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2004 Year in Review

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2005 3:14 am Reply with quote
Blues of Hadal wrote:
that's still quite a few showings that weren't paid to the original company. (although it may generate a few more sales from those who liked what they saw.)

in the end these people won't walk away with the actual video, instead of having it copied in their hard drive, so they won't be able to see it when they want.

While that is true, that's really not the point. Either way the company doesn't see even $0.01 out of it. It's effectively the same when it comes to profits.

no longer helping the industry as a whole regarding sales -]but I don't think it's hurting it either. I figure it's currently at a neutral position where you have some that buy it because of the fansubs and those who would buy it but figure the fansubs are good enough.

if they're not helping then they lost the moral ground they had and they've done their job right?
and its still illegal so its disregarding the law for no reason that isn't beneficent anymore.
you make it sound like you know that the group who will then buy the series on dvd is larger than the one that won't, thats smart if you're a politician or something but you said you don't have the numbers to say how large which group is.

Actually I stated that the numbers are probably about equal on those who will buy it vs those who won't - and I base that statment on the law of averages. I also said we don't have HARD numbers. We do have common sense and logic to go by however.

Please don't take my words out of context, it's not appreciated.

the best point you do make is the instant fanbase
maybe as anime gets more exposure on t.v (because for now when it has television esposure it has had a greater fanbase than fansubs almost always)
but the people that download and buy the anime already know all about whats getting hype(the hype can come from more than one place) and can find information on it easily not quite the same, but some titles that have been pirated and don't develop a following have had good sales and/or built it up afterwards, sometimes the name of a director or studio is all it needs.

This is somewhat true, but I'm not one to blindly follow after what a studio and/or director does. If I haven't seen enough of a series first, I'm not going to buy it. Fansubs have been a very good way for me to do this. This applies to me personally, and I'm certainly not foolish enough to expect the general masses think the way I do. I'm certain the companies want to find a way of curtailing the fansubs without losing the people who buy the stuff because of them, but they are hard pressed to come up with any feasable solutions for now.
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