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PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2009 3:32 am Reply with quote
I have shanghaied this once deleted post to create an index for this thread. Because locating my lists is a pain in the aaaasssss. --willag

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Blood-'s not like I post for you or anything!'s not like I post for you or anything!

Joined: 07 Mar 2009
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 10:29 am Reply with quote
I'm not sure if this thread is necessary, but I've seen a few posts lately scattered about ANN about anime/manga related stuff people are thinking of getting so I thought, why not? Basically, this is a thread to let us know about those items that are eating away at your mind. If you aren't buying them now, why not? Cash issues? Just can't find the item?

In my case, there are a few anime titles that are absolutely burning a hole in my consciousness, but I'm trying not to be an "early adopter" these days so I'm waiting for them to come down in price.

1) Soul Eater - damn, I want this in the worst way. Early next year, Funi is coming out with an amalgamated Part 1 & 2 which TRSI will sell for $52.49. When that gets to the $37-ish level, I'll pull the trigger.

2) Oh! Edo Rocket - right now being sold in two parts. I assume a complete collection will eventually come out. Again, I'll wait until it hits the $37-ish level, or if the parts end up in TRSI's weekly bargain bin at $14.99 each, I'll buy those.

3) Corpse Princess - Same deal as Oh! Edo Rocket.

Complicating my decision process is the whole Blu-ray issue. I don't currently have a BD player or HDTV, but I'm thinking of rectifying that in the not too distant future.

Then the other thing I'm mulling over (and which just popped into my head this morning) is whether or not I want to buy all of NISA's releases. I already own Toradora!, so I'd have to get Our Home's Fox Deity, Pandora Hearts, Persona - Trinity Soul and Wagnaria. Wagnaria I've already seen fansubbed (under its original title, Working!!) and enjoyed. The others all sound reasonably interesting to me.

My main reason for considering this is that NISA is the first new anime distrib that has come onto the scene since I became a fan in January 2009 and the nerd collector in me thinks it would be kinda cool to be able to say I have a company's entire line (obviously that would have to include their future releases, as well). It would be expensive to do this, but then again it's not like NISA is pumping out premium editions every month.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:04 am Reply with quote
I subscribe to the Madarame School of Purchasing, whose sole tenant is "Buy what you want and ignore the price." I have a pretty good running list of things on my radar, typically actiony, fanservicey or mecha shows. I go month to month, cherry picking the new releases and pick them up the week they drop, sometimes 2 weeks out if I shop at RACS.

And I didn't quite realize it, but I'm totally with you on NISA products. I originally was going to just pick up Toradora, but since I run out of stuff to buy sometimes, I went ahead and ordered their other shows, not following Nerd Commandment #20 (thank you Topless Robot!), but your comment made me remember. So I am waiting with baited breath for more NISA releases.
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The King of Harts

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:36 am Reply with quote
Since I'm still kind of a new fan I have A LOT of catching up to do. I actually keep a nice little list of stuff I plan on buying. Here's the spreadsheet I keep. As you can tell, that's a lot of stuff, so my obvious answer as to why I haven't bought all of that is I have neither the time nor money to get all right now. I do, however, spread them out over the months.

I have a process. When new things are licensed I add them to the list under the appropriate company. Then, I keep up with all new solicitation because I keep a calendar of all my planned purchases since I'm starting to buy things as they come out (at least things that probably won't have rereleases). I then check my calendar for my "dry" months and see what older titles I can squeeze in there to meet my budget of 150-200 a month. If I can't stay under budget because it's a full month, I simply push new things to dry months, or I'll plan ahead and preorder something in a dry month.

For example, December is a dry month because all I have planned is Sands of Destruction and the Queen's Blade Blu-Ray, which may or may not even come out. So, since that month is so small it leaves room to push the multiple things I have this month to next month and to add older things such as the EVA 1.11 BD. I may even have enough for something OOP, but I usually get these randomly and don't plan them (yay credit cards).

So then, now that I've explained my madness, let me go through what I plan on getting next week:
Tears to Tiara BD
Magic Knight Rayearth 2
Welcome to the NHK S.A.V.E.
Hayate x Blade Omnibus
My Bride is a Mermaid Part 1

Some of those things actually came out last month, but I passed on them because I knew Black Friday/Cyber Monday was right around the corner. Luckily Canaan and T2T are included in the Deep Discount sale and everything else is pretty cheap, leaving room for things like Clannad, which is heavily discounted. I may, however, end up pushing My Bride is a Mermaid so I can squeeze in something else that's also included in the sale. I've already seen it, so it's no big deal, even though I am curious about the dub. Who knows, it could be included in a Xmas sale somewhere.

Thankfully the next two months are pretty light, giving me room to do preorders and add older stuff. February and March are going to be a bitch because of the glut of stuff Funimation is putting out.

