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The Curious Case of Yasuyuki/Yasuhiro Moriki

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PostPosted: Tue May 30, 2017 4:53 pm Reply with quote
So, while searching the encyclopedia for existing MORIKIs I was presented with a short enough list of options that I decided to click through each one individially looking for my man. I got to the bottom and thought, "Huh, that was a lot of designers with similar names..." Turns out that

Yasu Moriki
Yasuaki Moriki 森木靖泰
Yasushi Moriki
Nobasu Moriki
Yasuhiko Moriki
Yasuhira Moriki
Yasumasa Moriki
Yasunori Moriki
Yasutoshi Moriki
Yasuyoshi Moriki

all have no kanji listed, but according to one or more of Allcinema, atwiki or it should be 森木靖泰.

森木靖泰 leads to Yasuhiro Moriki, who is the main entry which contains some of the credits in the duplicate names. The problem arises that says 靖泰 = やすひろ and allcinema says 靖泰 = やすゆき.

So, let's verify which is the right one, yeah? He has a twitter and the has an apparently pretty in depth print book as a lot of the sources which may help. This is also the most prolific and highest profile person I've come across with a potential name dispute, so maybe we can check our collections for on disk interviews. I won't be able to dive deeper until Friday, so if somebody wants to have at it, go for it. In my opinion, this is entirely too many names that could be real names later to merge, so I think manual deletion is better.

Aside: I never found my Moriki-san Sad
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