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Why We Love Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 11:07 am Reply with quote
Snomaster1 wrote:
I think BadNewsBlues may have missed my point. What I was thinking was that from what I've been hearing,the anime version of the "Phoenix Wright" games isn't exactly making the fans of the games very happy. To me,what's the harm of an American cartoon version of the same material? It couldn't be any worse than the anime version. And,it would be interesting to see.
The American version could have the Fey family as an American family that's steeped in Japanese mysticism and the family could have strange powers that could help Phoenix in his cases. Also,what's the harm in having Mia kidnapped or having her disappear instead of being murdered? The old cartoon "Science Court" that starred comedienne Paula Poundstone had a similar court backdrop. It would be interesting to see how an American company would handle a cartoon version of the "Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney" games. Who knows? It might be better than the anime version. They might even do a theme song based on the "Perry Mason" theme from the 1960's. Something like that might even work,too.

I don't think I missed the point of your suggestion.

You suggested that someone should come up with an Americanized animated adaptation of Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) this is despite the fact that the games (and likely the dub of the anime) are already westernized to start with.

On top of that you'd be taking out one of the key aspects that sums of the games (Phoenix tackles a shady judicial system to get his clients acquited of murder while unmasking the real murderers) to tone it down and change it for a demographic that would never be intrested in it and the fans would take the the piss out of even worse than the anime half the fanbase (and those not familiar with the source material) unfairly craps on.

It would basically go over as well as the awful 90's Megaman cartoon that Capcom somehow let get made.
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PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2016 4:22 am Reply with quote
As an animation buff/animator, one of my favorite parts of the games were the character animations. They are well-done limited pixel animation. For how limited the number of frames they used, the characterization they achieved was impressive.

I hoped the anime would take these really well drawn keys and increase the resolution/level of detail* and add more inbetweens to smooth out motions. The inbetweens would be the most welcome, as some of the original animations could be pretty choppy or pop-y.**

For the part of the show as I've already watched, the character animation is serviceable but bland, so I was a bit disappointed, though I still like the show.

*GBA is only 240x160 pixels, so the images in the game were quite small, and DS isn't that much more, especially compared to broadcast television.

**in that the drawings were so far apart that the motion didn't read as well as if it were tweened a bit more. It's pretty typical in situations where a big movement takes place in limited animation, and given that in the games these typically only played once, rather than looping like some of the other animations, I understand that the scope wasn't expanded to add more tweens in the game.
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