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Mature Anime (Not sexually speaking)

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What a great thread! I, too, lean towards more mature anime, especially ones that have a serious and dark mood. Here are some anime titles that would fit your criteria. I believe most of these have already been mentioned by other posters, but I'll just go ahead and list them Smile

Berserk - A VERY dark and serious anime series. This was certainly not intended for any viewer under 12. The characterization and storyline are superb and the pacing is excellent; each and every episode is essential and compelling (no fillers!)

Elfen Lied - I just watched this short series recently. It is one of the most haunting series that I have ever seen. Be warned that the story is riddled with plot holes, but the exquisite characterization is its redeeming quality. You'll find yourself becoming so enmeshed with the main characters and the emotional conflicts. Also has a theme song that perfectly complements the mood of the series. Very bloody and gory with quite a bit of (nonsexual) nudity, but these aspects only add to the emotional depth.

Fullmetal Alchemist - One of the BEST series that I have seen in a very long time. What the heck . . . it's probably one of THE best mature and dark anime series ever. Whereas Berserk is dark and moody 95% of the time, Fullmetal Alchemist has a nice blend of comedy, drama and action. Furthermore, this 51 episode anime has very little filler which is a big plus in my book (the opposite, for instance, of Inuyasha - a series almost ruined by the endless filler episodes).

Last Exile - This series reminded me of Fullmetal Alchemist in its style and setting - both futuristic yet possess a European 1930s feel. Last Exile has some very good character and plot development.

Nausicaa - Yes, I know it's a Miyazaki film, but I think this is one of his darker and more serious anime movies. The storyline and characterization intertwined with excellent plot development make this one a winner.

The Twelve Kingdoms - I have mixed feelings about this series. The first half of it is wonderful with incredible plot development and characterization in the new world that you are introduced to. But it kind of falls on its face for the latter half. However, if you are looking for complex and mature anime, this would fit the bill. There are interesting characters, political intrigue and good fight scenes all set within a fantasy world.

Wolf's Rain - Even though the plot is a bit weak for this series, I found the main characters to be amazing. I'm biased on this one because I've always had a fascination for shapeshifting charactes in the sci-fi genre, and you certainly get a lot of that in this anime. It's similar to Berserk in the regard that it has a serious and dark mood for about 95% of the time.

Ok, now I want to list a couple of anime that I would NOT RECOMMEND. They are categorized as having mature and serious themes, but I found them to be lacking in substance, pacing, plot development, etc.

Haibane Renmei - I just saw this series, and maybe it's different strokes for different folks but this show would be equivalent to watching grass grow (no, i am not exaggerating). The idea of the story is interesting but the pacing was TERRIBLE! This series is only 13 episodes long but there are some episodes in which nothing happens. Others rave about the character development, but I thought it was only average and certainly not compelling enough to compensate for the pacing and weak plot development. Speaking of the plot, this is the type of show in which maybe you'll have a plot question answered and then are given ten more questions that go unanswered. So if "philosophical" means unanswered storyline questions and fuzzy interpretations, then this show would definitely be in that category. Ok, I know I am ranting at this point but I was very disappointed by this show. If you look on ANN's profile of HR, it has incredibly high ratings. So obviously overrated.

Hellsing - Similar to Haibane Renmei in the fact that plot questions are not answered and you end up being disappointed with such shoddy progression. The characterization is pretty good but not enough to make up for an overall weak storyline.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - I still cannot believe I suffered through this entire series because it was listed as one of the best anime series ever. Did they watch the same show that I viewed? I still don't understand it. Maybe there is a huge chunk of anime fans who enjoy watching whiny 14 year olds fight alien butt in huge mecha suits, and then afterwards have emotional breakdowns. Quite possibly the most overrated anime ever.

Blue Gender - Don't waste your time on this one. A Starship Troopers wannabe, but with terrible plot development and characterization.

Witch Hunter Robin - Another show that I was tricked into watching because of its label as dark and serious, in addition to having great ratings. The pacing of this is so unbearably slow with very little character development. Overall one of the more boring anime titles that I have viewed (odd, considering the exciting premise of the show).
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