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The Neverending Debate over the End of Naruto

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Joined: 04 Nov 2015
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 10:25 am Reply with quote
I'll try to make this as polite as i can, why is this still a debate? seriously Naruto ended in November 14th, and everyone is still upset over the ending?!?!, why?! number one Naruto isn't a shojo manga it's a shonen stop treating it like some romance manga, number two, Kishimoto ended the manga the right way the point of naruto was in terms of his goals was to become hokage, and rescue sasuke form hatred, that is what people need to focus on, in terms of romance Naruhina is cannon, Naruskau fans get over yourselves, narsasu fans get out that was never an option, naruto is hokage and married to hinata, sasuke is married to skaura end of discussion don tlike the ending? get over it!
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 10:31 am Reply with quote
jabarmason14 wrote:
I'll try to make this as polite as i can, why is this still a debate? seriously Naruto ended in November 14th, and everyone is still upset over the ending?!?!, why?! number one Naruto isn't a shojo manga it's a shonen stop treating it like some romance manga, number two, Kishimoto ended the manga the right way the point of naruto was in terms of his goals was to become hokage, and rescue sasuke form hatred, that is what people need to focus on, in terms of romance Naruhina is cannon, Naruskau fans get over yourselves, narsasu fans get out that was never an option, naruto is hokage and married to hinata, sasuke is married to skaura end of discussion don tlike the ending? get over it!

Its not anybody's debate....I personally found this article quite interesting because I always thought that there was no character development in Naruto, but there actually is development from a romantic perspective.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 10:38 am Reply with quote
Although I haven't finished Naruto and I don't have any intention to start Shippuden, I've always had a thing for Hinata. She always looked cute, soft, and even more capable than Sakura, who was a bratty little bitch during the Naruto series (at least up to the point I stopped watching).

And to further my preference, the only episodes I've watched of Shippuden has been the ones were Hinata declares her love to Naruto and the double episode that starred Hinata's past. So if an episode or movie is focused on her, then count me in.

Even though I'm just an outsider in the Naruto world, I was happy when I found out that NaruHina became a real thing. I'm planning to watch The Last soon, so I hope I enjoy it a lot.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 10:45 am Reply with quote
I still say that Sasuke still doesn't deserve to be with Sakura after all of the crap he put her through! If even their daughter admits that how they both got together is ridiculous, then you know that you got a problem there.

As for Naruto/Hinata, from the very beginning, I always expected that the two would get together from the start and while I wish the two would have more moments together in canon, at least the hints there makes sense and I am pretty satisfied with it.

With that in mind, I am still waiting for The Last to come out on Blu-ray/DVD already!
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 10:51 am Reply with quote
I wanted to add something meaningful but the article was so well written that it sums up most of my thoughts on the matter. Suffice it to say that, being a Hinata fan, I was satisfied to see Naruto end up with her. Maybe I just like shy anime girls, or perhaps I don't like unrequited love, but I couldn't help but root for Hinata over the years. I have not seen The Last movie yet but hopefully it will fill some of the emotional gaps created in the jump from the 4th war to the epilogue.

I'm not one to get upset at an author's decision though. Sakura and Naruto had become such close friends that it seemed quite viable that the two could become a couple as well. However, that would have left poor Sasuka with Karin. Laughing
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 10:55 am Reply with quote
When I saw the title picture featuring Naruto & Hinata I knew something was up.

One thing I'am puzzled about is the author's DragonBall & Bleach references Goku was never supposed to marry Chi-Chi & Ichigo and Rukia have never been hinted at any point in the story as being a thing.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 10:56 am Reply with quote
I haven't watched or read Naruto in a long time, but this epilogue thing sounds stupid to me. A super unnecessary fanfic ending just like Harry Potter.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 11:02 am Reply with quote
I still say Naruto and Sasuke should have ended up together. I mean, he spends the first half of the series trying to live up to him and second part trying to get him back. Then there's that kiss. Makes a heck of a lot more sense than him and Hinata.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 11:06 am Reply with quote
then, I am an Italian and are pissed for months for the final. Forgive writing:

the ending of Naruto was crap inconceivable, banal, rushed, silly and ineffectual, everything in that final was marketing in order to leave the series open so you can continue to sell movies, manga and gadgets and this is DISPUTED. The final Naruto is a filthy business and on this there are no stories.

Here I will discuss only the appearance of nosense romantic, because if I were to comment on the final if we put too much and is not registered. I will speak for points.

1- I am a NaruSaku, but not for personal taste, but for consistency in respect of the weft. I have always been fond of Naruto and couples I rubbed the right, I was interested in the story, but after watching the final, it seemed obvious that the consistency to agree to NaruSaku

2- you realize that all the photos in the article are naruhina filler?

3- in Naruto there are two arcs, the first series and shippuden. the first would be pedagogically the passage from childhood to adolescence and the second the transition from adolescence into adulthood. And in the way that shippuden naruto to adulthood does with sakura, one between Naruto and Sakura is the most romantic relationship developed in the series.

