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NEWS: Anime Expo Hosts World Premiere of Welcome to the Ballroom Anime

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 9:52 am Reply with quote
CR, please get this along with "Hajimite no Gal" and "Princess Principal". These are probably my 3 most anticipated summer titles. It is also possible for 2 competitors to stream the same show. AoA licensed/released "Erased" whereas Funi merely streamed the simulcast.
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:32 am Reply with quote
BlueRex666 wrote:
64BitRatchet wrote:

I know this isn't the strongest justification, but let me dream Crunchyroll or Funimation (hell I'd even take Sentai Filmworks) might licence the show. Sad Crying or Very sad

Rail Wars!, Free!, The Devil is a Part Timer, and Attack on Titan all came out before Ponycan USA was a thing.

If you want a recent example Dagashi Kashi which started in 2016 when Ponycan USA was established January 2015. And as for Attack on Titan, from what I understand show are licenced by season so could Ponycan have just keep season 2 all to itself and let the licence expire ala Aniplex and they also let Funimation licence and dub Attack on Titan: Junior High which also came after 2015 and is technically a standalone show.

Hell even after Ponycan USA became a thing, there are still things that lack any kind of licencing to this day. Skip Beat! took a Kickstarter Campaign to get a licence and I'm still waiting for High Speed! -Free! Starting Days- to be released in the states[/quote]

Dagashi Kashi was a TBS show, so PonyCan had nothing to do with its licensing. They are on the production committee for a number of shows that they don't have international rights to, including Attack on Titan. AoT was licensed from Kodansha, so PonyCan USA would have had to bid on it, just like Funimation.

There is a difference between streaming a trailer for a show that you are on the production committee of, and hosting a preimier for a show. I doubt they would go to the trouble of this, if someone else ultimately had the international or American rights. It's a lot Go expense and hassle for a show that they will get little return from.
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