible to understand). You have to think, and I get that some people don't play games to think hard, or that some people can't afford to play all of the games (it's a Japanese business practice in the video game industry--not an American one, so I don't blame people here for getting upset)... but that doesn't mean that the series is stupid. It just means you can't get all of the parts necessary to make the whole. And that's life. It is pretty weird, too. I mean, splitting the heart and body and then going back to normal and all that kind of weird new stuff they talked about in DDD? The world obviously follows its own rules, and not the kind of rules that are easy to believe BECAUSE they aren't scientifically explainable... but this is a fictional story. As long as they don't complicate it to the point where they can't fix inconsistencies, they are allowed to do so.

Birth By Sleep had my favorite story in all of KH. It does lead to other games and closes off on a tragic note that needs to be concluded in future games, too, but even so, the story itself has closure. I found myself tearing up at the end of Terra's and Aqua's stories, as well as in the secret ending. It might just be me, but that doesn't make the feelings I got from my own experience pointless or wrong. Just as you had your experience that didn't sit well with you, I had mine that worked for me.

Any further discussion about KH, though, should go to PM's. I almost forgot this is a TWEWY thread... >.>;;;

Either way, I think it's pretty cool that Square lets the fans in on some of its projects. I heard that they had to find random English-speaking people on the street for auditions and such for the TWEWY songs in KH:DDD, so I'm going to guess that this is their way of avoiding that kind of thing in the future. =3
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:23 pm Reply with quote
Regannator wrote:
The same fans who are asking for moar Kingdom Hearts. And any sane person knows how well that's going, and what Square's track record with quality sequels is...

Just because you don't like these games doesn't make them bad, you know. The fact you label anyone who disagrees with you 'insane' is pretty silly. Seems like you're in the minority here.
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Lynx Amali

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:26 pm Reply with quote
Regannator wrote:

They're both god-awful sequels no one cares about.

I like them therefore making your point moot.

Please, don't go into threads and automatically flame the fanbase. Just ignore stuff you don't like. Not that hard of concept.
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 11:09 am Reply with quote
Kurohei wrote:
Maybe it's going to be a WiiU Title. Any ways, not like I can audition. I like to act, but I suck at it...
Wait, actually Wii U would be the damn near perfect place for a World Ends sequel.
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