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Kokoro Connect (Light Novel)

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:31 am Reply with quote

Kokoro Connect is about five high school kids who were all looking for a club that doesn’t exist in their school. They all decided to create a new club called the Cultural Research Club and they spend most of their free time being together in the club doing random things. That kind of set up would normally work since a lot of anime has done that kind of premise before but the story didn’t stop there. One day, the members of the Cultural Research Club starting waking up in the body of a different person. Naturally, they freaked out and they soon meet the person responsible. He said everything is fine and they should continue on with their lives. It wasn’t easy for the members of the club because they slowly start to discover different sides of the other members. This body swapping business has revealed secrets that they wouldn’t tell anyone but they soon realized it’s a great opportunity for the group of friends to help each other.
Kokoro Connect really striked me with its unique characters and plot, it was amazing but falling off from time to time. A lot of people seem to have given up on this early on, and for that I say just three things: shame on you, DONT WATCH THE ANIME, READ THE NOVEL~~!. This novel, is in all regards a great piece of work that had the potential to be absolutely amazing, similar to the works of other related novels when it comes to originality and story/character devotion.

Now the downside is that for the average anime watcher and/or reader, this will feel like a slow watch/reading to begin with, and you might want to give up on it and all I can say is; please don’t. All in all, I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an anime this much in a very long time, and I’ve watched pretty much everything there is, from the most simple and generic shit to the most complex and philosophical masterpieces. I feel the characters are very deep, the story drags you in and gets you INVESTED, which I think is one the most important things in any story. All the emotions and ractions can be quite hard to understand, and its quite obvious the writers/producers aimed this at a mature auidence while still retaining some old school generic stuff.
Personally I’ve read so much, watched and have read so much, and experienced quite a lot myself in my 21 years and I can draw many parallels from the emotions and reactions of the show towards my own life, and therefor invest more deeply in it. I think that’s one of the strong points of this anime, but also weak points as its hard to aim at any real wide audience purely overall. Why this could’ve been a masterpiece I feel that I can’t really put down in any simple review, but I think most people whom shares my feelings will know what I mean.

Question Time!
Why did the five of them experienced all those bizarre random stuff? As far as I can see they did not even deserve it all… And also what is the role of Heartseed?! Is he there just to make fun of the main characters? To teach them a lesson? Or to punish them?

Source: http://bit.ly/saikoplus
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:08 am Reply with quote
Perhaps you have to read the entire series to find out.
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