4- While the feelings of Sakura for Sasuke and Hinata for Naruto remain inveriati and remain attached to the first series, a youthful infatuation. In shippuden sakura and naruto fall in love each other, knowing and loving each other for what they are becoming. Sakura and Naruto, knowing, being together, can experience a genuine love sincere and concrete, because they know. while that of couples end is a false love, idealized, girls fall in love with men with whom they have had contact and who do not know anything about them.
Naruto blushes when she sees Sakura that has become strong, or blushes when care kankuro seeing that has become a great doctor. Sakura not talk about it, the whole series is praising increasingly Naruto. the saga of gaara and Orochimaru, the words of Yamato, you know the phrase "people smile when they are comfortable with someone and sakura you smile often when you stay with Naruto", the saga sakura Gaara learns the pain of the past and in Naruto His mind you imagine as a child and everyone hated him (there's a cartoon like that) and so on. except the war, all the shippuden is NaruSaku.

5- saving hinata is most NaruSaku exists. hinata is subdued by Naruto, can not mature and be herself because it continues to copy it, but saving Naruto decides to take for the first time a decision not dictated by others managing to be herself, and being herself unable even to confession. in its "declaration of love" he does not say how much she loves Naruto, but what he was indispensable and an example for her. to evolve a character so obsessed with Naruto, the best thing would be to part with, instead of them married with morality "do it Stolker with the man you love and he'll be back." After hinata has confessed, sakura care thoughtful "hinata loves naruto ..." and then goes to embrace naruto, hinata with accepting it smiling. with a serene smile, not like when sakura hugged Sasuke and Naruto twitched his eyebrows

6- as for the final itself, these pairs show the most big defect in Naruto, no evolution. a couple would be the initial ones, such as' "friendship" between Naruto and Sasuke. although many achievements made in shippuden, the situation returns equal to that of end examination chunin, deleting all past events. is senseless hinata continue to love Naruto and Sakura continue to love Sasuke. how foolish that Naruto continues to consider Sasuke his best friend instead of Shikamaru. this for a variety of concepts Japanese traditionalist, conservative and sexist. in addition to marketing.

7- Sasuke and Sakura I do not even want to express. is one of the choices most immoral of this world, really, immoral, the worst moral messages, stupid, selfish, disgusting, sexist and with an ending where Sasuke abandons his wife and daughter. and people say chequesto is a good ending?

In conclusion, if the people feel that this is a final fair and consistent, Kishimoto was right to make a final shit. For who makes you do it to him to create gold, when there will always be people who eat shit and praise as if it were honey.

The naruhina was not wrong, there could be, but was not developed as the NaruSaku. sasusaku the shit is just an insult to all the fans and an insult to ethics.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 11:09 am Reply with quote
Sakura being a real jerk at first is what makes her fun. She's completely oblivious to what she is getting into by becoming a shinobi and even more so oblivious to her own teammates. The battles with Zabuza quickly teach her that being a shinobi is no game and one can die in a heartbeat.

It's interesting to follow Sakura's development from there because not only does she face self-doubt in the very next arc she also sees Sasuke as more than just an ideal boyfriend. Sasuke almost died, he was physically vulnerable. The Chuunin Exams showed that he was also mentally vulnerable, too. Folks like to paint Sasuke as not liking Sakura but if you pay attention to their interactions after Sasuke chews her out for insulting Naruto the pink-haired shinobi is the only one he ever talks of decently in the open. He's constantly disrespecting Kakashi and he damned near always refuses to admit his admiration for Naruto. With Sakura the Uchiha heir politely, if frankly, refuses to go out on a date with her after Team Seven returns from the Land of Waves. Sasuke is the only one to notice just how out of place Sakura feels during the decision to partake in the Chuunin Exam and even sets encourages her to recognize her own talent for detecting illusions. Sakura is the only character he goes out of his way to speak politely to without being a cocky little turd. She also becomes his one confidant throughout the remainder of Part I. Sasuke's an awkward kid who had only one major prior relationship with the opposite sex, his now dead mom. It's pretty funny to go back to that flashback arc and watch how Sasuke interacts with his mom at that point. Sasuke eventually winds up no different from his dad with regards to how he only expresses his feelings and thoughts to his wife and only in private. Talk about irony.

Anyhoo, Naruto. I think Sakura's line about Naruto only ever chasing after her to make Sasuke jealous is a great one. Before Naruto's only chasing after is played as a gag that Naruto never quite seems to be taking seriously. In The Last Naruto is entirely awkward the entire time after learning the depth of Hinata's feelings for him. This is some serious stuff for Naruto and nothing to take jokingly. It really shows how much he's grown up, especially in conjuncture with the scene early on in the film with Naruto living alone in a small, dark apartment filled with nothing but unopened presents from girls. He instinctually knows that what they're offering isn't the meaningful relationship he wants. It's good stuff.

Interestingly, this panel from Chapter #105 of Naruto looking for Hinata in the crowd after defeating Neji was not adapted into Episode #63 of the 2002 animated series.


