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PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:52 pm Reply with quote
daedelus wrote:
Ai no Kareshi wrote:
YotaruVegeta wrote:
You guys are eat at separate restaurants while I enjoy a smorgasbord.



Put whatever letter you want in front of RPG, and I'm interested.
Same here. That's why I think "JRPG" and "WRPG" are such stupid labels that were never existent to begin with.

And Bioware is Canadian. I call their titles maple-syrup style RPGs. Smile Screw yor east-west americentric dichotomies!
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 3:30 pm Reply with quote
animehermit wrote:
Sanosuke_Inara wrote:

1st Part: If that's true, then I honestly wonder how many JRPGs you've played.

2nd Part: 18k/40k in the 1st week? 20k/ on the first day? The hell? You think those are good sales? O.o If you do, then I can show you multiple JRPGs that were released in America that sold better than that.

And when did I say that you didn't have the right to criticize them? You can do so all you want, doesn't matter much to me. I've seen plenty of people who feel the same way you do on the internet, and I'm not gonna try to change your opinion, as long as you do know that JRPGs being on a "serious downhill slope" is still simply your opinion.

My opinion is that WPRGs were never all that great to begin with, and they still aren't. We obviously have different tastes, so there's no point in draggin' this out before it turns into a flat-out argument.

answer to your first part: I've played enough of the so-called "good ones" to be horrified that they may be considered good games.

2nd part: considering the population of Japan is less than half that of the US i would not find that surprising, but still the were in the top 10 for sales, that is by no means terrible.

perhaps the fault is mine for post a dissenting opinion about how i dislike awkward mo'cap, terrible voice acting, poor writing, and strangely dressed androgynous male lead characters. I should have known that the popular opinion on the forums favored masochism.
1st part: Again, you sound as though just because you didn't like them, they're not good games. I think I see where you're going with below.

2nd Part: The only somewhat respectable sales, imo, went to Oblivion. It wasn't stated if Fallout was in the top 10(and with only 10k more copies to be sold, I highly doubt it did), and Mass Effect was in the top 10 in what seemed to be a pretty damn slow week. If you want to think that those 2 got respectable sales, though, I won't stop you.

3rd Part: Back to what I said earlier. I originally thought you were a guy who simply didn't agree with me in game tastes, and wanted to express your opinion on the state of JRPGs. With that last paragraph of yours, though(with the massive generalization and rather childish insults) I can now confidently say that you're just out to bash them mindlessly.

I'm not wastin' my time with you. >.> You can post all you want, though.
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 6:22 pm Reply with quote
For me, my favorite series in recent times has been the Persona Games. Cannot wait for them to finally break into PS3!

I dread actually experiencing FF 13. For me, 13 sounds like a step back from what I experienced with 12.

I have only played a tiny portion of Mass Effect since I do not own a 360.

Hopefully my copy of Demon's Souls will arrive tomorrow. I cannot wait to receive a proper ass whupping.
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 1:02 am Reply with quote
RPG Op/Ed:
What, no Level 5? I have never played a game by Mistwalker or Tri-Ace, but I would love to get another Rogue Galaxy at some point. And while it's still Square-Enix, the Kingdom Hearts series sells pretty well, and Cyberconnect's .Hacks do fairly well too, considering how repetitive they can get. Wink

Marvel vs. Capcom:
Sheva Alomar from RE, Bionic Commando, that Monster Hunter mascot, Amaterasu from Okami, and Ashe or Grey from Megaman ZX Advent.

Deadpool's pretty much a given, since he's picked up so much exposure lately. I would also think an "Iron Patriot" variant of Iron Man likely, perhaps even a full Green Goblin, since the Spider-Man movie did so well since the last game. A Thor would be great, and an Udon-version Taskmaster would be a great nod to those guys that do so well with the SF characters. I also wouldn't be surprised to see X-23 make it in, as the Sakura to Wolverine. Can't make it a sausage-fest, after all. A Ms. Marvel that uses a bunch of Rogue's old moves, and/or a Spider-Woman that plays with Spidey's toolkit would also be interesting. Oh, and for wildcard, Rocket Raccoon ftw.
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 1:20 am Reply with quote
New Harvest Moon Game: Don't care, waiting for Rune Factory 3 localization announcement

Neptune: Looking forward to it, apparently GUST, Idea Factory! and NIS have their own -tan's in it. I also look forward to the current gen console girls. And hopefully it'll have some good gameplay too as well as a good plot.

Also, I've been 'loving' Sakura Wars V. It's just so enjoyable, fun, simplistic and strategic combat mixed with anime styled plots and visual novel styled adventure portions, it's just a really fantastic example of the spawn JRPG's have created. Very Happy
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 5:27 pm Reply with quote
Okay I searched both the Japanese and the American Xbox Indie lists and I can't find this demo for MAMOTTE KNIGHT. This article lies!

(Just kidden around. It very well could be I'm just overlooking it, but as far as I can tell. It ain't up.)

As for Marvel Vs Capcom 3:

Capcom side: Long as I get Dante I'm happy. I've been waiting for Dante to be in a fighting game for a LONG time now.

As for a few others I wouldn't mind seeing? Well I'd love it if Sigma (Of MegaMan X fame) Were the final boss. I mean he'd be PERFECT for what they would need to do! (Multiple forms)

Kinda like to see some MegaMan ZX character. Would love to see Nemesis from Resident Evil. He'd be fun to play.

And though I have no idea why I love the character so much, especially when I've never played any game she's in, Ingrid.

Marvel side? Well unfortunately My favorite two Super Heros are on the DC side. (Static Shock and Batman Beyond)

I would rather like to see Ghost Rider though. Dark Hawk too, but no one even really knows about Dark Hawk.
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Joined: 17 Apr 2010
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 6:33 pm Reply with quote
It's strange that people here are discussing MVC3 and the words 'Power Stone' seem not to have shown up yet.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 7:21 pm Reply with quote
Power Stone was a capcom property? I never did get to play that. I might have to buy that on PSN
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