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EP. REVIEW: Lord Marksman and Vanadis [2014-10-20]

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 29, 2014 10:57 pm Reply with quote
Another thing that apparently doesn't matter is the final Vanadis, Olga. Sure, Valentina wasn't given anything to do, but at least she showed up. This series is so rushed they couldn't even fit all seven Vanadis into it!

This is actually the same in the light novels themselves and not something we can blame the rushed nature of the show for. Olga doesn't play any role until the 2nd arc and doesn't appear at all during this arc. I didn't want to say anything previously in case they changed stuff around to fit her in at the end. Unless this gets a 2nd season we wont be seeing Olga.
SilverTalon01 wrote:
Sounds like you've read them so, tell me, is the writing just that awful in the books? I'm hoping not. And if it isn't, I don't see how you can be fine with how the anime is making it look.

I don't think im really much of a judge on writing quality but IMO yes the light novels were a lot better. And im NOT really fine with how the anime adapted the show. As Hope has brought up in the reviews the character interactions (especially the Vanadis) are a big positive for the series and that's definitely the main reason I love it so seeing a lot of character moments cut left me feeling more than a little annoyed. When it comes to anime adaptations I just take what I can get is all. I wanted to see the story animated and I got that even if the story ended up being a hollowed out shell of what it is in the light novels.
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 9:11 am Reply with quote
I do not agree. The most left out part was "side missions" with little, if any character or story development, Tigre/the author thinking how hot the Vanadis are, naked or dressed...

I think the anime does a good work of making a watchable fantasy series. Of course, if the idea was making it a low fantasy harem fanservice show, then it's a failure.
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Maize Hughes

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:42 am Reply with quote
Hi Hope,

I agree with your assessment, though I have one tiny little nitpick. Elen doesn't pat Tigre on the back, she gives him a fist to the face. Which, in terms of narrative seems a little...weak. I can see where they are going with this: she's snapping him back to the reality that he's going to lose himself (and presumably her) if he gives in to the temptations of vengeance. But they didn't really sell that character interaction the way they should have. The storyline should have been about how it was inevitable that Thenardier was going to be defeated, but the emotional weight is based on how, and at what cost. You can squeeze some genuine personal drama and character development out of that scenario, but like everything else, it was rushed.

I have a personal category called "biggest failures", meaning, the anime that had the most potential for awesomeness, yet squandered it all. Sadly, Vanadis tops in this category. I really loved the parts that I really loved - like Elen's quirky declarations that Tigre is her thing. (e.g. Watashi no mono!) Like Tigre's earnestness combined with a level headedness, and plausible ability to play the straight man. (e.g. Wow, I guess people in Zchestd are really friendly!) And finally, I thought Ludmilla was a plausible rival to Elen, because she had her own personality, drive, and interests. I was really excited to see that they had give the "second best girl" a real personality.

Well, maybe they'll put out an OVA or something when the light novel series ends.

I have to confess, I'm thinking about making an abridged version of Vanadis, just to see if there's enough there to be salvaged. And, uh, I hope they do PVC figures. Embarassed
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:48 am Reply with quote
Series was interesting to watch, it wasn't too hard on fan service unlike other shows. I'm glad there was some content to what could been something like Trinity-Seven, more show for flash.

The ending did open itself up to possible sequel of some kind, personally it could end up like dumb recap film dualology where they recap the series and then give us something new. I'd rather have second season if they can avoid wrapping things up so quickly.

If this series was longer maybe they could gotten into something deeper with problem with bow, Tigre's future and if ever decides settle with one of the several possibilities of love one.
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