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Forum display issues on mobile (and a few others)

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Top Gun

Joined: 28 Sep 2007
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 11:00 pm Reply with quote
Over the past couple of months I've had a frequent issue when reading the forums on mobile where halfway through reading a thread, the text will suddenly rearrange itself and extend off the right side of the screen, but I'm unable to scroll right to view it. I usually wind up having to switch my phone into landscape mode, but I've even had it happen there once or twice, making the thread essentially unreadable without reloading the page and hoping for the best. This is all happening on the latest version of Chrome on Android. I'm almost positive it's due to the way that ads are handled, since even on PC I can sit on the homepage and watch the articles randomly rearrange themselves as a different ad loads and breaks the page sizing.

(And I know you guys need to keep the lights on and appreciate how hard that is, but the ads on this site have just become ridiculously intrusive over the past year or two. Throwing ads in-between individual forum posts is one of the cardinal sins of web design as far as I'm concerned.)

Also, is there any sort of hope of seeing an upgrade to the forum software? phpBB2 is a ridiculously-archaic forum system at this point, and it lacks incredibly basic features like actually properly keeping track of unread posts across multiple login sessions. (Hell, the forum settings section still has fields for at least three long-dead IM programs.) I'm sure it's an utter mess as far as security is concerned, too.
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ANN Publisher

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 2:08 pm Reply with quote
Upgrading either to a more recent version of PHPBB2 or another software is pretty high on our priority list right now. I figure it will be done in the next year or so.

Next time you see this happen, can you use the "report a problem" link? Assuming that it is indeed advertising, that will tell us which ad platform is causing the problem (likely Kiosked or Ezoic, they are the two that we use most).

Kiosked and Ezoic are mutually exclusive, so only one of them will be on the page at any given time, it should be easy for us to figure out which one once you report it, and then we can ask them to fix the issue.

I've never seen this problem myself, and I use the forum regularly on mobile. Could you tell me which version of Chrome you are using, and what size phone ?

E-mailing me a screenshot next time it happes would also be super helpful.
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Top Gun

Joined: 28 Sep 2007
Posts: 4633
PostPosted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 2:28 pm Reply with quote
It's Chrome 76.0.etc. on Android 6.0 (the most recent available on my phone). The screen resolution is 2560x1440 if Google is to be believed. I'll try submitting an error report next time it happens.
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