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Correction for Sengoku Basara as 'related anime' entry.

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Sengoku Basara Judge End is down as a sequel to Sengoku Basara II which is not correct. It is an AU story and should be listed as a related anime but not as a sequel/prequel to any of the existing works.


1. Nowhere in the official materials such as the website is the series referred to as a sequel or third season. Nor is there any implication anywhere in the Japanese publicity that it was ever going to be a sequel from day one - I'm not sure why this link was made?).
2. There is no number in the title, as there was for season 2 (also implicit in the movie which was called 'The Last' Party because it ended the series).
3. The official website and the introduction in episode 1 recap the previous events in a way which makes it impossible for this to be a sequel of the first anime. Core story details are completely different, for example spoiler[in season 1, Oda was killed by Date/Sanada. In Judge End's website and narration, it's explained that Akechi killed him. Furthermore in season 2 Toyotomi is killed by Date right at the climax - and here he's alive and well in episode 1, after crushing the rebellion which took place after Oda's death - which didn't happen in the first season of I.G.'s anime at all.] These facts do not reconcile unless you are aware that it's an AU.
4. Every single person who watches it seems shocked and confused by all of the glaring contradictions in the plot, such as all of the dead characters suddenly being alive again or not recognising people they met in 'earlier' seasons. This is because it is a completely separate timeline, of course.
5. The story covers the Battle of Sekigahara, a fixed historical event. This is the same period covered by The Last Party (which was a sequel to the old anime). Judge End is not an alternate version of The Last Party alone, though - the continuity has been reset for the entire series, right back to episode 1 of season 1 (see point #3).
6. The story is explicitly based on Sengoku Basara 3, the game. None of the events in the previous anime took place in the continuity of the game. The game has been released in English and anyone who has played it should be able to confirm this (presumably some ANN staffers did as a few of them have mentioned it and given it coverage!).

I hope this is enough evidence. The core problem is that it's hard to prove something which has never needed to be stated because, in Japan, the new anime has never once been presented as a sequel at all. A lot of western news sites seem to have attributed it incorrectly and now people are starting to watch it they're getting confused by the contradiction.
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