For February I have:
Summer Wars BD
Chrome Shelled Regios pt 1 LE
Ga-Rei Zero BD LE

That's not too bad, but those LEs are priced pretty high compared to most releases.

For February I have:
Rideback LE
Soul Eater pt 1 and 2 BD
EVA 2.22 BD
Roasrio + Vampire pt 1 LE
Shiguri BD

This month is a bitch. To top it off, Pokemon Black/White and Zelda: Skyward Sword will probably be solicited in this month, just adding more stuff. I'll definitely have to preorder some of these things in January or maybe even December so I can fit it all in without having to do too much pushing.
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Blood-'s not like I post for you or anything!'s not like I post for you or anything!

Joined: 07 Mar 2009
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:52 am Reply with quote
TKoH - you are clearly the man with a plan. I like your organized approach, and I like the fact you are disciplined enough to have a budget and stick to it. Anime purchasing as it should be done.
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Guren Alchemist4

Joined: 22 Aug 2010
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:56 am Reply with quote
Damn, this is getting ridiculous. I had been wondering whether Soul Eater was getting a blu-ray release for months now, and since I didn't find any confirmation on the subject, I decided to buy all the dvd box sets. And now, they're releasing the Blu-Ray!!!! These anime companies need to be more open about their release intentions cause it's not fair to their customers. They did the same thing in the past with other releases and it's getting to the point were I'm wondering whether it's worth buying series early cause they will be releasing a blu-ray down the road anyway. F U Funimation
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:20 pm Reply with quote
Regarding NISA's stuff... I want to get Pandora Hearts, but there's no way I'm wasting $80 on something that looks worse than multiple-generation VHS fansubs. I was really impressed with the response to the problems with Toradora and Trinity Soul but the rudeness of the response to "these DVDs look like crap" being "the grain is supposed to be there", when the problem isn't the grain in the first place has turned me off from them as a company (and I love their games). So until a version 2 (with the artbooks) comes out for PH, I'm gonna have to hold off.

The only other thing I'm considering right now (other than 0~Sif.r, that's already been preordered) is Chrome Shelled Regios. And that's just a "can I get a job in time to order it?".
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:31 pm Reply with quote
I am some what disciplined when it comes to my purchases. Entertainment for me is not a high on my list in terms of how I purchase things. In a sense it works for me like this

1. Food and clothing if needed
2. Bills
3. Entertainment

For the newer shows I usually wit for sale if I have the money and get what I can get with my money. For older stuff that I can get for say under 7 a piece I get them usually whenever.

In a sense I do something similar as KOH does. If I have rented something and I want to own it, I put it in the purchase list. If I haven't watched it yet, but is something I am interested in then I put in the Not Sure about getting, and of course if I don't like it after I've rented or streamed it doesn't get purchase.

So far here is my list for what I would like to get anime wise

Starting on Black Friday, my family puts on a self imposed purchasing ban (except for food, stuff for living) for ourselves of course I don't listen and I usually get stuff. Next week my Nanoha blu ray should be shipped, plus my car insurance starts again this month and I have a few manga orders for stuff that gets released next week, and I just purchases Medal of Honor on Tuesday nso I'm short until payday tomorrow.

Next month I plan on getting Happy Lessons for cheap, and I have a Wii game pre-ordered plus there are some 360 games that I want to get cheap if I can.

For Jan, I will probably focus on 360 games since I should be getting another raise next year, and probably get some more on my list if I can find them for a good price.
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Joined: 21 Jun 2008
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:54 pm Reply with quote
Oh, is this a more "how do I budget my purchases" kind of thread? I can do that too....with EXPLANATIONS!

See, I make around 800 a week. I can literally pay off all my bills in one paycheck, so that leaves about 2400 for the rest of the month. Now I know I said I subscribe to the "buy now, worry about price later" philosophy, but I'm not dumb. I look at the releases for the month, decide what I want, then go to my two standbuys, RACS and RightStuf and price compare. Sometimes RACS is cheaper, sometimes RS is. Sometimes I see RS stuff on sale two months down the line, but I think I've gotten to the point where if I don't get a package a week, I go through withdrawls.

Now, you might be thinking "2400 dollars is your anime budget???!!!" Heavens no, after the actual bill paying is done, maybe one extra check might be put towards "fun stuff" and the rest all goes to the bank in savings. Growing up poor helps in the fact that you consider McD's an expensive treat, so you can save tons of money.

As for stuff on my radar, here is the final list for the year:

Fist of the North Star Collection 2
Gundam Unicorn BD Vol 2
Gundam 00 Season 2 Set 4 SE
Queen's Blade Vol 2
Eyeshield 21 Set 3
Bleach Collection 7
FMA Brotherhood Set 3 BR
Gintama Set 3
Kaleido Star Collection 2 + Ova

And they are all already paid for, so I just wait for the packages to drop, so I can feed my secondary addictions, figures and video games, especially since I've caught up with past releases so now I diligently wait for new things to drop.
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Blood-'s not like I post for you or anything!'s not like I post for you or anything!

