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NEWS: Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata Film to Be Live-Action

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 5:28 pm Reply with quote
"Tōru Honda"

Doesn't matter how you spell it, I can't take that name seriously anymore.

"The story centers on Yakumo Atae, a first-year student who knows the hidden secret of his fearsome classmate Tsurugi Yabusame — while she is the school's strongest girl, she is also a budding light novel author under the penname Mio Himemiya. Tsurugi is stuck in a huge slump while writing her new romantic comedy. Yakumo's cousin Kokona Atae happens to be Tsurugi's editor, and Kokona suggests that Yakumo and Tsurugi become a couple so that Tsurugi can know the experience of romance. "

I read the first chapter of a manga that was somewhat like that, except it wasn't light novels, but cellphone novels. And Tsurugi wasn't the school's strongest girl, but a really really quiet girl with scary eyes who everyone is afraid of (but she's really just observing them as research for her story). And Yakumo was this cool guy who had a dark secret of being a cold womanizer. And Tsurugi blackmails him into being her boyfriend because her readers complain about no romance in her stories.
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