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PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2014 9:11 pm Reply with quote
^ Also ADV did it for the Dirty Pair OVA series. I'm pretty sure Sailor Moon's original M&E track still survives in usable form. Sailor Moon has been dubbed or re-dubbed in four other languages since 2010, and those didn't have issues with this. Besides, dubbing 200 episodes of a 20-year old anime with new M&W just wouldn't be worth it, not even for Sailor Moon. DiC did that for their dub (although the last 17 episodes kept the Japanese sound-effects), but that was only a few years after the anime came out, they were doing a very mainstream release, and they had lots of money from sponsors (and in general).
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PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2014 7:56 am Reply with quote
penguintruth wrote:
jr0904 wrote:
people can forgive those edits just like with the pioneer editing of DBZ

Well, first of all, Pioneer didn't edit DBZ, to my knowledge.

actually they did. they were the first ones to have the DBZ license and they had ocean studios do the dubbing for the series as well as the first three movies ( funi did the rest in the late 90's )and it took place long before funimation was on the map.

and yes. there are those that still like watching it though for just for the nostalgic feeling which was why funi released them. dont know why,but they did. while people can forgive those dub edits, the CCS hackjob was another matter entirely. it cause of that abomination that nelvana is now the 2nd most hated dubbing company in the otaku community (the most hated is harmony gold for their dumbass moves that strangled the macross series for years) now that the horror that is 4kids have been finally sent six feet under and with NIS finally getting the license, those people that have been defending them in the forums cant anymore.

though with the news that their using the old animax asia dub instead of a new dub like viz is doing with SM,it will remain to be seen if the TV series of CCS will sell well (though the movies will since they have been dubbed by Bang Zoom).
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Shiroi Hane
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PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 5:00 pm Reply with quote
enurtsol wrote:
the famous Canadian band Barenaked Ladies' 1998 Billboard #1 hit "One Week" include the lyrics:

Gotta get in tune with Sailor Moon
'Cause the cartoon has got the boom anime babes
That make me think the wrong thing

And which was then used in the US Digimon movie (and included in full on the soundtrack) Smile

Zalis116 wrote:
Without a useful M&E track, any dub production would require coming up with an all-new audio track, including sound effects and music queues.
Apologies for the Grammar Fascism, but it's music cues. Though AnimEigo did famously pull off this approach for their Bubblegum Crisis 2033 dub, and maybe Manga Entertainment for Macross Plus ep 04.

Even in Japan, the Kiddy Grade movies had redone sound effects rather than just splicing the audio and video whole cloth, presumably because they only had the combined M&E track and the editing would mess up the audio cues (although they sountrack still clearly suffered in places from being shoehorned into the edited films).

yuna49 wrote:
dtm42 wrote:
I'm surprised at the dearth of examples on the lip-flap issue. For example, I thought Ghibli routinely did voices before the animation.

I think Justin was speaking about anime for television with their limited budgets.

Still there is one director who prefers the voices-first approach -- Matsuo Kou. He used this method in Kurenai and, I believe, in Red Garden.

Jonathan Clements talks about recording pre-lay to "Leica Reels" a few times, once even describing his visit to watch a show being recorded. As ever, it is impossible to tell what the shows are or even what type of show, or how long ago it was (these mentions were all made in old Newtype USA columns). He also mentions having to deal with scripts containing ad-lib lines, which I assume you wouldn't get on afreco - but the one specific mention I believe was KO Century Beast Warriors, an OVA.
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 01, 2014 10:24 pm Reply with quote
gloverrandal wrote:
Also there's a general consensus Americans are dumber so they understand if things need to be dumbed down for them. We saw this in video games like Mega Man and Final Fantasy which were dumbed down for American audiences, or made simpler for American audiences. We are not thought very highly of in other countries in general. It can lead to the Japanese themselves dumbing down American adaptions before hand as well.

I really can't stand that "all Americans are idiots" mentality they seem to have had for us in the 90s (I'm not sure about now, but I guess the way America is portrayed in Hetalia shows how they really feel). Besides, it's not like when they dumb down our cartoons, they make them any better. I'm pretty sure they rewrote scripts so that they would include mention of panties and other typical anime nonsense in stuff like My Gym Partner's a Monkey.

Then again, eye for an eye, I can laugh at their attempts at voicing Marvel characters and the fact they really don't get our superheroes at all.
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