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Air Gear Omnibus - Digital vs Paperback

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Hey! I recently bought the digital version of Air Gear Omnibus Vol. 1 from Amazon.
I've been wanting to read more of Oh Great! After reading the incredible Tenjo Tenge and finally decided to get that volume for my Kindle. I have some questions though. I assumed the physical version was identical to the digital version but now I wonder.
I know that I could only read in black and white since I'm on a kindle so I decided to borrow a tablet and read the comic there and I found that there are only 2 pages in color. The first two pages, and they are the same, It's the cover of the first volume... twice.
I have the complete Full Contact Edition of Tenjo Tenge in paperback, and every volume has several color pages, and also between volumnes are the covers and the backs of the original 2 volumes that each book contains. So my questions for those who have the physical book are:

1. Only the cover and back are in color?
2. Is the back image the same as the cover image? that would be weird but is the only explanation I could find.
3. If the answer to 2 was yes... Does that happen in every volume?

I guess what Is bothering me the most is if I am missing something by getting the ebook instead of the physical. I decided to start going digital as I can't keep filling my room with manga (and digital is much cheaper!)

Bonus question: Why the Omnibus Vol. 3 is not available in ebook??

Thanks a lot in advance.
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