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REVIEW: Hayate the Combat Butler Sub.DVD Part 1

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2009 5:41 am Reply with quote
Kimiko_0 wrote:
Regarding the references and in-jokes, how does Hayate compare to Pani Poni Dash? I haven't seen Hayate yet, but found PPD to be very good even with getting less than a tenth of all the references.

I think Hayate is more enjoyable without references than PPD, having seen both of them. I liked Hayate better than PPD the first time through without references (frankly had no idea there WERE so many references).

The references can be just as obscure or more as in PPD, and maybe even more of them in total (read the references link I posted earlier). But PPD for me sometimes required the notes to even understand what was going on, because the reference seemed random and disconnected from the story. It's closer to Excel Saga or Abenobashi, or of course Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, in that some sight gags or lines are purely cultural references that few non-Japanese would get without research (like South Park for us). They are confusing or neutral if you don't know the source material, whereas in Hayate the gags and lines are comedic without them.

Hayate's story is entertaining on its own, and just funnier if you know and catch the references. But enough of them are obvious to Western anime and film fans that they add to the fun for a non-otaku as well.
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:26 am Reply with quote
I didn't mind the sub titles, the opening subs just sold me. They did a some what karaoke style sub to it this time around using two colors text subs.

I do have to say I was never a fan of the first opening, as much as it fits the story, and it being named "Hayate no Gotoku!" after the show. Never did like the song. On the other hand you have the 2nd opening coming in at around episode 26 that is a heck of a lot better.

Music wise it fits the show, I happen to have all three OST soundtracks on my ipod and there fun stuff to have playing
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