It goes a long way to showing that even as a kid Naruto cared what Hinata thought. Whenever he spoke of her he was always consistently adamant that she was strong and cool. It's no surprise Naruto eventually recognized that his admiration for her meant even more to him than he realized. The very last line of The Last is Naruto telling his kids that "Mommy is strong!" Naruto believing in Hinata completely is a recurring element of their relationship. After standing up to Neji, Pain and Obito it really isn't a surprise that Naruto would think Hinata is strong, she consistently proved it!
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 11:18 am Reply with quote
If anything, I'm disappointed that Sakura was never able to get over her childhood crush. In my estimation (and this is all my personal take - it's hard to follow all of this stuff and not take a side!), after all the trouble Sasuke caused the Hidden Leaf—not to mention everything he put her through (almost killing her because she stood in his way, for example)—any lingering romantic feelings she had for him should have faded away. She could forgive him, yes, but not reward his actions with her continued love and devotion.

Thank you, I'm glad that you agree with me on this part, at least. While I was team NaruSaku during my Naruto phase, that was largely driven by me being a Sakura fan and wanting her to choose someone who would actually treat her like a human being. And since narratively it only made sense for her to end up with one of the two main boys if it was going to happen within the scope of the series, that meant Naruto. I wouldn't have even minded so much if it had been someone else who we know wouldn't mistreat her, like Lee or Choji, or hell, just let her become a career woman and don't put her with anyone. But still putting her with Sasuke after everything he said and did to her, yikes. After all of the other character growth and maturity that she got over the course of the series - and out of all the main cast, she may have been the one who changed the most from start to finish - it felt like a slap in the face that Kishi still wouldn't let her outgrow her fixation on him and realize she could do better for herself. That was what really bothered me the most about the whole ending scenario.

As for Hinata, I've never been a fan of "shy girl" characters at all (give me Ritsu over Mio any day of the week), so I personally found her the most boring of the entire Konoha 11, but eh, whatever. My only real issue with NaruHina as a pairing was the lack of significant on-page development (especially compared to the hundreds of pages of NaruSaku evolution), but at least the movies have taken steps to address that.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 11:19 am Reply with quote
Amy McNulty wrote:
Most NaruSaku fans’ point of contention is that Naruto is never shown falling in love with Hinata in the main series. I'd argue, though, that Naruto had far more pressing matters to attend to between the ages of 12 to 17.

THANK YOU!!! Like Sasuke attacking the Kage Summit and the 4th Great Ninja War coming around the corner for instance!!

We do see Naruto and Sakura's relationship evolve—just not in the way a certain portion of the fanbase wanted it to. Naruto went from a goofy idiot trying to “steal” Sakura from Sasuke (who didn't even want her) to a friend who genuinely cared about her as a person. Sakura went from having her blood boil at the sight of Naruto to respecting his hard work and admiring his dedication to helping others.

Again, thank you!! Her bias was even explicitly criticized by Kakashi himself when Team 7 initially failed the survival test.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 11:20 am Reply with quote
NaruHina has always made a lot of sense to me, too. I'm sure more attentive fans could cite moments from the series that prove me wrong, but from what I remember, Naruto had essentially given up on Sakura at the beginning of the Sasuke Retrieval Arc. When he saw how broken up she was over Sasuke's departure, I think he finally realized he didn't have a chance. Also, when he returned to the village after the three-year (2.5 in the anime) time-skip, any lingering romantic feelings he had for Sakura appeared to be gone. In a lot of shounen manga/anime - and works of fiction in general - the male lead and female lead ultimately become an item, and I enjoyed seeing this subverted.

Regarding SasuKura (SakuKe?), Sasuke honestly doesn't seem that into the relationship. Even without The Last, I could buy that Naruto would organically fall in love with Hinata, but I'm genuinely curious about the series of events that led to Sakura and Sasuke's union. I wouldn't mind seeing a feature film or limited manga series devoted to this.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 11:30 am Reply with quote
Of course I supported Sasuke x Naruto, as any reasonable person would. They had much better chemistry than any other couple. Naturally, Kishimoto didn't want to troll his fans that much, so he went with the completely obvious choice that anyone could have guessed from Hinatas first appearance onward.

Do I like it? No. Don't get me started on the ending. The last five chapters annoyed me to no end. But it is what's expected. Like with HP the author went for the absolute wishfullfilment. Virtually every major character ended up with a partner and with the Big 3 you could see it coming from miles away.

That part of the fandom is sorta enraged about it, is the most natural thing in the world. I distinctly remember the H/Hr shippers being disappointed as well. (inba Kishimoto word of god in a couple of years that Naruto should have ended up with Sakura) It makes sense. If you really cheer for a couple and that doesn't happen, people are disappointed. And with a franchise as big as that the number of very engaged and very disappointed and very outspoken people will be particulary big.

I guess I never quite understood the hate for Sasuke, though. I mean what he pulls in the last chapters, granted, that's some really, really stupid shit. But before that? The village just killed his whole family and he wanted revenge for that. Can't think of anything that makes more sense and is more understandable.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 11:32 am Reply with quote
Thanks for your input, everyone!

This is one of the few love triangles in which I genuinely like all of the players, but that doesn't mean I wanted Sakura to wind up with Naruto...
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