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Streamline pictures original film prints of their dubs... missing classics? Restoration needed?

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Im sure there many here that remember a time, where anime was hard to come by. And if weren't for these dubs, I wouldn't be the fan that i am today. Its hard to watch Akira without remembering the original dub

But since I do not want to break out the dusty tapes and find a working VCR. There will be a few anime classics that will fade into history here in North America. And despite what people think, i find the voice acting in these dubs were pretty good. I know these are real old, and there is probably no market for these today, but Im sure there are a few of you out there feel nostalgic for these.

Now some of these titles you find are now out-of-print if you see on wikipedia and will fade into VHS history, and wont find life here in North America on digital media:

Great Conquest: The Romance of Three Kingdoms (Pat Morita narrated)
Robot Carnival
Lensman (directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri of Ninja Scroll Fame)

I know there are others, but some aren't worth mentioning because they found new life with other distributors. And there are licensing nightmares just mentioning some of these.

I guess what I am saying these are a testament to the late Carl Macek, who was one of many who brought anime into North America. But also, a part of history of anime in North America, and I am thinking of trying to launch a campaign to restore these.

Oh yeah... Kamui No Ken (Dagger of Kamui), not a Streamline dub but Directed by Taro Rin and Kawajiri worked on it and i think is a predecessor to Ninaj Scroll, that I find that this should get onto digital
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