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NEWS: NGT48 Idols Star in Live-Action When They Cry - Higurashi Horror Show

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 11:38 am Reply with quote
8 hour-long episodes doesn't give us a whole lot of time to play with. The anime, even though it cut things out, gave us each arc in 4-5 episodes. With doubling the length of episodes, they could theoretically get through 3-4 arcs.

You also have to take the movies into account. New cast (presumably since the original cast would be too old now), but will they re-adapt those arcs (Onikakushi being the first and most appropriate to start with, and Tsumihoroboshi, the answer to it)? Or will they start after that, in which they'll likely animate Wataganashi and Meakashi (the second arc and its answer)? Tatarigoroshi doesn't work without Wataganashi (since you have to be introduced to Shion), and then we start getting into the Answer arcs.

My guess is, they'll throw out the movies, and start over. I'm also guessing that this will be set-up for a possible second season. We'll get Onikakushi (2 episodes), Wataganashi (3 episodes) and Tatarigoroshi (3 episodes). A theoretical second season will give us Himatsubushi (1 episode), Meakashi (2 episodes), Tsumihoroboshi (2 episodes), and possibly some manga-only arcs. A theoretical season three would be 4/4 and cover Minagoroshi and Matsuribayashi.
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 3:07 pm Reply with quote
So they're casting a pop star huh
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 3:10 pm Reply with quote
Have these not all been crap, give us an Anime that carries on after Outbreak.
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:03 pm Reply with quote
I have a fondness for the live action movies (which I have on special edition DVDs). While they still have their silly and over-the-top moments, in some ways they were still solid and often clever adaptations of the story arcs they covered, while incorporating elements from other arcs to further expand/explore the characters and their world. The first movie was near-perfect for its atmosphere alone, and I can't help but get the sense that if they had done just one extra movie and rounded it out as a trilogy, that coudl've been the arc where the characters find the resolution spoiler[to break themselves from the cycle].

Having said that, especially as a Higurashi fan, I'm very interested in seeing the TV drama version. I think it's more or less possible for them to cover all the significant arcs, especially if they take a cue from the movies and mix around the story elements, rather than have it a shot-by-shot remake of the visual novel or anime. The important thing is to make sure the adaptation is coherently standalone.
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