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:04 pm Reply with quote
FaytLein - your monthly expenses are only $800? I envy you. My rent + parking alone is dangerously close to $1200/month. Ah, the joys of living in Toronto...
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Joined: 06 Oct 2006
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:21 pm Reply with quote
As of now I have five pre-orders placed up until January (Nanoha The MOVIE, Laputa, Yamadas, R.O.D complete, and Durarara!! part 1) and I'm planning on adding a couple FUNimation releases soon. I will eventually own Blu-rays of Summer Wars, Ga Rei Zero LE, Evangelion 2.22, Eden of the East Movie 1, Yu Yu Hakusho Season 1, and Soul Eater. I may check out the Rideback LE but considering theres a BD release out there, I might wait. I'll hopefully have all these ordered by their release date, but won't if I'm still finishing a show up (I have a strict no backlog policy) I'm currently saving up for a house, so my purchases next year might be a lot less than I'm used to.

I'm also pretty curious about those Chobits and Last Exile BD sets FUNi has announced. I'm holding onto my single w/ artbox releases for now but will part ways if there is a significant difference.

EDIT: Oh yeah I gotta pre-order Gundam Unicorn 3 too. I'm waiting until Nanoha ships so I can get my 500 yen coupon. Combining that with my other coupons and shopper points, Ill have over 2000 towards it Laughing

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:25 pm Reply with quote
I am so with Dessa. Pandora Hearts is just the type of show that I would love to own. NISA includes pretty much everything that I would ever want for a release, but they have consistently failed on this thing called "acceptable video quality." I can't be bothered to order Toradora! either because it's a hassle to buy something with the intent to immediately return it.

There are a bunch of other titles that I would want to get, but I have a mental priority list. Whatever is on top of it, I'll get it during my bi-monthly orders. Funimation regularly tears me up though, what with all of their releases and such. Ga-Rei-Zero will have to wait before Black Butler only because of the terrible artbox design and the fact that I have this fascination for post-Renaissance/pre-1900s European settings... But I am having a really hard time being patient with THE RETURN OF ARTBOXES. Twisted Evil
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:31 pm Reply with quote
I know I'm probably unusual in this regard but with NISA I buy their releases and keep the fansub for actual viewing. I think the art books they release are very nice and I'm hoping they will dub some of these licenses they are getting in the future.

Unfortunately, when they do get around to dubbing them I will probably be looking to either mux their audio with other video (due to the quality of their encoding) or find someone else who has already done this.

Since I watch on an HDTV and/or 1080p projector (Vivatek) connected to my desktop/laptop I prefer to rip all of my Blu-Ray and DVDs to external HDs anyway.

On the matter of planned purchases I've already pre-ordered this:
Chobits Blu-ray Complete Series (Hyb) - Classic Li
Evangelion, Neon Genesis: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advan
Ga-Rei Zero Blu-ray Complete Series (Hyb) Limited
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom DVD Part 1 (Hyb)
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom DVD Part 2 (Hyb)
Rosario+Vampire DVD Complete Series (Hyb) Limited
Rosario+Vampire: Capu2 (Season 2) DVD Complete Ser
Sacred Blacksmith DVD Complete Series (Hyb) Limite
Summer Wars Blu-ray (Hyb)

I'm blind-purchasing Summer Wars, the rest I've seen fansub or on a prior DVD. Rosario I was iffy about, I kind of wanted to wait for a BD but I was curious about this limited release.

I am considering adding Birdy Part 2 to this list of things at some point. I had blind-purchased Part 1 and I liked what I saw on the 1st few episodes of that show. I am just trying to prioritize my income a bit since I already had a big order setup above. I'll probably wait for a sale since I didn't with the previous list (largely because that "limited" scares me a bit with rightstuf saying they won't ship regular copies until limited is sold out).
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Enjoying the time of EVEEnjoying the time of EVE

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:42 pm Reply with quote
I'm considering Buying Mermaid Forrest and Requiem From the Darkness. Both I've seen already but in the first series' case, it's nearly impossible to find now and in the second series' case I'm waiting for a sale.
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Joined: 25 Oct 2009
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 26, 2010 12:22 am Reply with quote
NIS has Our Home's Fox Deity! this is a must seeing as i picked up Torandora with out a second thought!

Funimation: has El Cazador Del La Bruja also a must own for me at some point!, Bamboo Blade also!

Though i really am waiting for Funimation to Release Index and railgun. those would be a little out of place since they might be the first to get a blue ray pick up.

Again all this when i can find work again after i get settled!
the list of pick ups is much larger as well then i would like to post.

Seeing as i own over 100 boxsets already of anime. as well as far more books of sci-fi.

one might wonder.
were they to see my self.
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