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EP. REVIEW: Twin Star Exorcists

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:39 am Reply with quote
Dessa wrote:
People who read the manga, please tell me that the direction this final arc has taken is nothing near what the manga has. That factor alone will determine if I give the manga a shot or not.

The manga has not reached the final arc, so we really don't know how the final confrontation will work out, but the manga is in a very different situation than the anime. If you want a comparison just compare the original full metal alchemist anime with the manga (or the brotherhood remake which was the full manga adaption). This series is in a pretty similar spot.

None of the events in the anime past the first fight with Yuto are part of the manga. The twin stars are currently split up and are both trying to find their own way forward separately. Aside from Kamui only 2 Basura have been revealed (neither of which are the ones shown in the anime). Pretty much all the Basara in the anime aside from Kamui are anime only (or if they do exist in the manga they have not been introduced yet). All the main and side characters are alive and kicking and it looks like the series is moving towards a tournament arc. the manga is nowhere near the conclusion as far as I can tell, I can't even tell if it's at the half way mark yet.

So yea, it's pretty much completely different. I would honestly recommend just starting the manga from the very beginning, as the anime diverts from it pretty damn quickly, and the manga is just a hell of a lot better.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:43 am Reply with quote
MAnga arguments aside, here we have a gift from Yoshiako Sukeno himself, to commemorate the ending:

Also, I´m gonna make a review of the anime-original episodes at Reddit, with the episodes you can watch and/or skip. My username is Skerllyfc, so when you see an article that says "The SkerllyFC´s Filler Guide" with the name of this series, that´s me. That is if you want, or are not bothered by the "it has to be the same as the manga" way of thinking.

I´m stuck at episode 41 by now, and while the series has inconsistent execution, it rushes interesting plot elements that needed more development, and mostly it fills like it doesn´t take seriously the fact that the final arc is one of apocalyptic proportions, it´s not as bad as Hand Shakers, or stuff like that. And its non-canon parts at least go somewhere, unlike Tokyo Ghoul´s ones.
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