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NEWS: Power Rangers Re-Acquired by Saban for TV Run on Nick

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PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2010 2:11 pm Reply with quote
Raoh wrote:
Perhaps you didn't understand me. They will bastardize Shinkenger. It's part of the process of bring the show here. They will strip every part of it and leave only the essentials to make it work. What I said was not incorrect. Then again, you never said that. You stated I didn't realize they where seperate shows. They are seperate shows. I never stated they were supposed to be the same show. I stated what Saban was going to do to it, because they will.

Nope, understood you just fine. This isn't One Piece being hacked apart and sanitized for children, this is an entirely different process. They aren't stripping anything away, they aren't even leaving the essentials. They're starting over from the ground up, only borrowing costumes and some stock footage. I can see you clearly don't get it. Hell, Bandai doesn't even bring over the figures from Japan anymore, rather making entirely new ones for the PR market.

FYI, every PR is a bastardized version of the original. Thats how it works. Accept it or move on. I never once stated it was worse because of that. I insinuated Shinkenger would be worse because of that process, because it will be. Shinkenger is a series very set in Japanese mythology, including Samurai, Oni, etc etc.

Just calling it a bastardization makes it clear that you consider it an inferior product, as does the tone of your writing. And you're assuming the worst for something we have no information on. Like I said before, I'm hoping they go a different rout from their previous shows and make it very Japan centric since that stuff is big right now. If they don't, oh well, kids won't care.

I hope you hear yourself, by the way. Ryuki (Dragon Knight), while it did involve super powered knights, it still had a lot of Japanese aspects to it, including the use of various beasts of Japanese mythology, including Dragons (I know these aren't limited to Japan, but the ones used in Ryuki were based upon the Japanese version of the Dragon).

I hear myself just fine. Dragon Knight didn't make references to Japanese mythology and everyone recognises Japanese dragons as dragons so that's a moot point.

The problem with all of this is that these shows are being aimed at Children. While the same is true for Japan, a lot of teens and some adults watch these shows, too, and thats why the Japanese counterparts are just better, period.

Um, I think the posts in this topic or the fact that we're even having this conversation proves that adults watch Power Rangers, too. Rolling Eyes But Japan is a very different culture where it's a little more acceptable for adults to watch anime and tokusatsu, it has less to do with whether or not a show is actually designed for a wider audience.

They realistically portray such things as death, love, etc etc. The american versions do very little justice in these matters.

Do they really need to? Do the Japanese versions really need to? Even a lot of adult programing won't deal with this "realistically", why should a children's' show? But characters have been killed in Power Rangers shows before (not just monsters) and there have been romantic slants placed on character relationships since MMPR so I don't really see what you're driving at.

I agree about the childrens reading level. Although that falls within what I previously said about teens and adults who watch this program.

Teens and adults watching these shows in America wouldn't amount to enough to pay for the advertising, let alone the broadcast. The target audience for these shows all over the world is children and that's where the money is. Anime, which has a broader appeal (despite still being unable to get over the "cartoon" stigma, but they're close) has yet to have a major successful broadcast with subtitles, but you think a 100% kid targeted Super Sentai show can? Let's be realistic here.

Subtitles are very easy to read. It does take a little while to be able to read fast enough to keep up, but it is by no means hard. Personally, I find people that don't like subtitles lazy. I always prefer watching things in the original language, but thats just me.

For teens and adults, yes, but we aren't talking about a teens or adults show, we're talking about a show with a 12 and under target demographic even in Japan. Show me a five year old that can follow subtitles, that's part of the demographic that's making money for these shows, not the handful of adults.

And I won't take your "Sub vs Dub" bait, I find them both to be equally flawed to the point that I don't think it even matters.

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PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2010 7:45 pm Reply with quote
Raoh wrote:
The issue here is how badly Saban is going to completely and utterly bastardize every part of Shinkenger.

This is why I download stuff. Especially Sentai and Kamen Rider.

Once I saw the japanese versions, I couldn't ever watch the American stuff again.

Once you find out what you're missing, you never look back again. Saban is and will always be a monster!

To add it more technically, Haim Saban kinda got started really early in the 70's when the first anime greats such as Grendizer showed up in France as his company was involved in producing the songs that were seen in that show (rendered as "Goldorak" in the French release). He would later produce music for DIC and several other studios like Filmation and Ruby-Spears in the 80's prior to setting up his own production firm to handle importing and producing original work.

Jkid wrote:
The Broadcasting TV networks decided that afternoon cartoons were less profitable for a variety of reasons. The main reason is competition from the cable and satellite channels. They think most kids have parents cable so they concentrate their efforts on Saturday. But even with all the positive advertisement in the change, it does not change the fact that some kids don't have cable or any other external entertainment options (video games, DVD, etc).

Essentally kids without cable get the following: Local tv news, court shows, sitcoms, talk shows. Unless they like PBS (If they are under 12, after 12 years old PBS instantly becomes too old for them.)

In other words, sucks to be poor! Sad
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